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Announcement of “eu officials Mandarin Training Programme” in Taiwan

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Announcement of “EU Officials Mandarin Training Programme” in Taiwan

  1. Purpose of training programme:

The Ministry of Education in Taiwan, in cooperation with the EU, launches the “EU Officials Mandarin Training Programme” in 2007. This Ministry will provide grants to encourage EU officials to receive Mandarin training in Taiwan and to have opportunities to gain a better understanding of Taiwan’s economy, educational system, science and technology advances, political systems and culture.

  1. Types of training programme:

    1. Short-term training courses:

Two weeks in one session from July 14 to 29, 2007, 10 grants. The Ministry provides one round-trip airfare ticket, local accommodations and training.

    1. Long-term training courses:

Duration of the sessions would be three months, six months or one year, between September 2007 and August 2008, 4 to 16 grants, a stipend of NTD 40,000 (ca. 920 euros) per month and free tuition.

  1. Eligibility criteria:

EU full-time officials, contracted employees, detached National experts. Previous knowledge of Mandarin is required for the short-term training courses application.

  1. Content of training courses:

    1. Short-term courses: The Ministry of Education in Taiwan will design special 2-week training courses according to the participants’ Mandarin skills, to introduce, in Mandarin, Taiwan’s history and geography, tea arts, movies, puppetry, Tai-Chi, Taiwanese, Hakka and aboriginal cultures. Extra-curricular activities will be organized to visit the representative organizations of Taiwan society and landmarks, such as National Palace Museum, Academia Sinica, Hsinchu Science Park, Taroko National Park, Taipei 101 and night markets as well as relevant government agencies to meet each participant’s background and interests.

    2. Long-term courses: In principal, the participants will attend the Mandarin courses at university-affiliated language centres. They choose themselves the desired centre and the suitable session. Visits to relevant government agencies may be organized to meet each participant’s background and interests.

  2. Application documents:

    1. Application form

    2. CV

    3. One letter of reference from working unit.

  3. Application procedures and Selection timetable:

Applicants should submit their application to the Cultural Division of Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium before May 18, 2007. They will be informed of the selection result before June 18, 2007.
To obtain an application form, please contact the Cultural Division of the Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium or access to the website at

  • Information about university-affiliated Mandarin training centres in Taiwan can be found on the website:

  • Contact:

Cultural Division, Taipei Representative Office in the EU and Belgium

Boulevard du Régent 40, 1000-Brussels( near metro Arts-Loi)

Tel: 02-289-1230 or 02-289 -1231

Fax: 02-5021707

E-mail: or

Website :

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