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Address: Sabail distr., Mammad Efendiyev str. 7, apar

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Organization: “Clean World” Aid to Women Public Union
Project name: Ambassadors of Democracy
Address: Sabail distr., Mammad Efendiyev str. 7, apart. 15
AZ 1010, Baku, Azerbaijan
Telephone: (994 50) 314-35-15; (994 55) 314 35 15
Fax: (994 12) 497-10-58

Head of the project: Mehriban Zeynalova (chairman of Organization)

Geographical coverage: Baku and 4 regions

  1. Information about the applicant organization

“Clean World” Aid to Women Public Union was established in 1998 and since that carried out numerous projects in the field of Human trafficking, protection of victims, gender issues, combating domestic violence and HIV/AIDS.
The organization has applied to the Azerbaijan Republic Ministry of Justice for the official registration and got the registration number 1106-Q14-2228 on 29 September 2006.

Organization has covered all regions of Azerbaijan with the raise awareness seminars on defending and preventing all forms of violence toward women. Organization has been cooperating with the relevant government bodies, international organizations and local NGOs.

“Clean World” Aid to Women Public Union is working for the benefit of the society with the women and by the means of women.
Organization mission is to change stereotypes formed over the years by the public opinion (public support). We try to protect women’s rights being citizens of the Republic of Azerbaijan, achieving women’s participation in building civil society in equality with men, develop women’s abilities and skills helping them to get free from the stereotypes and complexes. Besides all mentioned we try to form the importance of women’s role in society’s development.

2. Problem statement:
It is possible to achieve gender equality not only by the deep study of the essence of the problem, but also following the legal procedures which ensure gender equality. Some countries pay special attention to eliminating women problems by implementing special mechanisms and measurements. But in most countries, gender equality exists formally and equal rights of women are restricted. The underlying reasons of discrimination of women are men’s egoism and old traditions.
The level of education of Azerbaijani women, their role in labor market, and their participation in decision-making of social and political life in critical issues do not fit to legislative background. We can still come across with disproportions amongst women and men in all field of life in Azerbaijan. If we want to diminish this disproportion we have to find out and implement new views, strategies and means.

Short-term purpose of the project:

The creation course model “Ambassadors of democracy” for the young girls/women from national minorities within rural regions.
Long-term purpose of the project:

To conduct literate work among women in the rural regions by ambassadors of democracy

3. Project objectives:

  1. To conduct meetings with girls who study at the Universities of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

  2. To select girls according to different specialization.

  3. To prepare the schedule of the school and database on girls (age, region, specialization).

  4. To hold trainings on every Saturday and Sunday with the group of 18 girls. Each training will last four hours. The duration of the trainings is six months.

4. Implementation methods and activities:
During the implementation of the project “Clean World” Aid to Women Social Union will use these tools and methods.

  • The first step: “Clean World” Aid to Women Social Union will conduct monitoring at Azerbaijan Teachers Institute, Baku State University, Azerbaijan Pedagogical University, Azerbaijan Foreign Language University, Slavic University, State Governance Academy, Art and Culture University During the monitoring the pre-selection of the girls will be conducted. We especially chose girls from national minorities, because we consider that minorities have more need to enlighten. The preference will be given girls who have tendency for social activity, and leadership qualities.

  • The selection of the girls will be carried out by attaching announcements in the above high institutions. Afterward it will be conducted the selection amongst who want to attend these trainings.

  • The second step: The meetings of the selected girls. During the meeting the girls will be informed why they are selected and provided with the information about “Sunday schools”. At the end of the meeting the working group will determine the schedule of the trainings to suit to the personal schedule of the girls. The trainings are supposed to be held from 10 o’clock to 14 o’clock. In this way, two days in a week it is supposed to hold training with 18 girls.

  • The trainings will be held by professional trainers. Furthermore, it is supposed to hold meetings with different politicians, the deputies of parliament, Mass Media, and NGOs.

  • At the end of the project it is supposed to give educational materials to the participants of the trainings.

  • The third step: the beginning of the trainings alongside the preparation of educational materials for “Ambassadors of democracy”. These topics will be conveyed in 12 months:

The task of the second stage of the project:

  1. “Ambassadors of democracy” start literate program amongst teenage girls and women in the eleven regions of Azerbaijan during their study at University. Their target groups are beggar children, children who work in the streets and women who want to learn Latin alphabet.

  2. The organization rents an office and the “Ambassadors of democracy” will conduct monitoring amongst these teenagers. The education of girls will be conducted according to their desires. Furthermore, they will be informed about AIDS, drug affected diseases, reproductive health, human trafficking, labor exploitation etc.

  3. The problems of these girls will be discovered and be tried to do everything for their solution.

  4. Ambassadors of democracy will conduct this activity in six months in Baku city, after their experience they will continue their activity in the regions. This will provide sustainable development for the civil society.

1st month:

  • Democracy and human rights

  • The Conventions approved by Azerbaijan (on women rights, children rights, political and cultural rights, refugee rights and etc.)

2nd month

3rd month

  • Negotiation skills

  • Volunteers, planning

  • What is Gender and its importance in civil society?

4th month

  • The sovereignty of a people

  • The power of majority

  • The rights of minority

5th month

6th month

  • The constitutional restrictions behind the power

  • Computer

  • Management

7th month

  • Conflicts and their solutions

  • Freedom of speech and free Mass Media

  • Freedom of religion

8th month

  • The third section

  • Social, economic and political pluralism

9th month

10th month

  • Legal discipline

  • Management

  • Computer

11th month

  • What is Gender?

  • The importance of gender equality in civil society

  • Gender and conflicts (conflicts and the role of women in their solutions)

12th month

At the end of the trainings these girls will get acquainted with the activity of approximately 10 NGOs. After graduating from the training these girls will be provided with educational materials on “Ambassadors of democracy”.

  1. The Beneficiaries of the Project

-Girls from different Universities of the Republic of Azerbaijan

- Teenager girls and women in eleven regions of the Azerbaijan

-Women who want to learn the Latin alphabet

- Beggar children

- Children who works on the streets

- Politicians

- The deputies of the Parliament

- Mass Media

- NGOs

6. Project sustainability
These outstanding girls will continue their activity or career at different NGOs and state bodies. These girls will be able to disseminate the values of democracy in their regions and in fact these regions need these kinds of persons. These girls will facilitate the women’s participation in social, political life, and decision-making processes more actively. The activity for the second stage covers more issues. The long-term purpose of the project: to conduct literate work amongst people.

5. Evaluation of the first stage:
During six months, 18 girls will be taught on the disciplines of civil society, be increased their capacities and civil activity afterward they will start their activity as ambassadors of democracy. They can continue their activity in the regions as human rights lawyers, activists, volunteers, employees of different NGOs, and etc. These girls also can activate as volunteer at different NGOs. In summer holidays, the girls can hold different seminars in their regions.

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