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Acf regionals 2006 Packet by George Washington (Ezequiel Berdichevsky) Tossups

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ACF Regionals 2006

Packet by George Washington (Ezequiel Berdichevsky)
1. Late in his life, he was exonerated for supporting Bonnie Prince Charlie while his early career saw him serve as aide-de-camp to Prince Eugene of Savoy. He helped defeat the Ottomans at Belgrade but, during the War of Jenkin’s Ear, he tried to capture St. Augustine and was repulsed. His most influential friends included the former gentleman Robert Castell and the Yamacraw chief Tomochichi. After the former died, he began his crusade to reform prisons in England, while the latter convinced him to settle near the Altamaha River. FTP, identify this man who received his royal state charter in 1732 and who hoped to create a home for oppressed Protestants and falsely imprisoned debtors in the New World near what is now Savannah.

ANSWER: James Oglethorpe
2. Part seven of this eight-part work is anchored by a discussion of 1597’s Boulston case, where the court tried to argue for corn-thieving rabbits as nuisance. Other sections focus on the “reciprocal nature” of the title concept and a dismissal of Pigou’s ideas in The Economics of Welfare. Expanding on an earlier essay’s arguments about the importance of transaction costs to the growth of the firm, this 1960 work argued that the initial allocation of legal rights doesn’t matter when the economic result is efficient, an idea now known as its author’s eponymous economic theorem. FTP, identify this classic article by Ronald Coase.

ANSWER: “The Problem of Social Cost

3. After flowing South past Selinsgrove, it cuts through the Mahantongo Mountain and receives the Juniata River. The Chemung flows southeast past Elmira into it and its brook trout were once hunted by the namesake Indian tribes on its banks. While its Western branch rises in the Allegheny Mountains, the main portion of this river originates in Otsego Lake in New York and exits at Havre de Grace, Maryland. FTP, identify this mighty river that provides half of the fresh water for the Chesapeake Bay.

ANSWER: the Susquehanna River

4. One brigade was deployed at the “brickworks” while another force, the African Hunters, attempted to scale the walls of one of the five forts that defended the namesake site, which had just survived the Wars of Reform. After fearing that his ill soldiers were threatened, General de Lorencz marched from Orizaba ready for battle. The infantry of the victorious force was led by future president Porfirio Diaz but it was the main force under the command of General Zaragoza that won the day. FTP, identify this battle that repulsed the French invasion of Mexico and is now remembered every fifth of May.

ANSWER: the Battle of Puebla
5. The second part opens with a woman on “a burnished throne” and ends with another woman at a bar telling her friend Lil about her decision to sleep with Albert. In this work, the Moon shines on Mrs. Porter and her daughter who wash their feet in soda water, a moment that is followed by a memory of Tereus raping Philomela. The middle section features Tiresias lamenting his man breasts and the final fragment features a cock standing on a rooftree calling out “Co co rico,” which brings a flash of lightning and then, rain. That part, “What the Thunder Said,” concludes with the repetition of the word “Shantih.” FTP, identify this work full of footnotes; a modernist poem dedicated to Ezra Pound and written by T.S. Eliot.

ANSWER: “The Waste Land

6. It was exacerbated by the death of a Mrs. Sherwood and was preceded by Miles Irving arresting two vocal nationalists, Drs. Kitchloo and Satyapal. Partly caused by the reshuffling of domestic politics after the end of the war codified by the Black or Rowlatt Acts, it only took about fifteen minutes but was more deadly since there were no easy avenues to escape. Taking place in the Garden or Jallianwallah Bagh, it saw the death of more than four hundred Hindus. FTP, identify this event that saw the British General Dyer fire into an unarmed crowd in 1919 in the namesake capital of the Sikhs.

