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Agenda: Add school review with Principal’s Report. Carol Kluin motions to approve agenda as mended. Carried. Minutes

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Fort Assiniboine School Council


January 14, 2010
Meeting called to order 6:30pm
Agenda: Add school review with Principal’s Report. Carol Kluin motions to approve agenda as mended. Carried.
Minutes: Beth Anne Breitkreitz motions to approve minutes from previous meetings as summarized. Carried.
Treasurer’s Report (Kim Cross):

  • Bank account remains unchanged and stands at a balance of $40.57. Kim Cross motions to approve. Carried.

Old Business:

Parent Society

Playground Update (Doris Kuelken):

  • New playground to be installed spring of 2010. Needing approximately 25 volunteers to help. Tentatively planned for May 14, 15 & 16th.

  • Elementary students, primarily grade 5/6 are busy fundraising for playground as well funds available from the Parent Society Casino Fund plus government grant.

  • Expected cost $100,000 +.

Casino in April (Carol Kluin):

  • Scheduled for April 13 & 14th (Tuesday & Wednesday)

  • More volunteered needed; have to be signed up before the end of January.

New Business

Principal’s Report (Allan Menduk):

School Review:

*Between February 8 and 12, Fort Assiniboine School will be under review. Students and Parents may be contacted. Every 5 to 7 years, each school undergoes a review.

High School completion Incentive Grant:

*We have received additional funds for a .7 F.T.E. teacher position for the second semester. This person(s) can be used as a tutor or resource person for high school students and parents.

Update on future of Fort Assiniboine School (Peter Kuelken):

  • Our next step is to approach PHRD School Board with our proposed plans for Fort Assiniboine School.

  • First, the School Council Chair is meeting with Woodland County at their next meeting on Tuesday January 19, 2010 to take our motion which is asking Woodlands County to fund the shortfall for core education for the next ten years, back to the table. Many parents showed interest in attending to show their support, as well to invite students to attend.

  • We have set two goals:

    • 1. To continue to offer a K to 12 school at Fort Assiniboine.

    • 2. To provide a quality education to our students.

  • Briefly discussed other possibilities for Fort Assiniboine School and found..

    • Running a high school program on technology only (on-line) would prove to be very problematic.

    • Chartered Schools would hold a whole new set of problems that we would not want to be involved with.

  • Peter also explained how government is structured as it relates to us, and that we are only one of many such systems in Alberta. (below)

Department of Education

P.H.R.D. School Board (superintendant & Trustees)

Fort Assiniboine

School Council Community

Municipal Government

(Woodlands County)

  • Department of Education has the same set of rules for all the School Boards, communities and Municipalities throughout Alberta. Problems arise when policies made by one government department conflicts with the roles and responsibilities of other government departments.

  • School boards have very little flexibility because they are considered a no nature person power because the people are not elected in but rather appointed.

  • We are not the only school facing issues; there are many Alberta schools and jurisdictions facing their own concerns. The problems are not solely in rural Alberta but also with urban schools as well.

  • We are taking the initiative to send a message to the Department of Education that policies in the education system need to be reexamined.

    • Motion: To propose a partnership between Woodland County and Pembina Hills Regional School Board to address the current Fort Assiniboine School issue.

  • Carol Kluin motions to approve the above motion. Amber seconds it. Vote was all in favor. Carried.

Next meeting set for February 11, 2010 at 7:00 pm.


Kim Cross Carol and David Kluin

Debrah Glena-Hoey Doris and Peter Kuelken

Amber Davison Louise. Brittany & Jacqueline Ralston

James Aitken Dale Schaffrick

Dale Kluin Beth Ann Breitkreitz

Ellen Carlson Allan Menduk

Leah Holmes Avery DeGroot

Lynn Marcellus Maureen Fleming

Amber Barton Ervin Gallatin

Arlene and David Ehl Steven Kaplin

Diana and Henry DeGroot

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