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Alturas City Council Regular Meeting City Hall Council Chambers

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Alturas City Council

Regular Meeting

City Hall Council Chambers

January 19, 2016 2:00 p.m.
The meeting was called to order by Mayor John Dederick at 2:00 p.m. Councilmembers present: Bobby G. Ray, Cheryl Nelson, Jim Irvin, Mark Steffek. Councilmembers absent: None. Staff present: City Clerk Cary L. Baker, City Treasurer Heather MacDonnell, City Attorney Al Monaco, DPW Joe Picotte, Police Chief Sid Cullins, City Planning Commissioners Bill Hall & Tom Romero. Public attending:1. All present joined together in the pledge of allegiance followed by a moment of silence.
No one is present under the public forum.
On recommendation of County Librarian Cheryl Baker, MOTION by Councilmember Steffek, SECONDED by Councilmember Nelson to appoint Samuel Kyllo as City Representative on the Library Advisory Board to fill the unexpired term through January 1, 2019. ALL AYES.
Councilmember Ray reviews the Marijuana Ordinance Committee met several times to work on ordinances relating to the cultivation of medical marijuana, along with cooperatives and collectives. Staff liked the structure of the City of Shasta Lake’s and used it as a guideline with some minor amendments. It appears the state will be extending the deadline of March 1st.
If the Council is satisfied with the proposed ordinances before them, we can approve the first reading today or take more time to discuss the subject further.
After further discussion, MOTION by Councilmember Nelson, SECONDED by Councilmember Irvin to approve the first reading of Ordinance #504 relating to medical marijuana cooperatives and collectives. ALL AYES.
MOTION by Councilmember Irvin, SECONDED by Councilmember Nelson, to approve the first reading of Ordinance #505 relating to medical marijuana cultivation. ALL AYES.
Councilmember Ray also reviews the City of Shasta Lake’s business tax ordinance relating to marijuana collectives and cooperatives. This was passed by the voters and allowed the City to establish a business tax at a rate of 6% of gross receipts, and also allows for an increase up to 10% of gross receipts by resolution.
Council consensus is to place a similar ballot measure on the June 7th election. The City Clerk will start the process for the measure.
Bill Hall, Modoc County Tobacco Education Coordinator, reviews a comprehensive tobacco ordinance titled Requiring the Licensure of Tobacco Retailers, Smoke-Free Entry Ways, and Smoke Free Dining. This allows the City to adopt an ordinance to level the playing field with regards to smoking marijuana; it will be treated the same as tobacco products, electronic cigarettes, cigars, and hookah pipes, and will follow state laws. This ordinance was written by the State Dept. of Public Health/Change Lab Solutions. This would be a perfect time to start introducing this ordinance.

The Council could consider an increase in the business license fee for any retail business selling tobacco products. Enforcement could be done through the Police Dept. or the County Tobacco Education Dept. Costs for signage, as well as publication and codification costs of the ordinance could also be funded through Tobacco Education.

Bill Hall with work with City Clerk Baker on the proposed ordinance, subject to City Attorney Monaco’s review and suggestions.
MOTION by Councilmember Ray, SECONDED by Councilmember Steffek to approve an amendment to the Public Works budget: (1) Public Works Clothing/Acct #4109 as follows: increase Fund 50/Street Dept. by $425, increase Fund 70/Water Dept. by $300, increase Fund 60/Sewer Dept. by $300; (2) Medical Exams/Acct #4260 as follows: increase Fund 50/Street Dept. by $175, increase Fund 70/Water Dept. by $175, increase Fund 60/sewer Dept. by $175. ALL AYES.
Upon request of the League of California Cities Sacramento Valley Division, Mayor Dederick appoints Councilmember Mark Steffek as the City’s official liaison to the League of California Cities.
MOTION by Councilmember Irvin, SECONDED by Councilmember Steffek to approve the updated City of Alturas Facility Use Agreement for the use of the Livestock Complex, Baseball/Softball Fields, concessions, batting cage, and Soccer Fields with the following amendments: 1) Section 1 shall be made into two separate sentences with the second sentence stating: “The security deposit may be refunded to Lessee if not needed by the City to repair damages or clean up debris caused by Lessee that exceeds normal wear and tear from proper usage.” 2) Section 3 shall include “a minimum of $1,000,000 liability insurance” be added to the sentence. ALL AYES.
MOTION by Councilmember Steffek, SECONDED by Councilmember Irvin to approve the consent agenda as follows: a) Approve minutes of the December 15, 2015 meeting; b) Approve City warrants for December 2015 in the amount of $127,018.82. ALL AYES.
COUNCIL/STAFF REPORTS: City Treasurer MacDonnell reports the insurance adjusters were here today to look at the two Public Works vehicles that were damaged.
DPW Picotte reports he has been busy with snow removal; has been monitoring the river levels; and will be meeting with the County to discuss an extension of the current Garbage Franchise to give more time to go out to bid.
Councilmember Nelson received some paperwork back from NorthStar Engineering regarding recommendations for the upgrades to the City’s pool.
Councilmember Irvin comments on the River project with the County - we have an agreement with them. The Council may want to contact them for a meeting.
DPW responds that the County didn’t have the proper permits in place before they went out to bid; now the River cleaning project won’t start until June or July.
Mayor Dederick states that all are concerned with the River situation. County Supervisor Rhoads is aware and will be contacting County staff; the County is liable and responsible. Modoc Co. CAO Robertson did say he would be talking to O.E.S. to possibly plan for an event or preparedness drill in regards to possible flooding.
City Clerk Baker reports that the City will be having an election June 7, 2016; Councilmembers Ray, Nelson, and Irvin and up for re-election, along with the City Clerk.
Councilmember Steffek will have a Pool Committee meeting on the 27th; also enjoyed working on the Marijuana Committee to develop ordinances.
Councilmember Ray comments that the Council will be having a special meeting on the 26th for the second reading and adoption of Ordinances #504 & #505 relating to marijuana.
Mayor Dederick reports the Fire Department’s goal is to go to bid in February for the new Truck Barn; and has received preliminary drawings and site plan for the proposed Community Center. There should be a firm cost estimate by next week.
With no further business to come before Council, meeting adjourned at 3:57 p.m. to return in special session on Tuesday, January 26, 2016 at 2:00 p.m., City Hall.

Cary L. Baker

City Clerk

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