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Ask the lawyer with mike connors sundays from 10pm-11pm for immediate release

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Join Us at WOR 710 And


Sundays from 10pm-11pm
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (New York, NY January 29, 2012) WOR News/Talk Radio 710 HD is delighted to announce the newest WOR weekend show “Ask the Lawyer with Mike Connors” hosted by attorney MIKE CONNORS of CONNORS & SULLIVAN on Sundays from 10-11pm. WOR 710 is delighted to have this new show as part of our weekend lineup. Attorney Connors will be bringing a wealth of valuable legal information to our listeners and an impressive list of guests. There is no doubt Mike Connors’ show will quickly be one of WOR’s most popular weekend shows.

ABOUT ATTORNEY MICHAEL N. CONNORS He was born in 1950 on the upper east side of Manhattan. His family moved to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, in 1954 and he remains there today with his wife and son. After his 1972 graduation from Pace University, Mr. Connors served in the United State Army with the Military Police in Germany. Upon his honorable discharge he enrolled in Brooklyn Law School, and graduated in 1979. Mr. Connors opened his private practice in Bay Ridge in 1981 and formed CONNORS & SULLIVAN in 1986. Mike Connors spends much of his time educating the community on estate planning through regular seminars focusing on asset protection and taxation. He specializes in Trusts and Estates with a strong emphasis in Estate Planning and Elder Law. For more than 30 years he has been explaining the importance of estate planning and wills. Connors served on the New York State Governor’s Advisory Committee for the Aging for more than 15 years. He is the National Judge Advocate General for the Catholic War Veterans and serves on the Board of Directors for the Civil War Round Table of New York City and the Manhattan Chapter of Legatus International.

ABOUT WOR NEWS/TALK RADIO 710 HD Founded in 1922, WOR News/Talk Radio 710 HD is New Yorks’ oldest, privately-owned and continuously-operated radio station. As a top talk radio station in the country, it has continuously made history with its award-winning broadcasts and remotes. WOR provides a well-rounded schedule of informational and lifestyle programming, featuring personalities such as John Gambling, Mike Gallagher, Joan Hamburg, Lou Dobbs, Michael Savage, Dr. Ronald Hoffman and Governor David Paterson. WOR News/Talk Radio 710 HD is a Buckley Broadcasting Corporation radio station, and it is the first AM Radio station in New York to broadcast in HD technology. WOR is streaming and podcasting at

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