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Ars Nova Presents black dynamite directed by Scott Sanders

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Unit Production Manager

Tessa Stephenson

First Assistant Director

Chad Rosen

Director of Photography

Shawn Maurer

Post Production Supervisor

Richard Munchkin

Effects Editor

Michael Bernhard Stahlberg

Visual Effects by


VGS Director

VFX Supervisor

Planning Director

VFX Producer

VFX Coordinator

VFX Artists

Composite Artists

3D Supervisor

3D Artists

Matte Painter

Design Team

Technical Director

R & D

VFX Manager

VFX Team accounts

Technical Adviser

Art Team
Visual Effects by
Composite Artists

Tae-Jung Han

Dong-Hoo Lee

Dae-Hyun Ryu

Dong-Hoon Lee

Gabriela Burcea

Ju-Won Lee

Bong-Kee Ku

Eugene Shin

Mi-Young Kim

Yong-Gi Bae

Na-Ri Kim

Jin-Woo Ji

Sung-Wook Kang

Sung-Yong Park

Jae-Hoon Jeong

Dae-Wang Kim

Sang-Il Yu

Dae-Gon Jang

Han-Zoo Kang

Go-Eun Jung

Jason Madigan

Jung-Wook Seo

Eun-Jeong Park

Eun-Ji Kim

Seung-Hoon Lee

Ju-Hee Hong

Seung-Mo Kim

Bin Sung

Su-Ryun Park

Sound Services Provided by

Juniper Post, Inc/Burbank, CA

Sound Supervisors

David Kitchens

Ben Zarai

Supervising Sound Editor

Sean Gray

Sound Coordinators

Trevor Dowswell

Melissa Bylsma

Re-recording Mixer

David Barber

Sound Designer

Sean Gray

Sound Effects Editors

Sean Gray

David Barber

Dialogue Editor


ADR Supervisor/Mixer

Ben Zarai

Gonzalo “Bino” Espinoza

Gonzalo “Bino” Espinoza

Post Production Services provided by

Matchframe Video


Randy Coonfield

Online Editor

John Nash

Project Manager

Stuart Heising

Poster and Promotional Artwork

David Choe

Library Music provided by

APM, Inc.

Thanks to

Alan Tew

Brian Bennett

Johnny Pearson

David Snell

David Gold

Syd Dale

Alan Hawkshaw

Keith Mansfield

Steve Gray

Clive Hicks

Nick Ingman

Original music written and arranged by

Adrian Younge

“Black Dynamite Theme Song”

Produced by Adrian Younge

Performed by LaVan Davis

“Jimmy’s Gone”

Produced by Adrian Younge

Performed by LaVan Davis

Produced by Adrian Younge

Lyrics by Dionne Gipson

Performed by Dionne Gipson

Fender Rhodes provided by Jeremy Jeffers

“Man with the Heat”

Produced by Adrian Younge

Performed by Loren Oden

“Cleaning Up the Streets”
Produced by Adrian Younge

and Chris Garcia

Lyrics by Scott Sanders

Performed by LaVan Davis

“Jimmy’s Apartment”

Produced by Adrian Younge

Performed by Loren Oden

Drums provided by Jack Waterston

“Anaconda Malt Liquor”

Produced by Adrian Younge

Lyrics by Scott Sanders

Performed by Loren Oden

“Zodiac Lovers”

Produced by Adrian Younge

Lyrics by Toni Scruggs

Performed by Toni Scruggs

“Disco Connection”

Written by Gerard Rhaburn

Performed by The Lord Rhaburn Combo

Courtesy of The Numero Group

“Blue Shadow”

Courtesy of The DeWolfe Library

With Special Thanks to Sir Charles Hughes
“Your Kiss Sho Nuff Dynomite”

Written and Performed by Sir Charles Hughes


Short Synopsis

When “The Man” murders his brother, pumps heroin into local orphanages, and floods the ghetto with adulterated malt liquor, Black Dynamite is the one hero willing to fight all the way from the blood-soaked city streets to the hallowed halls of the Honky House.


Longer Synopsis

When “The Man” kills his brother, pumps heroin into the local orphanages, and floods the ghetto with a secret weapon disguised as Anaconda Malt Liquor, there is only one brother brave enough to take them on: the legendary BLACK DYNAMITE.

This grand and glorious '70s blaxploitation throwback is a fist full of chase scenes, gunfights, kung fu and a house of ill repute. Michael Jai White plays Black Dynamite, the smoothest, baddest mother to ever pick up a pair of nun chucks.


Scott’s directorial debut came on the 1999 feature film THICK AS THIEVES starring Alec Baldwin, Andre Braugher and Michael Jai White. He is also one of the most popular DJs in Los Angeles, spinning under the name Suckapunch.


Michael Jai White broke on the scene in the starring role of the HBO film Tyson, where he played “Iron” Mike. He later starred in the hit film Spawn that grossed $54 million. Most recently Michael was featured in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? and The Dark Knight. Michael is an accomplished martial artist, holding seven legitimate black belts in different martial arts styles. 


In just six years, Wax Poetics has become the premier hip-hop and funk publication by illuminating the golden era of music while re-contextualizing today’s music world. In 2007, Wax Poetics began expanding its editorial vision past the magazine across books, records, films, and online with their digital music download site at 


From a performance aspect, DJ Tittsworth has continuously dominated decks at a plate-a-minute’s pace. Titts’ sets have been religiously grouped amongst the best in popular tour stop cities. He has appeared on Finish television, MTV Canada, V TV 

(Asian MTV equivalent), countless international radio shows, magazines and newspapers. Sponsored gigs/tours recently include Diesel in Hong Kong, Redbull, Scion, and Frank 151. From URB and XLR8R to NME, his music is a permanent fixture in blogs, charts and the press. His solo album 12 STEPS was released to critical acclaim in August 2008. 

David Choe is one of the most diverse and prolific artists working today. Choe’s art, photos, and writing have been featured in Giant Robot, and Vice magazine among numerous other publications. His extensive client list includes Marvel Comics, Levi’s, IBM, and Nike. Choe’s three self-published, comic/journal/novellas have received awards and are sold out editions. David Choe’s works have been exhibited in galleries internationally. He is also one of the youngest artists ever to have a solo show at MOCA. Most recently, Choe partnered with Upper Playground to create a set of limited-edition prints featuring Barack Obama. 


Ars Nova is a New York-based commercial producing company committed to bringing the best of cutting-edge entertainment to the stage and screen. Ars Nova works with today’s top-emerging artists to create high quality, critically and commercially successful programming for theater (Broadway and Off Broadway), television, and film. BLACK DYNAMITE is Ars Nova’s first feature film. 
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