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American Journal of Medicine Manuscript Submission Checklist Article Type

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American Journal of Medicine Manuscript Submission Checklist
Article Type: ________________________
Please use this checklist to ensure that your manuscript is complete and in compliance with the AJM Guide for Authors. The online Guide for Authors includes specific details and further explanation for each AJM article type.

Manuscript File: Required Components and Formatting

Title page

Word count (See Guide for Authors for the word count for each article type)

Structured abstract, unstructured abstract or none (See Guide for Authors)

Running head


Figure legends

Title does not exceed 10 words.

References are superscript in text.

Text is 12 point, double-spaced.

Text is in Microsoft Word.

Acronym use is limited.

Manuscript has been checked for spelling and grammar.

Article type is correct.

Supporting Files (Attached as Separate Documents)

Cover letter

Clinical Significance Bullet Points (70 words)

Conflict of Interest Statement

Written permission for usage of photographs, illustrations, figures, or text from another source.

Photographs and illustrations are 300 dpi (or greater) tiff files (not Microsoft Word or Power Point).

Line art figures are Microsoft Word or Power Point.

Text in figures or graphics is not less than 12 point and not more than 14 point.

Each table, figure, photograph, or illustration is in separate a file.

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