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Adding Metadata to ms office Documents and pdfs

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Adding Metadata to MS Office Documents and PDFs

Required fields for DEECD MS Office documents
All documents published on the DEECD intranet and internet sites must contain certain required metadata, as per the following table:

Metadata Field

Description / notes


Exact title of the document (should be descriptive of the content)


Subject matter. Can be the same as the Title if that gives a relevant explanation


For ownership purposes, the Author is the Office rather than a particular person. This may include the division/branch/section.

Eg. Online Publishing Unit, Information Technology Division, Office of Department Services

Note: The DEECD PIN of the last person to save the document is often recorded, by default, in this field. Personal names and PINs should be removed prior to online publication, and replaced with the Office and unit details.


Not required – Leave blank


Department of Education and Early Childhood Development


Type of document eg. Guideline, Form, Template, Job description (not required but suggested)


Individual words people would use to search for the document.

Adding Metadata to MS Office documents
Metadata is added to MS Office documents via the File > Properties menu, as follows:

  1. Open the document in the MS Office program

  2. Select File > Properties

  3. In the Properies dialogue box select the Summary tag

  4. Complete the Required Fields (see above for details), where available

For MS Office 2007, access the metadata information as follows:

  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button and point to Prepare

  2. Double-click on Properties

  3. Complete the Required Fields, where available

Adding Metadata to PDF documents
Limited metadata can be added to an existing PDF document, as follows:

  1. Open the PDF document in Adobe Acrobat

  2. Select File > Document Properties > Summary

  3. In the Properties dialogue box, complete the Required Fields (see above for details), where available

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