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A brief introduction to the Lóczy Lajos grammar school

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A brief introduction to the Lóczy Lajos grammar school

Our secondary grammar school was founded in 1955 and in the next school year it was named after Lajos Lóczy (1849-1920), who was a geologist and geographer. It was his expedition in China between 1877 and 1880 and his monography written about his great collection there that has made him well known in he world. His life was closely connected to lake Balaton. His research in the Balaton region, which was published in 32 volumes, is outstanding in his scientific research. His spent the last period of his life in Balatonfüred and he was also buried here.

The present building has been home for the school since 1964. In its training system there is an emphasis on foreign language teaching. The booming tourism near the lake also made it necessary. The school was enlarged in September 1998 as the dual language training (English and German) in tourism was launched. Beside the language training there is also an emphasis on information technology and science. There is a choir and a theatre group in the school so our students often take part in city festivals and competitions.

In accordance with the Hungarian education system, we have got students from the year 9 to 13 with 3 classes in each year. In the present schoolyear we have got 465 students.

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