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Anchors Aweigh Live! #6 A model Horse Specialty Show for Original Finish Plastic Breyers & Stones

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Anchors Aweigh Live! #6
A Model Horse Specialty Show for Original Finish Plastic Breyers & Stones

Also - Divisions for OF Chinas/Non-Plastics

With Halter classes in Breed, Collectability and Workmanship,

as well as Performance classes!
A Benefit for Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue (EHHR)
NAMHSA Approval Pending
Setting Sail: Saturday, November 1, 2014

Port of Call: Sudlersville Volunteer Fire Hall - 203 North Church Street, Sudlersville, MD 21668 – This

is the SAME location as MAR.

Captain: Show Manager/Contact: Betsy Andrews – 115 Earle Branch Rd., Centreville, MD 21617 or


This show is a benefit for the Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue (EHHR), which is a non-profit, 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.
This is a specialty show open to Breyer and Stone PLASTIC original finish models. Due to popular demand, divisions/classes are being offered for OF China/Non-Plastic models as well.
NAMHSA approval is pending. If approved, all first and second place equids will receive a NAN card in all qualifying NAMHSA classes. Models placing 1st or 2nd in qualifying NAMHSA classes will be eligible to show at NAN in ’15-‘18 and/or participate in their Merit Award program.
Hours: Hall opens at 7:30 am for entrants, judges, and vendors. Judging will get underway by 8:45 am. We were done by about 5:30 pm last year.
Awards :

  • Used commercial flats or paper ribbons 1st – 6th – almost 300 classes!!

  • NAN cards to 1st and 2nd in all classes – over 500 NAN cards!

  • Certificates to all Champions/Reserves (85+ of each named!); certificates or rosettes to Grands/Reserves!

  • Models may enter up to THREE Halter classes – Breed, Collectability and Workmanship!

  • Special Awards to Overall Stone and Breyer Grand Champions (and possibly reserves/other winners)!

Entry Information/Fees:

  • Tables measure approximately 2.5’ x 6’.

  • Space is limited – there are only 25 tables available for participants. Entries are first come, first served.

  • Show Entry – Half Table ≤35 models - $35; Full Table ≤60 models - $60

  • Additional model fee over 35 or 60: .50 cents per model.

  • Extra table space is available – for vending or more room – half table - $35, full table - $60

  • Proxy – $10 entry + $1/model, up to 10 models – NO TABLE SPACE

  • All items MUST fit on or directly below your table space.

  • No space will be “held” for anyone. You will not be considered “entered” until your completed entry form

and proper entry fee are received.

  • Fees received from October 1, 2014 through October 20, 2014 incur an additional $10 late fee; entries received after 10/20 will incur an additional $20 late fee. Day of show fees must be paid in cash/exact change.

  • Please read the all rules and Entry Form for additional information.

  • Do not ask for exceptions to any of the deadlines/fees/rules, etc.

If you would like to donate anything for a silent auction or raffle, please contact me. Also, if you have anything to donate to Enchanted Haven Horse Rescue, your generosity would be appreciated! Lead ropes, halters, buckets, brushes, etc. – doesn’t need to be new, but must be clean/in good working order.

And the BIG award… The battle of the Halter Grands! Who will be the top model of the show?!?!? Judges and entrants will decide!!!! It’s Breyer versus Stone – who will be victorious?!? Put your money where your opinion is and vote for your top pick! The model with the most votes/money wins! All funds gathered go to EHHR! The score so far: Breyer – 3; Stone – 2. Just a note – China/Non-Plastic will not be included in the judge off.

  • ALL MODELS MUST FIT ON YOUR TABLE – plan accordingly. All belongings (boxes/crates/etc.) must be stowed below deck (UNDER your table). Although this hall is good sized, it’s not fair if you spread out while others comply with this request. If you take over extra space, you will be charged for it. That includes rolling carts/drawer units for tack/props/etc., spillover into floor space, etc.

  • Entrants may enter no more than two (2) models in any halter class (breed, collectability or workmanship). HOWEVER: You may enter extra models in any classes for an additional fee of $1 per model per class. A box will be placed at each ring for extra fees.

