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Appendix 5: Tourism attractions

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Appendix 5: Tourism attractions.

The following tourism attractions were identified and mapped.

Formal protected areas (including National Parks in Swaziland, and also provincial nature/game reserves in adjoining (within 50km) areas of South Africa and Mozambique)

  • Hawane Nature Reserve (Swaziland)

  • Hlane Royal National Park* (Swaziland)

  • Mahamba Nature Reserve (Swaziland)

  • Makhonjwa Nature Reserve (Swaziland)

  • Malolotja Nature Reserve (Swaziland)

  • Mantenga Nature Reserve (Swaziland)

  • Manzimyame Nature Reserve (Swaziland)

  • Mbuluzi Game Reserve* (Swaziland)

  • Mkhaya Game Reserve (Swaziland)

  • Mlawula Nature Reserve*(Swaziland)

  • Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary (Swaziland)

  • Mlilwane Extension (Swaziland)

  • Muti-Muti Nature Reserve (Swaziland)

  • Ndzindza Nature Reserve (Swaziland)

  • Ntungulu (Swaziland)

  • Phophonyane Nature Reserve (Swaziland).

  • Simunye Nature Reserve (Swaziland)

  • Mlumati Nature Reserve (Swaziland)

  • Sondeza Nature Reserve (Swaziland)1.

  • Songimvelo Game Reserve (South Africa)

  • Goba Nature Reserve (Mozambique)

  • Ndumu Nature Reserve (South Africa)

  • Tembe Nature Reserve (South Africa)

  • Pongola Biosphere Reserve (South Africa)

*All part of the 60 000 hectare Lubombo Conservancy

Resorts (including sport and recreational activities). Could be private, public, community or a partnership of these stakeholders

  • Mananga Golf Club (Tshaneni)

  • Siteki Golf Club (Siteki)

  • Sand River Dam

  • Simunye Country Club

  • Tambankulu Club, Tambankulu.2

  • Piggs Peak Club

  • Ubombo Country Club, Big Bend

  • Havelock/Bulembu Golf Course (needs rehabilitation)

  • Mhlume golf club

Scenic and flora based attractions (excludes the formal nature reserves)

  • Malolotja Falls

  • Magonigoni Falls (east of Piggs Peak)

  • Phophonyane Falls (north of Piggs Peak)

  • Mantenga Falls (in Mantenga Nature Reserve)

  • Sibebe Rock (20km SE of Mbabane)

  • Mdzimba Mountains (ENE of Mbabane)

  • Bulembu (highest point in Swaziland)

  • Lubombo Escarpment

  • Maguga Dam

  • Hawange Dam

  • Mnjoli Dam (good fishing, bird life)

  • Van Eck Dam (Big Bend. Tiger fishing, skiing/boating)

  • The Gap

  • Nisela Safaris (near Nsoko in south –eastern Swaziland)

  • Lubombo Cycad Lodges (at Siteki)

  • Barberton to Bulembu Road

  • Motjane to Piggs Peak to Matsamo road

  • Piggs Peak – Balekane – Tshaneni – Mbuluzi road

  • Usutu Gorge

Historical/archaeological/geological based

  • Lions Cavern (in Malolotja – oldest mine in the world)

  • Ngwenya Iron Ore mine

  • Forbes Reef Gold mine

  • Mpaka Coal mine (verify potential with stakeholder group)

  • Dvolokwayo Diamond Mine (verify potential with interest group. Located near Mnjoli Dam)

  • Havelock Village

  • Nsangwini Shelter bushman paintings (near Piggs Peak)

  • Bushman paintings at Madlangampisi (need exact location)

  • Siphofaneni Hot Springs (no facilities as yet)

  • Mahamba Church (North of Mahamba Border Post)

  • Houses of Parliament (NE of Lobamba)

  • National Museum (NE of Lobamba)


  • Coral Stephans Hand Weaving (20 km south from Jeppes Reef on road to Piggs Peak)

  • Tekwane Crafts (at the Piggs Peak Hotel)

