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Agenda mmm friday, January 11, 2008 10-11 am usa cst the dial-in number will be

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Agenda MMM

Friday, January 11, 2008

10-11 am USA CST
The dial-in number will be:

USA Dial in #:        1-888-971-9600 (Toll free)

Callers from Mexico: 001-866-268-6845 (Toll free)

Callers from France: 0-800-905-939 (Toll free)       

Callers from Switzerland: 0-800-561-607 (Toll free)

Callers from Germany: 0-800-180-2105 (Toll free)

Participant Code:   66088023

Host/Moderator Code:    18143837 (for MED's use only)

  • Project Updates

Full Title


RIC Lead Investigator

D1.Development of new capabilities of the Lokomat® walking robot


Rymer, Zev

D2.Development of hand technology involving reaching

Hand Rehab

Kamper, Derek

D3.Development of telerehabilitation arm gravity-assistance


Housman, Sarah

R1.Research benefits of error augmentation using virtual reality

Upper Extremity VR

Patton, Jim

R2.Research benefits of overground walking the KineAssist® robot


Brown, David

T1.Training initiative on rehabilitation-oriented engineering design

Design Training Project

Peskhin, Michael

C1. Dissemination, Education & Training Core (see below)


Rymer, Zev

C2. Clinical, Evaluation, Biostatistics Core (see below)


Rymer, Zev

C3. Engineering Support Core

Engineering Support

Rymer, Zev

C4. Administration & Operations Core (Advisory Board/SOS)

Admin Core

Rymer, Zev

      • Website Update (Patton, Holzer)

      • Press Release – Katie Lorenz will release 1/11/08

      • Draft Content-

      • People page under construction

      • Special Clinical Evaluation Subcommittee(s)

      • Clinical and Experimental Design (Houseman, Bogey, Harvey, Rymer, Brown, Jovanovic, Leder anyone else??)

      • Statistics and clinical experimental design

      • Data Logging - Simone Concepts Teledata logging sensors ($11K over 5 years)

      • Support for Housman to head up this committee?

      • Advisory Board

      • Possible meeting dates in 2008 - Suggestions

      • Suggested members due by Friday, January 25

      • Reminders about:

      • Encourage reporting to Mary Ellen all events, activities to be shared on Website

      • Semiannual newsletter (1st 2 years then quarterly) comprised of “news”

      • Quarterly 1 page project updates – 1st one due March 15th

      • 1st quarterly Project Officer teleconference (w/Tom Corfman) at noon on Feb 5th

      • Acknowledgement of Dept of Ed-NIDRR Funding on Publications

      • – all publications and products must be sent to this website

      • Annual Report Due each year by July 1 (Reporting period for YR1 10/1/07 – 5/31/08, after that June-May)

      • SubK Update - MED

      • NU Brown Signed; INAOE Signed; KineaDesign Signed

      • NU-Borko signed by RIC out for NU to sign;

      • UCI out for them to review and sign; ETH out for them to review and sign; NU-Peskin out for them to review and sign

      • UIC – draft and Non disclosure agreement to RIC legal for their review

      • Umbrella IRB Submitted

      • Next MMM Scheduled for Friday, February 8, 2008 at 10 am USA Central Time

      • February – Old MARS-RERC Final Report Preparation begins – To be submitted electronically by April 30, 2008

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