Original Finish – any model that is in the EXACT condition as when it left the factory. Models may be touched-up to hide nicks, etc., but no socks/stars/etc. may be added, or paint removed. No added gloss finish, shoes, etc.
Factory Custom (FC) – Stone models that have alterations in the plastic not found on the original molded model, alterations being completed at the producing company. FC does not refer to paint changes. They do NOT include standard regular run variations, such as long/short tail on the ISH/Arab; manes loose or braided on the pony; standard bob & ribbon variation on drafters, etc. FC DO include: Windswept and mud knot manes/tails (including those on multiple runs). Any repositioning of a body part such as opened mouth, mule ears, twitched ears, repositioned head and/or neck, repositioned hoof and/or leg, and added veining. Any time a plastic model is heated up and altered from the original mold, it has been customized. (This definition is from a Stone Show class list.) Documentation would be appreciated with Stone FC/XFC models in breed/workmanship classes, and is required in collectability.
Show Day Organization - multiple tables to save time

As in previous years, most divisions’ classes will be set up for judging at the start of the show. At this point, the Breyer Trad Adults, Stone Full Size Adults, and Performance will all have a ring (or two) of their own. Tables will be earmarked for all other divisions, and classes filled before judging of the division starts. For example, Pebbles will be called up – entrants will bring their models to the designated table, and set them down in the area indicated by the class sign. Filling of the rings will start at about 7:45 am.

Pebbles X X

7 Arab-Pure X


Pebbles X

8 Arab-Other X X


Pebbles X X

9 Sad – Pure X X


Pebbles X X X

10. Sad – Other X X


Pebbles X X

11 QH – Any Breed


Pebbles X X X X

12 WB – WB X X X


Pebbles X X X

13 WB – Other Breed


Rectangles represent “placemats” which will be on the tables, labeled for each class; the “X” indicates models that are in the class – just an example of the set up.

We’ll take some extra time to fill all the divisions/classes before we start the show (or as many as we can). Entrants will be asked to leave their models on the table until all the breed classes for the division are judged – all models in that division will be released at one time. Once all breed classes are complete, we’ll set up for collectability. This should make it easier on everyone, especially those who have offered to judge, as it will allow them to set out their models, and only have to listen for Stone Full Size Adults, Breyer Traditional Adults, and Performance.

Judging Criteria

  • Breed Classes – Models will be judged on breed characteristics/standards, anatomy, biomechanics, build suitable to age/gender, conformation, realism and condition. Rarity and age are NOT considered at all.

  • Collectability – Models will be judged on finish, condition, including absence of rubs/flaws/overspray/etc., even seams, etc., correctness of painting, color, markings, realism, etc. , age and rarity. Documentation is REQUIRED for ALL models, and must include where the documentation came from (website, book, etc.).

  • Workmanship – Models will be judged on finish, condition - including absence of rubs/flaws/overspray/etc., even seams, etc., correctness of painting, color, markings, realism, proper color for the breed, etc.

  • Judging for this show is based on REALISM (except for collectability). You may want to document unusual colors, patterns, breeds, etc. Please limit documentation to pertinent facts, and provide on paper measuring no more than 5.5” x 8.5” (smaller is better!), with no less than 10 point type. As table space is limited, the size of documentation needs to be kept to a minimum.

  • Performance – Models judged on tack/obstacles (this includes correctness and proper fit of tack, scale and set up of obstacles, etc.) and on suitability to task (the model looks like it’s doing – or could do – what the class calls for). Specific rules concerning particular classes are located later in this packet.

Breed Classes – Stone Division

For the Stone division breed classes, classes are actually based on the MODEL/MOLD itself. So all FC Arabs of the new/windswept variety would enter in one of the following classes: 14, 15 or 16. Models will be judged by the appropriate breed standard.

Choosing Champions/Reserves and Grand/Reserve

For halter, champions and reserves will be chosen through callbacks. For performance, all models earning at least one 1st or 2nd will be called back with all their ribbons earned in that division. Points will be considered for Grand/Reserve.


  • Documentation is welcome but should provide ONLY the pertinent facts, and be provided on paper measuring no more than 5.5” x 8.5”, with no less than 10 point type. We’d like to see what YOU think is important in describing the model’s breed characteristics, color, etc. Remember – space is very limited.

  • Geldings – stallion models may be shown as geldings.

  • Halters – will not be allowed in halter classes, unless molded on.

  • Other” Classes – if the class has “Other” in its title, please include an explanation re: what the “other” is. It may be self-explanatory to you, but it sure helps our judges’ figure out what’s going on! If there isn’t an explanation, the judge has the right to disregard the entry.

  • Pony Pound – If someone forgets and leaves a model on the table after a class has been judged and cleared, it may be charged with loitering, and removed from the table and placed in the pony pound. For a $1 donation, the owner may bail it out. Any proceeds earned in this manner go to EHHR.

  • Props – No props may be used in halter classes.