ANSWER: the Amritsar Massacre
7. Minor characters include the evangelist Drusilla Clack and the moneylender Septimus Luker. The prologue details a rivalry that begins after General Baird’s forces storm Seringapatam and addresses the narrator’s dislike of John Herncastle. Murthwaite later sees the ubiquitous jugglers in their true form, but this only happens after Mr. Candy’s assistant, Ezra, reveals that it was opium that caused Franklin Blake to take what was once found in the forehead of a god’s statue. FPT, identify this 1868 novel that focuses on Rachel Verrinder and Sergeant Cuff’s attempts to find a lost gem; a work by Wilkie Collins.

ANSWER: The Moonstone

8. This distribution appears in and is the reason for the name of the distribution solution to Poisson’s equation. Generalizations of this to vector arguments are non-unique but can be determined by normalizing its all-space integral in light of any relevant symmetries. Reciprocity for Green’s functions for self-adjoint operators results from the odd parity of this since Green’s functions are the solutions to operator equations with this as the inhomogeneous term. Its convolution with a function gives the value of that function at the point where its argument vanishes by its sifting property. FTP, name this function defined by Dirac and named for a Greek letter.

ANSWER: Dirac delta function

9. His adventures are compared to those of Boreas in the first section of the Phaedrus. Often shown holding a chicken, he grew up in Phrygia and was indirectly responsible for his brother’s immortality, an attribute bargained for by Eos, who originally fetched him. Grief over his departure was assuaged somewhat by the two swift horses that Hermes brought his father and his story was used by Appolodorus and Plato to argue for the superiority of male love. This brother of Tithonus and son of Laomedon eventually succeeded Hebe in her primary position on Mt. Olympus. FTP, identify this Trojan prince who was loved by Zeus and became the cupbearer of the gods.

ANSWER: Ganymede

10. After the protagonist is arrested, this work refers to Beethoven’s Fifth with a knock of fate. Other pieces sprinkled into this two-part work include the blackbird’s song and a jota danced to the magistrate’s humiliation. As it proceeds, the recurring Corregidor character dances various minuets while the flirty wife and her fandangos drive her earnest Miller husband crazy with jealousy. The opening, complete with castanets and an “olé” is often reproduced by itself. FTP, identify this work based on a story by Pedro de Alarcon and named for the antagonist’s headwear; a ballet by Manuel de Falla.

ANSWER: El Sombrero de tres picos, ballet in 2 parts, G. 53 (or The Three-Cornered Hat; accept any underlined part)

11. His father was a successful paper manufacturer who wrote two books on the coins of the ancient Britons. His greatest discovery was made with his friend Duncan Mackenzie by his side, though he debated many points about the origins of culture with Carl Blegen and Alan Wace. A former keeper of the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford, he would inspire Michael Ventris to decipher a language he had always insisted was Greek. FTP, identify this archaeologist who wrote The Mycenaean Tree and Pillar Cult and restored the Palace of Minos at Knossos.

ANSWER: Sir Arthur Evans
12. The transcription factor for these chemicals is repressed by DELLA and they are received by a namesake “-insensitive dwarf mutant 1” complex. These nineteen- or twenty-member heterocyclic rings are unsynthesizable in the presence of ancymidol, function by altering transcription, and display an atypical sigmoidal dose response. Mendel’s Le gene is for a protein synthesizing these hormones which is understandable since that gene affects pea height. Discovered by Kurosawa in 1926, they were later named for the fungus that he noted as the cause of “foolish seedling” disease — unnaturally rapid rice enlargement caused by these plant hormones. FTP, name this class of plant hormones that stimulate stem and leaf growth.

ANSWER: gibberellins

13. A young lord is given three wishes by Jesus Christ in his Federigo while The Backgammon Game focuses on unspoken passion. He wrote plays about South America, like The Occasion, as well as the novel Tamango about a slave revolt, but his later life was taken-up with translating Pushkin and Gogol. Of his more famous stories, one concerns a shepherd who has to kill his son Fortunato, while another focuses on Orso, who tries to keep his sister from killing everyone. He used the name “Joseph L’Etrange” to publish the farcical Theatre of Clara Gazul but remains best known for works about life in Corsica such as Mateo Falcone and Colomba. FTP, identify this French author who also created the characters Don Jose and Escamillo in his work Carmen.

