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Academic Positions 2000-pres. Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Jesus College Oxford

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Armand D’Angour ARCM, MA (Oxon.), PhD (Lond.)

Lecturer in Classics (CUF), Oxford University

Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Jesus College

Turl Street, Oxford OX1 3DW

Tel: 01865 279683



Academic Positions

2000-pres. Fellow and Tutor in Classics, Jesus College Oxford.

1999-2000 Lecturer in Classics, Oriel College Oxford.

1995-1999 Postgraduate Lecturer in Greek, Dept of Classics, UCL.

Education, Careers, and Qualifications

1994-1998 University College London: Ph.D. Classics.

1986-1994 Tin Box International Limited.

1983-1986 Cellist (solo, chamber music, orchestral).

1979-1983 Merton College Oxford: B.A. Hons., Lit. Hum. (Double 1st).

1976-1979 Royal College of Music, Performers’ Course, cello and piano: ARCM.

1971-1976 Eton College: King’s Scholar, Newcastle Scholar.

Academic Awards & Distinctions

2013 British Academy Mid-Career Fellowship.

1998 Interdisciplinary Fellowship (Classics and Psychology), University College London.

1997 Grote Ancient History Essay Prize, University of London.

1994 British Academy 3-year Doctoral Fellowship.

1981 Gaisford Prize; Hertford and 1st De Paravicini; Ireland and1st Craven Prize.

1980 Chancellor’s Latin Verse Prize; Second de Paravicini Prize; Second Craven Prize.

1979 Postmastership, Merton College Oxford.

1975 Newcastle Scholarship, Eton College.


The Greeks and the New: Novelty in ancient Greek imagination and experience (CUP 2011).

Eureka: Lessons for innovation and creativity from the ancient Greeks (Princeton, in prep).
articles and chapters

‘Between Scylla and Charybdis: text and conjecture in Greek lyric commentary’. In Commentaries eds. C. S. Kraus and C. Stray (Oxford, forthcoming).

‘Euripides and the Sound of Music’. In The Blackwell Companion to Euripides, ed. R. Mitchell-Boyask (Oxford, forthcoming).

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‘Horace’s Victory Odes’ in Receiving the Komos: Ancient and modern receptions of the Victory Ode, eds. P. Agocs, C. Carey, and R. Rawles (London 2012).

‘Pindar at the Olympics: the Limits of Revivalism’. In Thinking the Olympics, eds. B. Goff and M. Simpson (London 2011).

Arma si magni celebras Maronis’: Centenary Ode (Horatian) for the Roman Society. JRS 100 (2010).

‘Language and Metre’. In Language and History vol. 52 no.1 (2009).

‘The Sound of Music: modulations and innovations in drama and dithyramb’. In R. Osborne, ed. Debating the Athenian Cultural Revolution (Cambridge 2007).

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‘How the dithyramb got its shape’. Classical Quarterly 47 no.1 (1997) 331-51.

Chancellor’s Prize Verses in Camenae Mertonenses (Oxford 1985).


Balmer, J. Classical Women Poets (BMCR, Jan. 1997).

Boardman, J. The Archaeology of Nostalgia (TLS, Apr. 2003).

Hamilton, J.T. Soliciting Darkness: Pindar, Obscurity, and the Classical Tradition (TLS 28/1/2005).

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Wills, L.M. The Jewish Novel in the Ancient World (Scholia, n.s. 6, 1997).

Sundry Publications

Ode for the London Olympics 2012.

‘Pindar at the Olympics’. Omnibus 63 (2012).

Otium Didascali: what a Classics tutor does for fun’. Jesus Record (2008).

‘Playing the lyre in ancient Greece’. Iris magazine (Spring 2007).

‘Ovid’s Amores 1.5 in English’. CA News (July 2003).
Papers delivered


BBC broadcasts and TED Oxbridge 2012: see

‘The sounds of Latin’: conference at Jesus College Oxford, Nov 2012.

‘Commenting on Greek Lyric’. Commentaries Conference, Corpus Christi Ox., Nov. 2012.

‘Love poetry from Greece and Rome’. Bryanston Summer School, Aug. 2012.

‘Musical sounds in ancient Greece’. Music and Philosophy Conf., Kings London, Jul. 2012.

‘Completing Sappho’. APGRD conference, Oxford. July 2012.

‘Music at the Games’. Keynote, Athletic Foundations Conference, OU London. June 2012.