To save time on the day of the show, we’re using the business card system:

  • Each entrant needs to provide a business card sized piece of paper (available at most office supply stores, the dimensions must be 2” x 3.5” – DO NOT USE 3x5 INDEX CARDS OR CARDS OF ANY OTHER DIMENSION!) to be placed with each of their models when they are in the ring being judged.

  • On one side of the card neatly type or print the model’s name and your initials (which will be assigned by the show coordinator) or full name, and on the other side, list the model’s breed, gender, color (this is needed for color classes only) and age (foals in months, all others in years). For models that show in collectability only, documentation only is needed. Optional, but very helpful – the class number the model is entered in.

  • The Judge will collect the cards for the models they place, note above the model’s name the placing, and place them in the class envelope.

  • Entrants will need a card for each model for each class they enter. No card/incorrect size card, no placing. Cards are not needed for callbacks, as the leg tag will be sufficient (all models must have a leg tag for identification purposes).


As an entrant, it may not seem important to you to follow these directions. However, to make things easier for the judge and those who type the results, please follow the examples below. If you do not, the proper information will not be recorded in the results, and you run the risk of having your model disqualified. Example of card (not in scale):
Side One Side Two Side One Side Two

Model’s Name

Owner’s Initials

Breed Class #*




(Judge’s placing

goes here)

One More Poco


QH 216*





3 ½” *optional, but very helpful 


  • Judges may not show their models in a division they are judging (i.e., if someone is judging SM Adults, they may not show in that division, but may show in SM Foals or other Breyer divisions).

  • If a judge would like to show a model in a section being run simultaneously with a section they are judging, in the interest of time, they should try to find a friend to show for you, so as not to interfere with your judging responsibilities.

  • The Judge’s Decision is final.

  • Please do not disturb the Judges while they are judging. Ask questions between classes.

  • Showers/Spectators MUST stay away from the judging tables when judging is in progress, and refrain from talking with judges while they are judging.

  • Judges may not judge any model they have sold within the last six months.

  • Payment for Judges – we’re always looking for volunteers, but payment of 50 cents per class judged (based on the original class list – not including splits) is available. Please let me know if you’d like to help out with judging! If you’re interested, email me directly about possible compensation, responsibilities, etc.

The “Other” Stuff We will run classes in the order presented in the class list. However, divisions may be moved around as table space becomes available.
COMPLAINTS about judging, etc., should be made to the show coordinator IMMEDIATELY.

DIRECTIONS: MapQuest is the best way to get directions. If you have any questions though, please contact me.

DOCUMENTATION – Documentation is appreciated for unusual breeds/colors, but please keep it concise – due to space, no more than half a page. The judge doesn’t need to know the history of the breed, just the general build/colors/etc. Be concise! Documentation is required for ALL collectability classes.

DO NOT PICK UP any exhibitor’s models without their permission. If you damage someone’s model, you’ll have to pay for it. The only exception to this is if someone has left a model on the judging table after their class; the show committee reserves the right to move the model. They will be careful, but cannot be held responsible for any damages.


Hillside Motel – 2630 Centreville Rd., Centreville, MD 410-758-2270 – This is the closest to the hall, is locally owned/operated, though not fancy, it’s a reasonable place to stay. Approximately 20 minutes from the hall.

Hilton Garden Inn Kent Island – 3206 Main St., Grasonville, MD 410-827-3877

Holiday Inn Express – 1020 Kent narrows Rd., Grasonville, MD 410-827-4454

Best Western Kent Narrows Inn – 3101 Main St., Grasonville, MD – 410-827-6767

Sleep Inn – Grasonville – 410-827-5555

All Grasonville hotels are approximately 30 minutes from the show hall – straight up 301/50 to the 301 split.
Holiday Inn Express – 150 Scheeler Rd., Chestertown, MD 410-778-0778

Courtyard Inn - 6336 Church Hill Road, Chestertown, MD 410- 778-2755

Chestertown is approximately 20 minutes from the show hall.

Sleep Inn & Suites – 1784 N. Dupont Hwy., Dover, DE

Dover is approximately 30 minutes from the hall – no sales tax!
LIABILITY – The Show Committee, Judges and the Sudlersville Volunteer Fire Company cannot be held responsible for any lost, broken or missing property or injury to any participants or spectators. If you or your guests/family cause any damage, you will be liable to pay for it.
LUNCH/FOOD – There will be a lunch break – depending on how classes are running, we’ll probably break around 12:30 for about 45 minutes. The Fire Company offers food on the premises from their own galley. It would be nice if we patronize their services. There are also a few places within a mile of the hall. And of course – you may bring your own, though there are no refrigerators.
NO CONSUMING OF ALCOHOL, BAD LANGUAGE, PETS, RADIOS/MUSIC, RUNNING or SMOKING in the show hall. And PLEASE turn down your phones/electronic devices/etc.