ANSWER: Prosper Merimee

14. In an October, 1997 JCE article, Parquet and Lin outlined a microwave-assisted version of this procedure that creates a reagent in situ by irradiation of isatin. This reaction is analogous to hydroxylamine-mediated oxime synthesis. It is sometimes cited as only its second step, which is usually catalyzed by an alkali ethoxide or potassium hydroxide, but that second step cannot proceed without an initial hydroxone formation by the carbonyl-containing reactants. It is now rarely performed since it requires extremely dangerous heating of hydrazine in the presence of ketones or aldehydes. FTP, name this organic reduction of ketones or aldehydes to corresponding alkanes, named for German and Russian chemists.

ANSWER: Wolff-Kishner reduction

15. Mary Carmichael is discussed for having “broken the sentence, broken the sequence,” while an important scene features a Beadle telling the narrator to keep off the grass. Later, the petulant Mr. A is taken to task and the text reflects on the life of aunt Mary Beton. The final chapter forwards the concept of androgyny as a creative force. Celebrating such pioneers as Aphra Behn and the Brontes, it was based on two lectures delivered in 1928 it focuses on the importance of the novel to the development of the woman writer. Featuring the hypothetical Judith Shakespeare, it argues for the privacy and independence of the title location. FTP, identify this essay by Virginia Woolf.

ANSWER: “A Room of One’s Own

16. Five hundred fifty-eight names are found on its inside walls while the outside bases are decorated by such reliefs as Peace, Resistance and The Departure of the Volunteers. The horses that once graced its roof have been returned to St. Mark’s in Venice, but the eternal flame remains lit. Designed by Jean Chalgrin, it sits on top of the hill of Chaillot and its full name is usually appended with the designation “of the star.” FTP, identify this structure originally commissioned after Austerlitz by Napoleon and modeled after the Arch of Constantine; the premier emblem of French patriotism.

ANSWER: L’arc de Triomphe or the Arch of Triumph

17. Encapsulation can be accomplished by use of the opaque variety of this structure and segmentation faults are generally caused by access of a non-physical address by one. These explicitly allow manipulation of their contents, the namesake type of arithmetic. Iterators are an extension of these that are subject, usually, to postfix operators and a simple singly linked list object contains variable storage and one of these to the same type of object. As these do not contain literals but only the location of literals, they must be dereferenced before use, which is accomplished in C++ by the star operator. FTP, name these types of references that hold the memory address of something of interest, rather than the thing itself.

ANSWER: pointers

18. According to his ideas, human children gravitated towards material exercises rather than study and “Celadony” was the most sublime love a human could feel. He argued that the passions were “untamed tigers” and that there were twelve common types that identified every human being. Inspired by works like The False Industry and Universal Harmony, his principal disciple, Victor Considerant, would try to found a colony in Texas, but it was Albert Brisbane who really helped popularize his The Theory of the Four Movements in the U.S. FTP, identify this French utopian philosopher who founded cooperative groups called phalanxes.

ANSWER: Charles Fourier

19. Painted during the artist’s shift towards more abstract watercolors, this oil work was created after two separate trips to Nassau. The scene features numerous stalks of sugar cane that lie scattered at the central figure’s feet. Some critics have speculated that the “rigger” in the upper left-hand corner was added in order to offer hope and make the work more appealing to buyers. FTP, identify this picture depicting a tumultuous water spout, raging sharks, and a seemingly stoic black man awaiting his demise; a painting of a boat drifting along the titular ocean current by Winslow Homer.