‘Odes for the Olympic Games’. Poet in the City, British Library, London. May 2012.

‘The Ancient Olympics’. Rotary Club of Dover, May 2012.

‘Poetry and the Olympics’. Goldsmiths College London, Mar. 2012.

‘Innovation and the Classics’. Skoll Foundation Forum, Oxford, Mar. 2012.

‘Metre and music’. Westminster School, Mar. 2012.

‘Sappho and Catullus’. Bristol Classical Association, Mar 2012.

George Tait Memorial Lectures, Eton College, Mar. 2012.

‘Reconstructing Sappho’. CA Southampton Branch, Feb 2012.


‘Listening to Greek Music’. CA Conference, Durham 2011.

‘Epigrammatic Delights’. CA Conference, Glasgow 2009.

‘Athens 2004: Pindaric Contestations’. Keynote, ‘Thinking the Olympics’ Conf. London (Sept. 2008).

‘Pindar at the Olympics’. CA Conference, Liverpool 2008.

‘Reconstructing Catullan Otium’. CA Conference, Birmingham 2007.

‘Horace’s Victory Odes’. Conference on the Victory Ode, UCL (July 2006).

‘The Codes of Horace’. Address to the Horatian Society, Lincolns Inn (July 2006).

‘The transformations of Kaineus’. CA Conference, Newcastle 2006.

‘Classical Fragments: the cutting edge’. Oxford University Society, Wales (Jan 2006).

‘Psychology and Innovation: Classical perspectives’. With Dr. K.Ciclitira (Middx University) at International Association for Theoretical Psychology, Cape Town SA (June 2005).

‘Catullus and Sappho: a joint reconstruction.’ CA Conference, Reading 2005.

‘Inheriting Knowledge’. Keynote presentation, Oxbridge Graduate Conf., CCC (Nov 2004).

Pindaric Ode to Athens. International Olympic Committee, Athens (29 Aug 2004).

‘The Music of Dithyrambs Old and New’. New College Oxford, ‘Dithyramb’ Conf. (Jul 2004).

‘The Sound of Music: innovations in drama and dithyramb’. Kings Cambridge (Jul 2004).

‘The Psychology of Innovation: a Classical Perspective’. With K. Ciclitira. BPS Conf. (Apr 2004)

‘Manufacturing Innovation in Aristophanes’ Athens.’ CA Conference, Leeds 2004.

‘Euripides and the Sound of Music’. Glasgow University Classical Seminar ( Feb 2004).
Papers delivered 1997-2004

‘Catullan Determinations’. Oxford Philological Society (Nov 2003).

‘Innovation from a Classical Perspective’. Conference, Said Business School, Oxford (Oct 2003).

‘Plato’s Symposium: the Teaching of Love’. Forum for Eur. Philosophy, London (May 2003).

‘The Greek agôn: no place for losers?’ CA Conference, Warwick 2003.

The Archaic as a container for innovation: Greek mousikê’. ‘The Archaic’, Como, Italy (Jul 2003).

‘Rethinking the 5th-century musical revolution’. Classics Seminar ‘Revolutions’, JES (Jan 2003).

‘Catullan Fireworks’. Radley College Classics Society (5 Nov 2002).

‘Catullus, Ovid, and the lighter side of love’. Oxford Area CA, STA (Jun 2002).

‘The New Music: so what’s new?’ King’s Cambridge ‘Rethinking Revolutions’ (Jul 2002).

‘Innovation: some classical principles’. INSEAD (Nov. 2001/2002), LBS (Dec 2001).

‘What’s new in history? Postmodernism and ancient Athens.’ CA Conference, Bristol 2000.

‘Greek metre and meaning: dactylic perversions’. Subfaculty Seminar (BNC, Mar 2000).

‘Comic money: Aristophanes and Wealth’. Money in Ancient Greece, Univ. of Exeter (Jul 1999).

‘Ancient aeronautics: fantasies of flight’. CA Conference, Liverpool 1999.

Plato, paideia and politics’. ICS Ancient History Seminar (Oct 1998).

‘Pythagorean phonology and the Archinus decree’. CA Conference, Lampeter 1998.

‘Pindar and the dithyramb’. CA Conference, Royal Holloway Coll 1997; CCC Seminar (Oct 1997).

‘Psychoanalysis and social change’. UCL Interdisciplinary Seminar (Mar 1997).

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