REFUNDS/CANCELLATION POLICY: Usually there are no refunds for cancellations. However if the show is sold out and your spot can be filled, we’ll try for a partial refund.

RESULTS - Results will be posted on the website after the show. If you would like a hard copy, please provide a SASE (SASE – Self-addressed, stamped envelope). Please include a SASE with all correspondence if you want a reply, and include “Anchors Aweigh!” on the front of the envelope.
Please instruct any of your family/guests on proper show hall etiquette. You are responsible for your family and guest(s) actions. Please be courteous and respectful of family, other entrants, attendees, judges and show staff.
SELLING – showers are allowed to sell items within the show hall.
SMALL/YOUNG CHILDREN are NOT encouraged to attend this show. There are many expensive models displayed; parents/guardians are responsible for their children’s action in the event of any breakage/damage. Children under the age of 14 must be supervised by an adult at all times. Violation of this rule could result in being asked to leave the show hall and forfeiture of fees.
Poor SPORTSMANSHIP will not be tolerated. If anyone acts in such a manner (this includes, but is not limited to, arguing with the judges or any show official, displays of conduct that tend to embarrass or demean any person, or any use of language not appropriate to a family event), or does not obey directions of the Show Committee, they will be asked to leave (also any family members/etc.) and will not be refunded any portion of their show fee. This extends to after the show – if you have issues with judging, how the show was run, etc., please contact me before you start posting to lists/blogs/etc. Concerns are taken seriously, and I welcome your comments as well as possible solutions to any issues.

Remember, these are BASICS, and the list does not include every breed known to man. You may show your Appendix QH in a Sport Breed class if the model looks like a sport horse and not a stock horse. Mustangs could go in any number of classes, depending on their look (stock, Spanish, etc.). ONLY ONE BREED CLASS PER MODEL. So if your Appendix QH doesn’t place in Other Pure Sport, we DON’T want to see it in QH/Solid Colored Stock Types!

Light Types - Ahkal-Teke, Arabian, Part-Arab (Anglo-Arabian, Ara-Appaloosa, Morab, NSH, Pintabian, - Arabian crosses, [Arab pony crosses may be shown in a pony class] etc.), Morgan, Moroccan Barb, Shagya, Tersk, etc.
Gaited Breeds - American Saddlebred, Missouri Fox Trotter, Rocky Mountain Horse, (Spotted) Saddle Horse, Tennessee Walker, Walkaloosa, etc.
Spanish Breeds - Alter Real, American Indian Horse, Andalusian, Azteca, Banker Horse, British Appaloosa, Cerbat, Chickasaw, Criollo, Florida Cracker, Kiger, Lipizzan, Lusitano, Mangalara, Mustang, Pasos (Colombian, Fino, Peruvian, etc.), Pura Raza Espanola, Costa Rican, Spanish Barb, Tiger Horse, etc.
Sport Breeds - Those suitable for Carriage Driving, Dressage, Combined Driving/Training, Hunting, Jumping or Racing -

Carriage Breeds - Cleveland Bay, Dutch Harness Horse, Friesian, Gelderland, Hackney Horse, Welsh Cob Section D, etc.

Warmblood/Sport Horse – any breed with “Warmblood” in its name, plus Hanovarian, Holstein, Trakehner, American Warmblood, Appaloosa Sport Horse, Don, English Cob, Frederiksborg, French Trotter, Irish Draught, Knabstrup, Oldenburg, Orlov Trotter, Selle Francais, Standardbred, Thoroughbred/Warmblood crosses.
Stock Breeds - Paint and Other Pinto Colored Stock Types (white appears ABOVE the top of the forearm/stifle, and/or below the line from the eye to the muzzle): Mustang, Paint, QH, etc.

Appaloosa and Other Appaloosa Colored Stock Types: Appaloosa, Colorado Ranger, Mustang, etc.

QH and Other Solid Colored Stock Types: Appaloosa (w/o color), Australian Stock Horse, Colorado Ranger (w/o color), Mustang, Paint (Breeding Stock), QH, etc.
Draft Breeds - UK – Clydesdale, Gypsy Vanner, Shire, Suffolk Punch, etc.

