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Access to the World and Its Languages

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U.S. Department of Education

International Education Programs Service

Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program
Access to the World and Its Languages
The mission of the International Education Programs Service (IEPS) is to meet the national needs for expertise and competence in foreign languages and area or international studies. IEPS administers 14 international education programs. These programs are complementary in nature and designed to benefit a variety of audiences through training programs, research, start-up or enhancement projects, and fellowships.
Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program

This program provides funds to institutions of higher education, a consortia of such institutions, or partnerships between nonprofit organizations and institutions of higher education to plan, develop, and implement programs that strengthen and improve undergraduate instruction in international studies and foreign languages.

Eligible Activities

The primary role of each program assisted with federal funds is to enhance the international academic program of the institution. Eligible activities may include but are not limited to the following:

• Development of an interdisciplinary global or international studies program.

• Development of a program that focuses on issues or topics such as global migration or international health.

• Development of an area studies program and its languages.

• Creation of innovative curricula that combine the teaching of international studies with professional and pre-professional studies such as engineering.

• Research for and development of specialized teaching materials, including language materials (e.g., business French).

• Establishment of internship opportunities for faculty or students in domestic and overseas settings.

• Development of study-abroad programs.
Eligible Applicants

Institutions of higher education and nonprofit organizations, including professional and scholarly associations, are eligible to apply for grants under the Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program.

Allocation of Funds

Institutions of higher education may use federal funds in accordance with program requirements to revise and update curricula and develop additional faculty expertise. Specific allowable costs include salaries, acquisition costs for library or teaching materials, staff travel, and professional service costs for consultants and guest lecturers. Funds may be used for overseas travel if tied primarily to the curricular responsibilities of faculty involved in the program.

Duration of the Grant

Grant awards are normally made for projects extending over a period of two years. Organizations, associations, and institutional consortia are eligible for three years of support. Applicants for multi-year funding must provide a plan of operation and budget for each year for which support is requested. Continuation of an award is subject to a satisfactory performance level and the availability of funds. Programs are carried on primarily within the United States.

For More Information

Institutions should e-mail questions to or visit the IEPS Web site at for more information, including: application deadline, application package, technical assistance, workshop and meeting schedules, and program statute and regulations.

About IEPS Domestic Programs

Under Title VI of the Higher Education Act, IEPS administers 10 domestic programs that provide a variety of grants to institutions of higher education, nonprofit organizations, and individuals for projects in foreign languages, area or international studies, and international business.

These include:
• American Overseas Research Centers

  • Business and International Education

  • Centers for International Business Education

  • Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships

  • Institute for International Public Policy

  • International Research and Studies

  • Language Resource Centers

  • National Resource Centers

• Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access

• Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program

If you would like more information about the domestic international education programs, please visit the IEPS Web site at

Here’s what participants in the Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language Program (USIFL) have to say about their experiences in the program:

“The UISFL program has been the most amazingly productive boon to the building up of our programs in Asian Studies at Florida International University (FIU) and throughout South Florida; it has provided a remarkably diverse array of curriculum enhancement and faculty development opportunities in language instruction and area studies along with a dynamic series of workshops, lectures, performances, festivals, exhibits and outreach activities. These activities have created high visibility and academic excellence, resulting in a dramatic increase in student interest and faculty involvement in all phases.”

Steven Heine, Florida International University

“The whole world attends Montgomery College. Its student body includes people from more than 160 nations. Therefore, the topic ‘world migration’ (the focus of the faculty development activities of its UISFL grant) is not only relevant but essential. The resulting new and revised courses that include aspects of migration study enable immigrant and international students to place their experiences in context and allow others to understand their own place in a world where people are on the move.”

Gail Forman, Montgomery College (Maryland)
“The UISFL grant facilitated the integration of language instruction and professional education at St. Mary’s University, thus helping us prepare our students for living and working in an increasingly interdependent world. More importantly, the grant made it possible for a number of our students to become trilingual (Portuguese-Spanish-English) and thus shatter the stereotype of the monolingual American.”

Zaida Martinez, St.Mary’s University (Texas)

U.S. Department of Education

Office of Postsecondary Education

International Education Programs Service

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