ANSWER: The Gulf Stream

20. His Essay on the Unreal Dwelling focused on the artist’s relationship to nature. Shriveled Chestnuts was collaboration with disciples while Winter Sun saw his emergence as a more lyrical poet. It is in travelogues like The Records of a Travel Worn Satchel and The Narrow Road to the Deep North where critics see his later life turning away from the style of sabi, or loneliness to karumi, or lightness; a concept that would dominate the short meditative form he made so prominent. FTP, identify this author named for the banana plant hut he once lived in; a master of the Haiku form.

ANSWER: Matsuo Basho

21. A lemma due to this person claims that all mathematical propositions are either trivial or unproven. This thinker’s namesake point is the seven hundred twenty-sixth digit of pi. Wheeler supervised this scientist’s thesis, A New Approach to Quantum Theory, in which the novelty is application of Hamilton’s principle; this led to an analogue of Lagrangian mechanics; this physicist’s namesake formulation of QM. Leighton and Sands co-authored his namesake Lectures on Physics. He formulated QED, which employs his namesake diagrams, and defined a namesake path integral. FTP, name this idiosyncratic Caltech professor who served as youngest division head for the Manhattan Project, enjoyed strip clubs, and played the bongos.

ANSWER: Richard Feynman

22. He edited the collection Science and Creationism, argued for “the human significance of Skin” in the volume Touching, and his namesake resolution names the World Court’s effort to end genital mutilation of children. A pioneer in the study of human aggression, he argued for compassion his The Elephant Man: A Study in Human Dignity and popularized the idea of race as a social construct in Man’s Most Dangerous Myth. FTP, identify this British anthropologist perhaps best known for his assertion that there must be equality between the sexes in his The Natural Superiority of Women.

ANSWER: Ashley Montagu


1. Identify the following about a man who was rumored to be the son of William Powell FTPE.

[10] Identify this Native American chief who was said to have started the second war named for his people when he killed Wiley Thompson and his men in 1835.

ANSWER: Osceola

[10] Osceola was eventually captured by this U.S. General, who tricked him by convincing him to come see him under a flag of truce.

ANSWER: Thomas Jessup

[10] Much of Osceola’s ire at the Americans came as a result of this 1832 Treaty that ended the First Seminole War and basically stipulated that the Seminoles should leave Florida.

ANSWER: the Treaty of Payne’s Landing

2. Identify the following Ibsen plays from a brief description FTPE.

[10] In this work, the title character seeks a “beautiful death.” She also drives her husband, Jurgen Tesman, up the wall and lusts after the alcoholic Eilert Lovborg.

ANSWER: Hedda Gabler

[10] In this work, the title estate sees the death of two women, Beata and Rebecca West, both of whom are trying to please the protagonist, some loser intellectual.

ANSWER: Rosmersholm

[10] This 1900 work about the frustrations of an artistic existence ends with the central couple, Rubek and Irene, being swallowed up by a storm.

ANSWER: When We Dead Awaken or Naar vi døde vaagner
3. Identify the following about a painting and its creator FTPE.

[10] Finished in 1529, this massive work features a huge banner hovering over a gaggle of spears and men who represent the forces of Darius II and Alexander the Great.

ANSWER: The Battle of Issus

[10] This German painter, perhaps the first true landscape artist, painted The Battle of Issus.

ANSWER: Albrecht Altdorfer

[10] One of Altdorfer’s biggest Italian influences was this Vicenzan creator of the nine-part Triumph of Caesar and the foreshortened masterpiece The Dead Christ.

ANSWER: Andrea Mantegna
4. Identify these men who provided soundtracks to Blaxploitation films FTPE.

[10] This former member of the Valentinos and backup guitarist for artists from Ray Charles to Aretha Franklin scored the film Across a 110th Street in 1972.

ANSWER: Bobby Womack

[10] This man’s 1972 work on the film Troubleman included the tracks “Life is a Gamble” and “T Plays it Cool,” but he is better known for such songs as “Got to Give it Up” and “Sexual Healing.”