Other – American Cream, Ardennes/Ardennais Belgian, Breton, French Cob, Italian Heavy Draft, Jutland, Murakozi, Noriker, North American Spotted Draft, Pinzgauer, Percheron, Poitevin, Russian Draft, Soviet Heavy Draft, Vladimir, etc.
Pony BreedsUK – British Spotted, Connemara, Dales, Dartmoor, Eriskey, Exmoor, Fell, Hackney, Highland, New Forest, Shetland, Welsh, etc.

European – Galiceno, Gotland, Knapstrupper ponies, Merens, Skyros, Sorraia, etc.

Stock – Quarter Pony, Pony of the Americas, etc.

Other – Altai, American Show Shetland, American Walking Pony, Chincoteague/Assateague, Classic Shetland, Hokkaido, Newfoundland, Sable Island Ponies, Welera, etc.
Other Breeds - American Bashkir Curly, Dole, Donkey, Fallabella, Finnhorse, Fjord, Haflinger, Icelandic, Kathiawari, Knabstrup, Marwari, Miniature, Moyle, Mule, Other Pure/Mix…
Exotics/Etc. - Prehistoric Horses, Przewalski, Quagga, Zebra, and crossbreds thereof, etc.
And if you don’t know the breed (it’s a mutt), it’s fine to say it is “GRADE”. Though many judges like to see a little creativity with breed assignments. 
Breed Classes

Full Size Foals

1 Stock Weanling – Solid/Composite


2 Stock Weanling – App Color (App/etc.)

3 Stock Weanling – Pinto Color (PT/etc.)

C/R Stock/Etc.

4 Arab Yearling – Purebred

5 Arab Yearling – Partbred

6 Arab Yearling – Other Breed

C/R Light



7 Arab – Purebred Arab

8 Arab – Partbred/Other Breed

9 Saddlebred – Purebred Saddlebred

10 Saddlebred – Other Breed

11 QH – Any Breed

12 WB – Warmblood

13 WB – Other Breed


Full Size Adults

14 All Arabian Molds - Arabian

15 All Arabian Molds – Part Arabian

16 All Arabian Molds – Other Breeds

C/R Light

17 Trotting Drafter – Clydesdale/Shire

18 Trotting Drafter – Other Breed

19 Standing Drafter – Percheron/Belgian

20 Standing Drafter – Other Breed

C/R Draft

21 Ideal Stock Horse –


22 Ideal Stock Horse – App Color

23 Ideal Stock Horse – Pinto Color

24 New QH – Solid/Composite

25 New QH – Pattern

C/R Stock

26 Palouse

27 TB

28 WB

C/R Sport

29 Pony – Welsh/Welsh Cross

30 Pony – Other Breeds

31 TWH – Any Breed

32 Saddlebred – Any Breed

C/R Py/Gtd

33 Santa Fe Morgan - Dappled

34 Santa Fe Morgan - Non-Dappled

35 Other Mold

C/R Other



36 Andalusian – Any Breed

37 Arabian – Purebred

38 Arabian – Other Breed

39 Morgan – Any Breed

C/R Light/Span.

40 Friesian – Any Breed

41 Draft – Clydesdale/Shire

42 Draft – Other Breed

C/R Draft

43 QH – Appaloosa

44 QH – Paint/Stock Pinto

45 QH – Solid/Composite

C/R “Basic” Stock

46 TB - Any Breed

47 WB – Any Breed

C/R Sport/Etc.

48 Mule

49 Pony

50 Other Mold

C/R Other


Collectability Classes (These classes will take place at the conclusion of the Breed Classes.) Documentation required.

If a model fits into one of the following classes, they MUST show there.
Unrealistic Colors

51 Gem Stone Colors

52 Woodgrain

53 Other Unrealistic Colors

C/R Unrealistic



56 Artisan Hall

57 Design A Horse – Solid Color

58 Design A Horse – App/Pinto

59 Design A Horse – Composite/Other

C/R “Special”

Those models not fitting in the prior classes may show in one of the following classes.

60 Adult Full Size – Solid Color

61 Adult Full Size – App/Pinto

62 Adult Full Size – Composite/Other

63 Foals Full Size – Solid/Composite


64 Foals Full Size – App/Pinto

C/R “Other” Full Size

65 Pebbles – Solid/Composite Colors

66 Pebbles –App/Pinto

67 Chip – Solid Colors

68 Chip – Composite Colors

69 Chip – App/Pinto

C/R “Other” Pebbles/Chips

Workmanship Classes (These classes will take place during lunch, and are open to Breyer and Stone models.)