  • Tintsaba Crafts (at Highlands Inn, Piggs Peak)

  • Endlotane Studios (at entrance to Ngwenya Iron Ore Mine)

  • Ngwenya Glass factory

  • Emoya Crafts (at Big Bend)

  • Peak Fine Crafts Centre (10 km north of Piggs Peak)3

  • Toktoki Clothing (10 km north of Piggs Peak)4

  • Ethnic Bound (10 km north of Piggs Peak)5

  • Motsamo Cultural Park (on the RSA/Swazi border at the border post)

  • Likhweti, at Highland Inn, Piggs Peak

  • Top Pine Furniture (Refer to DLC study. South of Piggs Peak on MR1. Take turn-off to Maguga Dam wall. About 1km.)

  • Nisela Safaris Swazi Cultural Village, at Nsoko 33km north of Golela Border Post

  • Boabab Batik (W of Matsapha – see Forrersters map)

  • Swazi Candles (W of Matsapha – see map)

  • Mantenga Craft Centre (Ezulwini Valley - see Forresters map, this is a cluster)

  • Guava Gallery (Ezulwini Valley – see Forresters map)

  • Indingilizi Gallery (Mbabane city)

  • African Fantasy (Mbabane city)

  • Armstrong Artworks (producers for African Fantasy – Mbabane city)

  • Swaziland Cultural Village (Mantenga Falls)

  • King Sobuza III Memorial park (Lobamba )

  • The Jewellery Studio (Ezulwini Valley – near Swazi Cultural Village)

  • Mantenga Cultural Village

  • Gone Rural (Malkern Road, see Forrester map)

  • Papaya Boutique (Royal Swazi Sun)

  • Katinka Boutique (Royal Swazi Sun)

  • The Little Silver Shop (Mantenga Craft Centre)

  • Ka-Malandela (Centre that includes Boabab, Gone Rural etc.)

  • Tishweshwe Crafts (part of Ka-Malandela)

  • Rosecraft (Mantenga Craft Centre)

  • Images of Swaziland (@ Ngwenya Glass Factory)

  • House on Fire (Ka-Malandela)

Adventure based (hiking, climbing, flying, 4X4, hunting, etc)

  • Shear Rock Adventures (Mbavane Waterfall, near Peak Fine Craft Centre)6

  • White water rafting Bulunga Gorge on Usutu River7

  • Sand River Dam yacht Club

  • The Gap (immediately east of Maguga Dam)

  • Nisela Safaris, at Nsoko 33km north of Golela Border Post8

  • Hawane dam (fly fishing)

  • Hawane Village (equestrian and horse trails)

  • Malolotja (hiking/back packing)

  • Phophonyane (hiking)

  • Hlane stables

  • Wyldesdale Nature Reserve 4X4 trails

  • Mlawula Umbeluzi (currently developing a 4X4 motorbike track)9

  • Durban to Mpaka railway journey10

  • Van Eck Dam [Big Bend] (Tiger Fishing)

  • Kirkhill Farm (4X4, hiking) [NW of Mbabane]

  • Mlilwane (mountain biking, horse trails, walking, 4X4)

Agriculture based (working farms etc.)

  • Possibilities include Simunye, Mhlume, Tambankulu citrus packing and the sugar mills.

  • Swaziland Fruit Canners (just past [east] Gone Rural, Ka-Malandela etc.)

  • Ubombo Ranches (Big Bend)

Sports facilities

  • Somhlolo National Stadium (NE of Lobamba)

1 Contact: Ralf Kummer. Tel/Fax: +268 437 1305. Cell: +268 605 9919

2 John Dlamini, 09268 3737191

3 Tommy Stephans, 09268 437 1310

4 Karen Mandy, 09268 437 1269

5 Lungile de Vletter, 09268 437 3099

6 Stuart Mandy, 09268 437 1269

7 Darron Raw 09268 602 0832

8 trails, 4x4, squash, tennis, golf

9 Info from Billee Fitzpartick 09268 363 6356

10 Info from Billee Fitzpartick 09268 363 6356

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