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As film Studies – fm2 Producers and Audiences – Film Finance

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AS Film Studies – FM2 Producers and Audiences – Film Finance


Production Company

Distribution Company


Opening Weekend

Total gross US

Total gross World


20th Century Fox,

Dune Entertainment,

Ingenious Film Partners,

Giant Studios,

Lightstorm Entertainment.

20th Century Fox

$280 million (+ marketing costs estimated around $500 million)

$73 million

$737 million

$2.6 billion


20th Century Fox,

Paramount Pictures,

Lightstorm Entertainment.

Paramount Pictures (USA Cinema release), 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (USA DVD release), Paramount Home Video (USA Video Release), NBC (Broadcast Premiere USA).

$200 million

$28.6 million

$600 million

$1.8 billion


Universal Pictures,

Gordon Company,

Davis Entertainment,

Licht/Mueller Film Corporation.

Universal Pictures.

$175 million

$21 million

$88 million

$264 million

Alice in Wonderland*

Walt Disney,

Roth Films,

The Zanuck Company,

Team Todd.

Walt Disney

$200 million

$268 million

$368 million

Sex and the City

New Line Cinema,


Darren Star Productions

Warner Bros (USA), Entertainment Film Distributors (UK).

$65 million

$57 million

$152 million

$415 million

*Still on in cinemas – what effect does this have on the above figures for these films?

Key Terms
Opening Weekend – the weekend when a film first plays in cinemas; often forecasts the film’s eventual success or failure.
Event Movie – a films release becomes an event in itself, such as an anticipated sequel or a big budget film with major stars.

What factors help to create the ‘buzz’ for an event movie? Can you think of an event movie?

Film budget – refers to the amount of money spent on a film during the production phase. Film producers will set an initial draft budget and try to stick to it but as you will learn in today’s lesson e.g. Waterworld.
Gross – the amount of money that a film made before deductions i.e. before paying back all of the companies etc. who have invested in the production of the film.

What are your thoughts on cinema going? Do you think that popularity has decreased? How often do you go to the cinema?

Compare the different factors that contribute to the box office success or failure of a film? Discuss this in pairs and bullet point your answers for discussion with the class.

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