101 Black/Brown/Bay-no Dapples

102 Chestnut/Sorrel-no Dapples

103 Palo/Bk/Dun/Grulla/Dilute – no


104 Gray – no Dapples

105 Roan – no Dapples

C/R No Dapples - Breyer

C/R No Dapples - Stone

106 Blk/Br/B/ with Dapples

107 Ch/Sor with Dapples

108 Palo/Bk/Dun/Grulla/Dilute-

with Dapples

109 Gray/Roan –with Dapples

C/R W/Dapples - Breyer

C/R W/Dapples - Stone

110 Pinto – Tobiano

111 Pinto – Overo (Frame Only)

112 Pinto – Other (must state)

C/R Pinto Breyer

C/R Pinto Stone

113 App – Leopard/Semi-Leopard

114 App – Blanket – spotted or not

115 App – other Pattern (must state)

116 Other Realistic Color (must state)

C/R App/etc. Breyer

C/R App/etc. Stone


Breed Classes


201 Arabian

202 Part Arabian

203 Morgan

204 Other Light

C/R Light

205 Andalusian/Lusitano

206 Paso/Other Spanish

C/R Span

207 Saddlebred/Saddle Horse

208 TWH

209 Other Gaited

C/R Gaited

210 TB

211 Carriage/Standardbred

212 WB/SH (Pure/Mix) Pattern/Dilute

213 WB/SH (Pure/Mix) Solid/Composite

C/R Sport

214 App Colored Stock

215 Pinto Colored Stock

216 QH/Solid Colored Stock

C/R Stock

217 Feathered Draft

218 Non-Feathered Draft

C/R Draft

219 Solid/Composite Colored Pony

220 Patterned Pony

C/R Pony

221 Donkey/Mule

222 Mustang

223 Other Pure/Mix

C/R Other



224 Arab/Arab Mix

225 Other Light

226 Gaited

227 Spanish

C/R Light/Gaited/Span

228 TB/Stbd/Car/WB/SH

229 Patterned Stock

230 Solid/Composite Colored Stock

C/R Stock/Sport

231 Pony

232 Draft

233 Other Pure/Mix

C/R Other



234 Arab

235 Part Arab

236 Morgan/Other Light

C/R Light

237 TB

238 WB/SH/Car/Std

C/R Sport

239 App Colored Stock

240 Pinto Colored Stock

241 QH/Solid/Composite Colored


C/R Stock

242 Feathered Draft

243 Non-Feathered Draft


245 Other Pony SOLID PONY

C/R Draft/Pony

246 Gaited

247 Spanish/Mustang

248 Other Breeds

C/R Other



249 Arab/Part Arabian

250 Other Light

251 Spanish

C/R Light/Span

252 TB/Stbd/Car/WB/SH

253 Patterned Stock

254 Solid/Composite Colored Stock

C/R Stock/Sport

255 Pony

256 Other Pure

257 Other Mix

C/R Other



258 Arab/Morgan/Gaited

259 Thoroughbred/Stock/Draft/Other



260 Arab

261 Part Arabian

262 Morgan

263 Other Light

C/R Light

264 Saddlebred

265 Other Gaited

266 Paso

267 Other Spanish

C/R Gtd/Span.

268 TB

269 Stbd

270 Carriage/WB/SH

C/R Sport

271 Appaloosa Colored Stock

272 Pinto Colored Stock

273 QH/Solid/Composite Colored


C/R Stock

274 Clydesdale/Shire

275 Other Draft

C/R Draft

276 Patterned Pony

277 Solid Pony

C/R Pony

278 Mule

279 Other Pure

280 Other Mix

C/R Other



281 Light

282 Gaited

283 Spanish

284 Sport

285 Stock

286 Pony

287 Other Pure/Mix


Collectability Classes (These classes will take place at the conclusion of the Breed Classes.) Documentation required.

If a model fits into one of the following classes, they MUST show


288 Decorator

289 Woodgrain


291 Charcoal/Smoke/Red Roan

292 Chalky/Pearl/Flock/Other

Unrealistic Color

C/R Unrealistc/Etc. Collectables
293 Tests/OOAK

294 Connoisseur (including Artist Proofs)/Premier

295 Models with Stickers

296 Special Event Special Runs

297 Special Event Raffle/

Auction/Volunteer (small #s)

C/R Limited Collectables
Those models not fitting in the prior classes may show in one of the following classes.

