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And related music (not including printed material, e g., books)

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SY’s Sonic Youth and related music

(not including printed material, e.g., books)


Screaming Fields of Sonic Love

Goo: The Movie

on David Letterman, date unknown, performing “Bull in the Heather” [Copy]

1991: The Year Punk Broke [Copy]

“Wish Fulfillment”

on NBC’s late night music program, date unknown, performing at The End Fest, 8/92

Gila Monster Jamboree


Every Band Has a Shonen Knife Who Loves Them

Free Kitten Call Now

Free Kitten w/Yoshimi 1,2,3/Oh Bondage Up Yours! [Picture Disk, 7”]

Free Kitten Cleopatra/Looselips [7”]

Richard Hell 3 New Songs [Import, Limited edition, 7”]

Mirror/Dash Electric Pen/Gum [7”]

Thurston Moore w/Tom Surgal Not Me/Lydia’s Moth [Import, 10”]

Thurston Moore Just Tell Her that I Really Like Her/Loren MazzaCane Connors Deirdre of the Sorrows [7”]

Thurston Moore Cindy (Rotten Tanx)/Teenage Buddhist Daydream [Sample Copy, 7”]

Thurston Moore Psychic Hearts [Colored, Double]

Mosquito Mosquito [7” w/lock groove]

Mosquito Time Was

Nothing Short of Total War (Part One): A Blast First Compilation [Import, First edition]

Lee Ranaldo Scriptures of the Golden Eternity

Washing Machine [Double]

Now and Then [7”]

Dirty [Import, Double]

7” from the book Sonic Life, includes “Shaking Hell (live)” and “Little Jammy Thing” [Import, Limited edition]

Personality Crisis/Disappearer (8-track demo)/Beat on the Brat (live) [Colored, 7”]

Goo (8-track Demos) [Promotional copy, Import, Limited edition, Colored, Double (?)]

Providence(Stereo)/Providence(Mono) [7”]

Hold That Tiger

4 Tunna Brix

Speak No Evol [7”]


Come and Smash Me/Hallowed Be Thy Name [7”]

Cotton Crown (live)/Pacific Coast Highway (live) [7”]

Evol [w/lock groove]


Glenn Branca Symphony No. 1 (Tonal Plexus) [Tiers/Branca June 1998 Digital Remastering of July 1981 Performance]

Ciccone Youth The Whitey Album

Dim Stars Dim Stars

index Magazine CD Summer 99 [Promotional, in lieu of a July 1999 issue]

Judgment Night, Music from the Motion Picture

Kerouac—kicks joy darkness

mmmr (loren mazzacane connors/jean-marc montera/thurston moore/lee randaldo)

Thurston Moore/Evan Parker/Walter Prati The Promise [Import, w/multimedia/interactive track]

Thurston Moore Root [Import, Limited Edition of 2000 (packaging)]

Thurston Moore with Tom Surgal and William Winant Piece for Jetsun Dolma [Import]

Thurston Moore Please Just Leave Me (my Paul Desmond)

Mosquito Oh No… not another (mosquito) my house is full of them!

Ranaldo/Hooker/O’Rourke/Gebbia Clouds, Victoriaville Concert, May 1997 [Import]

Lee Ranaldo A Perfect Day [Split w/Something to Burn]

Lee Ranaldo From Here to Infinity

“musical perspectives” [Japanese]—SYR5 [Kim Gordon, DJ Olive, Ikue Mori]

nyc ghosts & flowers

Musical Perspectives—SYR4 [Double, “Goodbye 20th Century,” w/William Winant et al, disk A enhanced]

Silver Session (for Jason Knuth)

A Thousand Leaves

Muzikaj Perspektivoj—SYR3 [w/Jim O’Rourke]

Muzikale Vergezichten—SYR2

Perspectives Musicales—SYR1

Diamond Sea/My Arena [Import]

Made in USA (Music from the Original 1986 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Confusion Is Sex plus Kill Yr. Idols [DGC re-release]

Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star

Bull in the Heather [Import]

Take Out the Trash [Import, Limited edition (?)]

Screaming Fields of Sonic Love [Promotional copy]

TV Shit [w/Yamatsuka Eye]

Youth Against Fascism



Central Park July 4, 1992 [Import, Limited edition]

Dirty Boots Plus 5 Live Tracks



Daydream Nation

Hold That Tiger


Evol [Autographed]


Live at the Continental Club

Bad Moon Rising [Blast First w/extra singles]

Sonic Death: Sonic Youth Live—Early Sonic—1981-83 [SST]

Confusion Is Sex

Sonic Youth [SST]

Suburbia, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [Advanced/promotional copy, no front jacket]


Live Portland, OR, 11/5/95 [from tape or DAT (?)][also: CD copy w/ “hiss reduction by lab casablanca, normalized to -.21 db peak” ]

Lollapalooza Charlestown, 8/3/95 [from DAT]

CBGB, 8/95 w/KVLV (Los Angeles), 8/25/95 [from tape]

CBGB, 12/88 [from tape]

Live Venlo, Holland, 12/27/83 [from tape or vinyl (?)]

Moore, Gordon, and Ranaldo selections from Guitarrorists [from CD]

William Hooker and Thurston Moore (Duet) [from Shamballa (sp.?), from CD]

Dim Stars Batman Handjob/Theme/Something Else/You Gotta Lose (Parts 1-4) [from vinyl]

Velvet Monkeys Rake [from CD]

Town & Country 4 June 87: I Wanna Be Your Dog (w/Iggy Pop)/Sister [from vinyl]

Lydia Lunch and Thurston Moore The Crumb [from vinyl]

Is It My Body?/The End of the End of the Ugly [from CD (British Sugar Kane?)]

Thurston Moore Starfield Wild and Earth/Amp [“Table of the Elements: Sulphur (16),” from vinyl]

Lee Ranaldo Broken Circle/Spiral Hill [last track cut off by 30 seconds, from CD]

Compilation Blues [from DGC Rarities, Vol. 1, from CD]

Superstar [from If I Were a Carpenter, from CD]

Free Kitten Nice Ass [from CD]

Moist Vagina [from tape]

Free Kitten Sentimental Education [from CD]

Gordon and Moore selections from Our Band Could Be Your Life (a tribute to D. Boon and the Minutemen) [from vinyl]

 Recordings by Sonic Youth (and under that name) are indicated only by title. For example, “Washing Machine” refers to Sonic Youth’s Washing Machine. Compilations are listed by title as well (e.g., Nothing Short of Total War…). In addition, all CDs are not DGC re-releases unless indicated, and all tapes are copies (with source in brackets).

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