ANSWER: Marvin Gaye

[10] Featuring the twenty-minute “Do Your Thing,” with the Bar Kays on instrumentals, this man’s Shaft soundtrack remains a favorite to this day.

ANSWER: Isaac Hayes
5. Answer each of the following about plasmas FTP.

[10] This simple type of interaction between two non-relativistic charges dominates under normal conditions in plasmas. It is named for the formulator of the inverse-square law that gives its force.

ANSWER: the Coulomb interaction (or Coulomb scattering)

[10] This is the length at which Coulomb scattering integrals may be truncated in a plasma. Symbolized lambda-sub-D, it is the fundamental length scale for a plasma, which must be quasi-neutral over it.

ANSWER: the Debye length

[10] Named for a 1970 Nobel laureate, these are transverse ion waves propagating parallel to the magnetic field with a speed scaling as field strength over root ion density.

ANSWER: Alfvén waves
6. Answer some questions about an 1890 work of economics FTPE.

[10] What man, who acquired the name “Tallow Candles” in prep school for his pallor and ill dress, wrote The Principles of Political Economy?

ANSWER: Alfred Marshall

[10] Marshall promoted the “price” version of this concept, which measures the responsiveness of one variable in response to another variable.

ANSWER: elasticity

[10] Defined as the area below the demand curve and above the market price, Marshall’s example of this concept is the idea that economic welfare is divided into producer and consumer versions.

ANSWER: consumer surplus
7. Answer the following about an uprising FTPE.

[10] The participants, who were named after two of the four colors worn by charioteers, rebelled against the policies of Justinian I in 532.

ANSWER: the Nika Revolt

[10] This empress did much to help quell the tide of the Nika Revolt. She was famously insulted over and over again by Procopius.

ANSWER: Theodora

[10] This general joined Belisarius in putting down the revolt by slaughtering thousands upon thousands at the Hippodrome.

8. Identify the following works of Mexican literature FTPE.

[10] Touching on such topics as hermeticism, the cult of death, and machismo, this 1950 essay, which won its author the Nobel Prize, reflects on the isolation of the Mexican.

ANSWER: “The Labyrinth of Solitude” or “El laberinto de la soledad

[10] Centering on a farmer who joins up with Pancho Villa’s rebel army, this stark novel about the Mexican Revolution features such figures as Demetrio Macias and Blondie.

ANSWER: Underdogs or Los de Abajo

[10] This protagonist of a 1962 novel is balanced by a third voice that separates the accusatory “Thou” and defensive “I.” Oh yeah, and it’s about a former political boss who reflects on his shady life as Catalina and Teresa scheme to inherit his land.

ANSWER: Artemio Cruz (accept either name)
9. Answer each of the following about a certain class of functions FTP.

[10] Symbolized J-sub-m and Y-sub-m, these are solutions y of x of the ODE x-squared times y-double-prime, plus x times y-prime, plus quantity x-squared minus m-squared, close quantity, times y equals zero.

ANSWER: Bessel functions of the first and second kind

[10] Bessel functions of the second kind are also known as these, in which case they are usually denoted N-sub-m instead of Y-sub-m.

ANSWER: Neumann function

[10] These functions are also known as Bessel functions of the third kind. Those of the first kind are Bessel function of the first kind plus i times a Bessel function of the second kind.

ANSWER: Hankel functions (or Weber functions)
10. Name each of the following thermodynamic cycles FTP.

[10] Forming a rectangle in temperature-entropy coordinates, this reversible cycle is the most efficient possible between two heat reservoirs according to its namesake’s formulation of the second law.

ANSWER: the Carnot cycle

[10] The large-intercooling-stage-number limit of a “vapor power” cycle, this cycle has two isothermal heat exchanges connected by isobaric heating and cooling stages. Like the Carnot cycle, it is reversible.

ANSWER: Ericsson’s second cycle

[10] Also known as Ericson’s first cycle, this cycle models gas turbine operation. Its four steps are isentropic heating, isobaric expansion, isentropic cooling, and isobaric compression.

