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A patients Participation Group (ppg) – call for members

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Newsletter 7




A Patients Participation Group (PPG) – call for members

This is the seventh Newsletter produced by the Lawson Practice Patients Participation Group that was formed in 2008. There has been a lull in producing newsletters, especially during the building of the extension to the practice. The PPG meets monthly to exchange and discuss views about the services provided in the Lawson Practice, to develop projects to support the patient community and to follow and understand the changes taking place in our healthcare system. Dr Jonathon Tomlinson, a Lawson Practice partner and Lauren Stephenson, the Practice Manager, meet with a diverse group of patients from the Lawson Practice who represent a mix of gender, ethnic groups and age groups – and between them have experienced most of the services offered by the practice.

(images from the National Association for Patient Participation)
We would welcome additional members to join our group, especially patients with young families and those who can represent the ethnic diversity of the Practice population. If you are interested, there are a number of ways of getting in contact with us.

The best way to start is to look at The Lawson Practice website (the link to the homepage shown here is There you will find lots of general information about the practice and its services.

If you look in the bottom right corner of the page you can click on the national flags and then select a language for the web page to be translated (by Google translate – it makes a reasonable job of the task).
Then if you look at the right column on the web page and click on Patient Participation Group you will be taken to a new section where we are building up information about the PPG. Here you can also download a file to fill in to show your interest in joining the PPG.

Very soon (see below) the Patient Information Centre will be open for business, so if you don’t have access to a computer at home we hope you will soon also be able to visit the Lawson Practice to see the web site and other useful healthcare sites. Finally, if you prefer you can leave a handwritten note marked ‘for the Patient Participation Group’ at the Practice reception, or contact the Group on or Dr Tomlinson ( ) at the Practice.

We look forward to hearing from you!


iagram taken from ‘Growing patient participation’, which can be found at

The Patient Information Centre (PIC) will launch at the end of February

Just as the building of the extension began, we won an award from the Royal Society of General Practitioners (RCGP) to develop a ‘Patient Information Centre’. Now the extension to the practice is completed, the PIC will become available in its own room in the original practice building in February 2013. We are having discussions with Lawson Practice patients and staff and local community groups, (that represent English, Turkish, Kurdish, Bengali and Vietnamese communities) to see just what facilities and types of information are wanted by the Lawson Practice patients. We will be building up a range of information as we progress with the service.
It is envisaged that the Patient Information Centre will offer:

  • A wide range of information leaflets from a variety of NHS, charity and advice centres

  • Access to DVDs, computer based information services and controlled access to selected healthcare websites

  • A variety of events and presentations

  • Outreach events that include ‘MOT health check’ presentations and discussions

  • An Expert Patient Programme of events.

We are very keen to get ideas and input from all patients, so please leave us a note at the Reception, marked for the Patient Participation Group (PPG) or email if you have any suggestions. We plan to have a series of events once the Patient Information Centre is open – so look out for the leaflets in the Reception.

The staff

We have done a short introduction to some of the staff in each previous Newsletter. There have been quite a few changes and increases in staff since we last produced a Newsletter, so this edition features all the staff. The Lawson Practice has over 12,000 registered patients and has an annual turnover of about 3,000. To manage, organize and run this partnership requires a range of staff, including doctors, nurses, reception staff and administrative staff – over 30 staff in total.

he GPs – the partners

From top left to right: Dr Deborah Colvin, Senior Partner; Dr Mekonen Semere; Dr Kirsten Brown;

Dr Jonathon Tomlinson; Dr Jonathan Gore; Dr Jane Wilkinson


alaried GPs Trainee GPs (Registrars)

From left to right: Dr Emily Attree; Dr Charlotte Morgan; Dr Alice Lau; Dr Heather Pyne; Dr Jennifer Byford; Dr David Bruce
The Nurse Practitioners, Nurse and Heath Care assistants

From left to right:

Nurse Practitioners Pam Sinclair and Barbara Curran; Nurse Cerys Lillywhite;

Health Care Assistants Melanie Hayes and Bozhana Vasileva


he Reception staff

From left to right: Donna, Reception Leader; Jushna; Mumtaz; Georgie; Jane;

Below: Christine; Sarah-Jane

Lauren Stephenson, The Practice Manager;

The Administration Team, Left to right:

Alex McCourt; Jo’Anne Young; Bonnie Smith;

Chris Swash; Chris Cox; Maria Gordon; Toby Avis

Finding our more about your medical condition

There are a number of websites that provide good unbiased information, presented in an informative, understandable way. You should try: This has lots of information leaflets available, drugs information and a good index pointing at other websites where you can find videos on specific topics. Another very good website can be found at: This charity web site focuses on real people’s stories and presents videos recorded on a wide range of topics from the menopause to pregnancy, heart disease, cancer, mental health and much more. It allows us all to benefit from other patients experiences. These web sites and many more will be available soon in the Patient Information Centre!

The following people are members of the L3PG:

Dr Jonathon Tomlinson (GP Practice Partner), Lauren Stephenson (Practice Manager), Kim Cole, Anthony Newell, Roger Clarke, Christine Russell, Nusret Sen, Stewart Harvey-Wilson, Gerry Beggs, Jen Gibson, Shelly Gibson, Soraya Bowen, Roger Till (Newsletter producer).

Newsletter 7, page L3PG -The Lawson Practice Patient Participation Group February 2013

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