298 Trad – Solid

299 Trad – App/Pinto

300 Trad – Composite/Other

C/R “Other” Collectables - Trad

301 Classic – Regular Run –


302 Classic – Regular Run –


C/R “Other” Collectables - Classic

303 Little Bits/Paddock Pals

304 SM G1

305 SM G2

306 SM G3-4

C/R “Other" Collectables SM/LB



501 Arabian Costume

502 Native American Costume

503 Other Costume

504 Harness

505 Parade

506 Saddle Seat

507 Other Perf. (not listed)

508 Showmanship w/Halter




509 Jumper w/fence

510 Hunter w/fence

511 Trail w/Obstacle

512 Dressage

513 Games

514 Other English Not Listed

515 Hunt Seat Pleasure




516 Cut./Cattle Work/Roping

517 Reining/Western Riding

518 Barrels/Poles/Speed Games

519 Western Pleasure

520 Arena Trail w/Obstacle

521 Natural Trail w/Obstacle

522 Other West. Not Listed




Proper tack and/or obstacles are required in all performance classes.

Barrels/Poles/Games – can include Barrels, Poles and other games – Keyhole, Boot Race, etc.

Costume classes – NO SCENES! Table space is limited… Just the horse model please!

Cutting/Roping/Cattle Work – must have cow/calf/bovine of correct type.

Dressage – please state level, test and movement (entrant may provide copy of test)

Harness – vehicles are not required.

Jumper – this is for stadium jumping or similar type events.

Other English/Western Not Listed – NO BAREBACK! Model must have on both saddle and bridle.

Other Performance – must be realistic, and model must have on both saddle and bridle or complete harness.

Reining/Western Riding – Please include a pattern, and where the model is in the pattern.

Saddle Seat – High or low action.

Trail – may be natural or arena. Again, space is limited…
Props – space is at a premium, so please keep performance set-ups as simple/localized as possible. Remember that the Judges should be looking at the model first and foremost. No arena walls in any classes except Cutting/Roping/Cattle Work.
Rider Dolls – are allowed in Performance classes, but if their set-up takes too much time, they will be barred from the remaining classes in that division at the Judge’s or Show Coordinator’s discretion.
Best of Performance – for each performance division, all first place entries will be asked to come back (they do not have to be in the original tack) to be judged off for the Best of the division. In this way, a model that may enter only one class may still be recognized for being an outstanding entry.
We will be following the NAMHSA’s NAN Performance Entry rules as follows, with minor modifications included.
Performance entries are limited to a maximum area of 18" x 30" with the exception of Over Fences and Stock Work classes, which may use 24" x 30". Multi-horse (more than 2) hitches may legally exceed these space requirements IF space is available. Entrants are strongly encouraged to keep their setups to well under these size limitations whenever possible. Size limits will be enforced and failure to comply can result in disqualification.

NO SETUP is permitted in Hunt Seat Pleasure, Western Pleasure, or Saddle Seat Pleasure classes, meaning no footing of any type and no props (except a rider) may be included. The entry should consist of model, tack, and (optionally) a rider. Explanation cards are permitted only to note specific tack permissions, e.g., Junior Horse for an entry in a bosal or ring snaffle in western pleasure, or to explain gait/movement for a horse not obviously in a walk, trot/jog, canter/lope, or gait.

Setups are permitted in all other performance classes, however, all parts of the setup should be germane to the performance portrayed (e.g., cattle in stock work, jumps in over fences, or a buffalo in a Native American costume are appropriate). Props must not obscure any part of your entry or any other entry. Excessive scenery, animals not involved with the actual entry, etc., are not appropriate. All parts of the setup must fit within the maximum sizes stated above and otherwise conform to the rules listed below. No photo backdrops are permitted.

Performance explanation cards should be limited to 4" x 6" in size; additional documentation is limited to one 8.5" x 5.5" sheet. Documentation should be kept as minimal as possible and oversized documentation may be removed by the ring stewards.

Each class is guaranteed only 10 minutes of setup time. Timers may be used. No class will be held for late entries.

Models competing in this division are not eligible for the overall Grand award. They may not show in Performance.

Breed Classes

Adult (Non-Mini)

401 Arabian

402 Morgan

403 Other Light Pure/Mix

404 Gaited

405 Spanish

406 Sport/Carriage

407 QH

408 Other Stock

409 UK Draft

410 Euro/Other Draft

410 UK Pony

412 Euro/Other Pony

413 LE/Exotic

414 Other Pure/Mix

C/R Adult (Non-Mini)
Foals (Including Mini Foals)

415 Light

416 Gaited

417 Spanish

418 Sport/Carriage

419 Stock

420 Draft

421 Pony

422 Long Ears/Other Pure/Mix

C/R Foals (Including Minis)


423 Light

424 Gaited

425 Spanish

426 Sport/Carriage

427 Stock

428 Draft

429 Pony

430 Long Ears/Other Pure/Mix

C/R Mini

CC Porcelain/Factory Resin/Lake Shore

431 Light

432 Gaited/Spanish

433 Sport/Carriage

434 Stock

435 Draft

436 Pony

437 Other Pure/Mix

C/R Other Mold

Collectability Classes (These classes will take place at the conclusion of the Breed Classes.) Documentation required.