ANSWER: the Brayton cycle
11. Answer some questions about chthonic mythological beings FTPE.

[10] This founder and first king of Athens was a half-man, half-serpent who sprang from the earth.

ANSWER: Cecrops

[10] This son of Agenor killed the Dragon that guarded the spring of Ares and sowed his teeth to create the Sparti who became the ancestors of Thebes.

ANSWER: Cadmus

[10] Also known as the Aloadae, this pair of earth-born giants trapped Ares and tried to stack mountains on top of each other to conquer Mt. Olympus.

ANSWER: Otus and Ephialtes
12. Identify the following about a Jewish religious figure FTPE.

[10] This scholar has often been identified as the spiritual leader of the Bar Kochba Revolt.

ANSWER: Rabbi Akiva Ben Joseph or (or Rabbi Akiba ben Joseph)

[10] Supposedly after watching water bore a hole in a rock, Rabbi Akiva was inspired to study this Jewish religious text, also known as the Five Books of Moses, for twelve years.

ANSWER: the Torah (or the Pentateuch)

[10] At times during his life, Akiva was at odds with this Supreme council of Jewish sages who were led by the Nasi.

ANSWER: the Sanhedrin
13. Answer some questions about a famous battle FTPE.

[10] Named for an island near the Gulfs of Patra and Corinth, this 1571 battle saw the first major Ottoman defeat by the Christians.

ANSWER: the Battle of Lepanto

[10] John of Austria led a diverse naval force into battle against this Turkish admiral.

ANSWER: Ali Pascha (prompt on Barbarosa)

[10] This pope, born Antonio Ghislieri, spearheaded the formation of the Holy League that took down Ali Pascha’s men that day.

ANSWER: Pius V (prompt on Pius)
14. Identify the following works by Defoe FTPE.

[10] Defoe was fined, imprisoned, and pilloried for this 1702 pamphlet that saw him ironically demand a total suppression of those who express their difference of opinion with the government.

ANSWER: “The Shortest Way with Dissenters

[10] Subtitled The Fortunate Mistress, this 1724 work focuses on a Mademoiselle Belleau who gets into all sorts of bawdy adventures with her servant, Amy.

ANSWER: Roxana: The Fortunate Mistress

[10] In this work’s Chapter I, “Start in Life,” the namesake protagonist boards a ship for London, which is how he winds-up “Wrecked on a Desert Island” in Chapter III.

ANSWER: Robinson Crusoe
15. Answer the following about some Russian sculpture FTPE.

[10] He issued a “Realist Manifesto” with Naum Gabo in 1920 and created such works as Developable Surface and his Portrait of Marcel Duchamp.

ANSWER: Antoine Pevsner

[10] This man met Picasso in 1913 and then returned to the motherland to build as much as he could of the massive Monument to the Third International.

ANSWER: Vladimir Tatlin

[10] Antoine Pevsner and Vladimir Tatlin were leaders of this Russian art movement that tried to link art with utilitarian, tangible ideas.

ANSWER: Constructivism
16. Answer each of the following about amino acids FTP.

[10] This two-dimensional plot of the dihedral angles for an amino acid residue in a protein, which are commonly denoted phi and psi, was developed by a namesake Indian biophysicist.

ANSWER: Ramachandran plot (or Ramachandran diagram)

[10] This reaction synthesizes amino acids from aldehydes. It proceeds by ammonium chloride condensation of the reactant in the presence of cyanide, which forms an alpha-aminonitrile.

ANSWER: Strecker amino acid synthesis

[10] Because proline contains a secondary amine group, it is also known as this type of acid. The namesake group is C double-bond NH.

ANSWER: imino
17. Answer some questions about an event in North American history FTPE.

[10] General Winfield Scott was quickly sent into action after this brouhaha’s namesake ship was set on fire and sent to plummet over Niagara Falls leaving one American dead.

