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Annex: dbs marina Regatta photo competitions Instagram competition

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Annex: DBS Marina Regatta photo competitions

Instagram competition:

The DBS Marina Regatta Instagram competition consists of the team and individual categories.

Instagramers taking part in the team category worked as a team to present a photo story of the inaugural DBS Marina Regatta, the biggest international water sports festival in Singapore and the first international dragon boat race in Singapore since 2000.

Iconic Singapore Instagramers Chia Aik Beng, Ivan Kuek and Lim Li Hsien led the teams. Both Chia and Kuek’s iPhone photos have been exhibited in Singapore, Europe and the United States.

In the team competition, Team “Beat of the Dragons”, led by Chia Aik Beng - comprising members Muhd Khairi Boyani, Selamat Sire'ar Bin Abul Kalimaraja, and Goh Sze Ling - took the winning prize of SGD 3,000. The other two teams received a merit award of SGD 500 each.

Teams participating in DBS Marina Regatta Instagram competition:

Fab Four of the Fourth

It’s time to Rock and Row

Beat of the Dragons

Lim Li Hsien

Ivan Kuek

Chia Aik Beng

Chan Wai Yee

Fadzly Ahmad

Goh Sze Ling

Lim Chan Leong

Isabel Nyoe

Muhd Khairi Boyani

Low Swee Cheong

Rushdi Bin Jamari

Selamat Siregar Bin Abul Kalimaraja

For the individual category, winners were decided by public voting. Instagramers daifeijay, grgoon, and crab86 received the most number of votes for their photos and won SGD 300 each.

Student photography competition:

In addition to the DBS Marina Regatta Instagram competition, students between the ages of 17 and 25 were also invited to participate in the DBS Marina Regatta student photography competition via the DBS Remix Facebook page - Winners of the student competition are:-




Chin Yi Cong


SGD 2,000

Thiha Soul


SGD 1,500

Hadi Azhari Ishak


SGD 1,000

Lim Xin Yi


SGD 500

Shaun Tan Yi Kang


SGD 500

Yeow Jian Hao


SGD 500

The winners of the student competition are selected by the judging panel – SDBA President Dr. Lam Pin Min, award-winning photographer Bob Lee and DBS Singapore COO Samantha Mark.

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