438 HR Traditional

439 HR Classic

440 HR Mini

441 Pour Horse/MWL

442 Beswick/Royal Doulton

443 Other Vintage UK China

444 Contemporary UK China

445 Vintage European China

446 OF Small Studio

447 Other American

448 Asian/African China

449 Cold Cast Porcelain

450 Factory Resins

451 Lake Shore

C/R Collectability

Workmanship Classes

452 Black/Brown/Bay

453 Chestnut/Sorrel

454 Palo/Bk/Dun/Grul/Dilute

455 Gray/Alabaster – all

456 Roan

457 Pinto

458 Appaloosa/Other Realistic Color

C/R Workmanship

Non-Plastic Grand Champion

China definitions:

Vintage UK China: Royal Worcesters, Clermonts, Hereford Fine China, etc.

Contemporary UK China – Alchemy/Animal Artistry/Horsing Around/Bainbridge/etc. – today’s artists resins transformed into china.

Vintage Euro China – Hutschenreuther, Goebel, Rosenthal, Bing & Grondahl, Nymphenburg, Royal Copenhagen, Lladro, etc.

Other American – Boehm, Cybis, Loza, etc.

OF Small Studio – for the small cottage OF runs, from Kristina Lucas Francis, Leslie Kathman, Lynn Fraley, etc.

Asian/African – Japan china, Cheval, etc.
Sponsorships are being accepted: $1 class, $2 champion/reserve, $3 grand/reserve, $5 whole division! – money goes

to EHHR!

Updated: August 21, 2014

ANCHORS AWAY! LIVE #6 – Entry Form

All information MUST be printed legibly or typed.




Three (3) Initials you typically use:

Street Address:




Phone #:

Email Address:

Please fill in the appropriate amounts below.

Entry and/or Vending

Half table, up to 35 models*



Entry and/or Vending

Full table, up to 60 models*



Late Fees

Entries received FROM 10/1/14-10/20/14 add $10; those received from 10/21 on add $20



Proxy Fee

No table, $10 entry fee PLUS $1/model


*Extra model fee

Covers models over the limits stated above (if you enter with a ½ table, models over 35 will cost .50 cents each)




class $1, champ/res $2, Grand/Res $3, whole division $5




Make checks /MO payable to: Elizabeth W. Andrews/AA or PayPal: (there’s an underscore _ between Betsy and Andrews) – and send it as a gift so I’m not charged fees. If you are paying by PayPal and emailing in your completed form, they MUST be received within 24 hours of each other. Returned check fee: $30. An entry is not complete, nor is a spot reserved, until both the completed form and correct fee are received. All day of show fees must be paid in cash with exact change.

Approximate number of Models You Plan to Show in this Division – this must be included with your entry.


Approx. # of Models


Approx. # of Models

# of Models

Full Size Foals

Traditional Adults


Traditional Foals

Full Size Adults

Classic Adults



Classic Foals


LB/Pad Pals



SM Adults


SM Foals

If you don’t have email, send a SASE so your entry can be acknowledged and initials confirmed (or assigned). Acknowledgment should take no more than two weeks from the receipt of your complete entry.
Please seat me near: ________________________________________________
Return this completed form with proper fees & SASE or email address to:

Betsy Andrews (Anchors Aweigh!)

115 Earle Branch Rd.

Centreville, MD 21617

I, (print name) ____________________________ have read and understand the rules of this show and agree to abide by them, as well as the decisions of the judges and show coordinator/committee. I understand that if these rules are violated, I may be asked to leave the show with no return of fees paid. By signing this form and attending Anchors Away! Live #6 Model Horse Show, I hereby agree to these terms, and also release the aforementioned show, Show Coordinator, Show Committee, Judges, sponsors and the Sudlersville Volunteer Fire Company from liability for loss, damages or injury to any person or property which may occur during the show activities, and to pay for any damages I, my family, or guests may cause while at the show.


Signature (if under 18, parent or guardian must sign & print name) Date 8/18/14

B-348 NB-150 P-44

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