ANSWER: the Caroline affair

[10] This radical Canadian leader of the Reform party led the men that were responsible for the Caroline affair.

ANSWER: William Lyon Mackenzie

[10] This was Van Buren’s Secretary of State, who was put in charge of dealing with the Caroline affair without starting a war.

ANSWER: John Forsyth
18. Name each of the following aspects of the anatomy of the human hand FTP.

[10] This set of eight bones consists of the scaphoid, lunate, triquestrum, pisiform, trapezium, trapezoid, capitate, and hamate bones. They comprise the wrist.

ANSWER: the carpals

[10] The bases of these five bones articulate with the carpals. These are, in turn, distal to the phalanges.

ANSWER: the metacarpals

[10] This group of seven intrinsic muscles is named for its location, between the bones of the metacarpals.

ANSWER: the interosseus muscles
19. Identify the following works by Stravinsky FTPE.

[10] Stravinsky’s 1938 Concerto in E flat major is known by this nickname which identifies the Bliss family mansion, a Washington, D.C. landmark.

ANSWER: Concerto for chamber orchestra in E flat major ("Dumbarton Oaks")

[10] Crafted around numerous pieces by Pergolesi, this work, named for a commedia dell’arte character, was composed for Diaghilev in 1920.

ANSWER: Pulcinella, ballet with song in 1 act, for 3 vocal soloists & orchestra

[10] The earliest of Stravinsky’s triumphs, this ballet follows the heroic Prince Ivan, who enlists the magical title animal to help to defeat the evil magician Kastchei.

ANSWER: L'oiseau de feu (The Firebird), ballet in 2 scenes for orchestra (accept either underlined part)
20. Answer the following about a certain Supreme Court case FTPE.

[10] In this 1962 case, the majority declared that the redistricting of Tennessee to insure that “one man” get “one vote” was a viable justiciable issue.

ANSWER: Baker v. Carr

[10] This native New Yorker, a liberal advocate of judicial restraint, wrote the dissent in Baker v. Carr and argued that this was a legislative question, not one for the judiciary.

ANSWER: Felix Frankfurter

[10] The precedent set by this 1960 case, that looked at reapportionment in Alabama and declared its voting districts unconstitutional, set the stage for the decision in Baker v. Carr.

ANSWER: Gomillion v. Lightfoot
21. Answer the following about some islands FTPE.

[10] Known as the “hawk” or “blue” islands in Portugese, Sao Miguel is the largest of the nine land masses.

ANSWER: the Azores

[10] Noted for the abundance of seaweed in its waters, this part of the Atlantic Ocean lies roughly between the Azores and the West Indies in the horse latitudes.

ANSWER: the Sargasso Sea

[10] This largest city on Sao Miguel serves as the administrative capital of the island.

ANSWER: Ponta Delgada
22. Answer the following questions about a Russian author FTPE.

[10] His memoir, A Precocious Autobiography, was published in France without obtaining permission. Other works include the play Under the Skin of the Statue of Liberty and the novel Wild Berries.

ANSWER: Yevgeny Yevtushenko

[10] Yevtushenko may be best known for this short poem about the tragic events at a namesake Ukrainian ravine.

ANSWER: “Babi Yar

[10] This work, Yevtushenko’s first important poem, depicts a young man growing up in the namesake location and reflecting on where the rails will take him.

ANSWER: “Zima Junction
23. Answer the following random questions about psychiatry FTPE.

[10] This Frenchman’s first book, based on his studies at the Salpetriere, was translated into English in 1806 as Treatise on Insanity.

ANSWER: Phillipe Pinel

[10] This German introduced his concept of “dementia praecox,” the diagnostic antecedent of schizophrenia, in his Handbook of Psychiatry in 1893.

ANSWER: Emil Kraeplin

[10] In the U.S., the standard system of psychiatric diagnoses is given by this publication, which is currently in its fourth incarnation and divides orders into five axes.

ANSWER: Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

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