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A movie as expertly made as this, and as tender and subtly beautiful as this, deserves to be seen

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A movie as expertly made as this, and as tender and subtly beautiful as this, deserves to be seen. This sweet, surprising story about romance between senior citizens is uncommonly lovely.  Martin Landau gives a genuinely heart-wrenching performance.” -  Cinematical
“Beautiful film.  The chemistry between the two of them is so beautiful and the astonishing poignancy of the final scene is applause-worthy in and of itself.  One of the great pleasures of Lovely, Still is the mere sight of Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn on screen together and watching them blossom into true love in their twilight years.” – efilmcritic
Lovely, Still is anchored by Landau's absolutely spellbinding and unexpectedly layered performance.” – Reel Film Reviews
"A miracle of a movie. Beautiful, full of love and life. One of the most deeply felt love stories ever put on film, with a searing twist that takes us into the realm of intense heartbreak. Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn jump into the Oscar race with their superb performances, and director Nik Fackler makes an extraordinary debut. The chemistry between Burstyn and Landau is remarkable... The story veers off in an entirely different direction than the audience expects, which only adds to the stunning impact of both their performances and the picture itself." - John Foote,
"The first "wow, didn't see that coming" for me is Nik Fackler's Lovely, Still. Two home-run performances by Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn. Given the Academy composition and the very real love of these two actors, don't be shocked to hear the awards buzz around this one all season."

- David Poland,The Hot Blog

"Masterfully told with a lot of supporting and surprising elements that added a real class to the film." - Elliot Kotek, Moving Pictures Magazine
"Very touching performances from the leads and a story with a brilliant twist."

– Daily Mail

"Refreshing" – CBS Radio
"I thought it was very sweet and very moving."

- Eugene Hernandez /

"I loved the twist.  It was full of really wonderful performances."

  • Scott Feinberg / And the Winner Is

“A truly magical experience of cinema brilliance. This is Writer/Director, Nicholas Fackler's debut film and I don't think he could of written and directed a better movie that will have you not only falling in love all over again watching this couple but it will have you at times laughing and at other times shedding a tear or two.  The cast is remarkable, Ellen Burstyn is as terrific as always as Mary and Martin Landau's role as Robert is beyond words, he captivates the audience with the role of his career.  I rediscovered in 92 minutes the reason I fell in love with movies in the first place.  I can't recommend this film enough, moving, lovely and captivating, Lovely, Still is all that and more.  One of the best cinematic experiences you could have, just do not miss out seeing it.” - VideoViews
”An impressive debut from Nik Fackler, featuring beautiful performances from Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn, who head a dream cast rounded out by the always excellent Adam Scott and Elizabeth Banks.” - Jenelle Riley, Back Stage
"Martin Landau gives an Oscar-worthy performance that is compelling!”

– Beyond50Radio

“3 Stars.  It has good intentions, resonance, insight and wonderful performances by two Oscar-winning cornerstones. It’s a thrill to watch a pair of old pros rise to their full potential.  Worth seeing for its two dazzling centerpieces.” – Rex Reed, The New York Observer

Lovely, Still is a haunting duet for two great actors who haven’t lost a step and have gained the most exquisite lyricism.” – New York Magazine

“4 Stars.  Lovely, Still is a touching, funny, heartbreaking movie. A beautiful movie that celebrates eternal love, life and, ultimately, marriage. The acting is superb. The two leads give Oscar-worthy performances.  It’s one of the best, most poignant and most entertaining dramas of the year.” –
“5 Stars.  Astonishing… Lovely, Still is a story that both touches your heart and tickles your funny bone, while also reminding us of what is most important in life: a poignant look at love.  Martin Landau delivers another Oscar caliber performance.” – Tonight at the

“I really liked it. I was surprised because it wasn't something I would normally enjoy, but I loved the ending and the overall vibe of the film.” –
“It was a poignant, sweet, and heartfelt love story. It’s another Oscar opportunity for Landau and Burstyn.” –
“What can I say except, it is absolutely lovely. This is such a beautiful film.  Tender, serene and beautiful both visually and emotionally.” – Culver City Observer
“The acting is great.” – Village Voice
“Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn star in a touching December-December romance, artfully directed” – LA TIMES
“3 1/2 Stars.  Fantastic performances from Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn”

  • Arizona Republic

“4 Stars. Magical.  This year there is no more romantic sight at the movies than Landau and Burstyn, glorious and gray, dancing in the snow. Fackler’s vision is rich and full, a wondrous world swirling with love and loss, discovery and terror.” – AARP The Magazine

“A small little gem… features brilliant performances from Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn. They both deserve awards recognition.” –
“4 Stars... tender… the kind of movie that's easy to overlook in the mad rush of fall film releases. Once seen, it's also hard to forget.”

  • The Dallas Morning News

Lovely, Still is a truly beautiful little gem. A film that will touch the heart of everyone smart enough to seek it out.” -

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