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Address: Rr. "Margarita Tutulani", Pl. "Melrose 2 Bel Air", Tirana, Albania

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Marsel Kalemi

Address: Rr. “Margarita Tutulani”, Pl. “Melrose 2 – Bel Air”, Tirana, Albania

Mobile: (355) 69 22 96057



Bachelor of Science, Management

University of New York Tirana/Empire State College (SUNY), Tirana, Albania

Major: Management 3.4/4.0 GPA.

Master of Science, Economic European Studies

University of Tirana, Economic Faculty, Tirana, Albania

June 2007

Expected December 2009

Work Experience

Professor (Full Time), “Military University Scanderbeg”, Tirana (From Dec. 2007)

  • Gave lectures and seminars for the courses: Principles of Marketing, Consumer Behavior and International Business.

Professor (Part-Time), “Kristal” University Tirana (From October 2008)

Intern – Assistant Manager, Human Resource Department, “Vodafone”

Tirana (February 2007 – June 2007)

  • Assisted with and contributed in screening the future employees CVs

Assistant Manager, Beverage Department, “Euromax” Hypermarket

Tirana (August 2005 –August 2006)

  • Managed the beverage department at the hypermarket.

  • Assisted with and contributed in negotiations for new purchase decisions.

  • Prepared and presented monthly reports for purchases and sales.

  • Assisted with and contributed in marketing and price change decisions for the beverage department.

  • Coordinated and supervised the personnel of the beverage department.

Trainings and Achievements

  • SIFE Faculty Adviser of the year 2009 (May 2009)

  • Judge for Albanian Business Case Challenge (April 2009)

  • Successfully participated in Business Case Challenge (Vienna – July 2008)

  • Faculty Adviser SIFE Military University Scanderbeg – third place in SIFE Nationals (April 2008)

  • Second Place in Student in Free Enterprise (SIFE- European Competition (Warsaw, Poland- September 2007)

  • Selected from MJAFT NGO as one of 30 best students in Albania who attended a trip around Europe sponsored by “Robert Bosch” Organization (August 2007)

  • Scholarships for two summer training programs for Economy and Politics (Vienna, Austria- July 2005; Crete, Greece- July 2006)

Language and Computer Skills

  • Native Albanian. Fluent English and Italian. Working Knowledge in German.

  • Excellent knowledge and skills in MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) and Internet.

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