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288-member Cornhusker Marching Band makes 2010 debut Sept. 4, Page 2

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288-member Cornhusker Marching Band makes 2010 debut Sept. 4, Page 2

The Marching Red has been seen by millions of viewers on television including in 2005, when the band was featured on the NBC prime-time series, "Tommy Lee Goes to College," and in 2007 on ABC's "Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition." The band was the first collegiate ensemble to perform at all the major football bowl games (Rose, Orange, Fiesta, Sugar and Cotton).

A list of band members by state and hometown follows. Information includes year in school, academic major and role in the band


Alliance: Matthew Dimmitt, senior, economics, baritone; Amy Rischling, senior, music education, drum major.

Ashton: Jordan Kuszak, junior, secondary education-English, trumpet.

Aurora: Alexandria Cerveny, freshman, business administration, flag.

Bayard: Michael Coolidge, freshman, undeclared, alto saxophone.

Beatrice: Keygan Boesiger, junior, music education/composition, percussion; Jeffrey Cass, junior, undeclared, trumpet; Taylor Cossel, freshman, undeclared, percussion; Amber Detter, sophomore, undeclared, flag; Carrie Niemeier, freshman, music education, trumpet.

Bellevue: Ashley Bigge, freshman, veterinary science, clarinet; Daniel Holtmeyer, junior, psychology and journalism, trombone; Ben Hutchinson, freshman, music, percussion; Rick Loftis, junior, nutrition, exercise and health science, trombone; Remy Pepper, freshman, music education, alto saxophone; Emily Snell, freshman, chemistry, baritone; David Schaefer, sophomore, music education, trumpet.

Bennet: Angela Schroder, senior, flute performance and Spanish, piccolo.

Broken Bow: Matthew Karges, freshman, mechanical engineering, trombone.

Columbus: Landon Barada, senior, music education, trumpet; David Foote, senior, physics and mathematics, percussion; Jacob Reisdorff, senior, computer engineering, percussion; Sharla Schreiber, junior, pre-dentistry, flag; Ariel Widhalm, sophomore, psychology, alto saxophone.

Cook: Laura Purcell, senior, biochemistry, trumpet.

Cortland: Melanie Severin, senior, advertising and fine arts, flag.

David City: Philip Palomaki, freshman, undeclared, trumpet.


288-member Cornhusker Marching Band makes 2010 debut Sept. 4, Page 3

NEBRASKA, continued

Eagle: Elizabeth Porath, senior, accounting, alto saxophone; Jacob Royal, junior, landscape and turf management, tenor saxophone; Jennifer Smith, freshman, music education, alto saxophone; Zachary Tegler, freshman, news and editorial, trombone.

Elkhorn: Daniel Blaker, freshman, business administration, trumpet; Casey Cain, graduate, secondary education in mathematics, horn; Daniel Clough, junior, management, baritone; Allison Drain, sophomore, chemical engineering, horn; Bethany Drain, sophomore, mechanical engineering, horn; Caroline Haase, sophomore, animal science, horn; Hannah Hummel, sophomore, fisheries and wildlife, percussion; Hannah Johnson, freshman, undeclared, tenor saxophone; Andrew Nelson, sophomore, psychology, trumpet; Kaila Shirey, junior, advertising, flag; Megan Tunink, freshman, biological systems engineering, horn.

Falls City: Clinton Bartek, freshman, business administration, tuba; William Neubauer, freshman, music education, trombone.

Fremont: Spencer Brown, sophomore, food science and technology, trumpet; Allison Hanen, sophomore, speech-language pathology, alto saxophone; Nicole Rezac, junior, elementary education, trumpet; Jeremiah Steager, freshman, undeclared, tuba; James Watson, junior, biochemistry, percussion.

Geneva: Caroline Ochsner, senior, merchandising, flag.

Goehner: Nathan Walden, junior, business administration, trumpet.

Grand Island: Lucas Elsbernd, freshman, PGA golf management, percussion; Micah Hesterman, senior, music education, trombone; Nathan Myers, senior, accounting, finance and international business, percussion; Kevin Palu, freshman, music education, trumpet; Jordan Rhodes, senior, secondary education-natural sciences, trumpet; Gary Shuda, junior, music education, percussion.

Gretna: Kevin Cooley, freshman, music education, trombone.

Hastings: Danielle DeTour, sophomore, psychology, clarinet; Amy Pettit, freshman, art, piccolo.

Kearney: Ashley Kuebler, senior. chemistry/pre-medicine, piccolo.

La Vista: Rebecca Pieti, junior, music education, baritone.

Lexington: Phoebe Gydesen, freshman, pre-law, alto saxophone.


288-member Cornhusker Marching Band makes 2010 debut Sept. 4, Page 4

NEBRASKA, continued

Lincoln (A-L): Erica Ahlschwede, junior, chemical engineering, horn; Marae Andersen, freshman, pre-radiation science technology, flag; Megan Andersen, junior, business administration, flag; Sarah Anthony, junior, music, piccolo; Erica Bischoff, senior, business administration, trombone; Matthew Boring, senior, music, trumpet; Scott Brugman, senior, business administrations, tuba; Marilyn Buresh, sophomore, business administration, percussion; Logan Burke, freshman, biochemistry, percussion; Katherine Byers, sophomore, biological sciences, flag; Rebecca Carr, freshman, advertising, piccolo; Kyle Carson, sophomore, computer science, trumpet; Kyle Cartwright, sophomore, music education, tenor saxophone; Stephen Cassada, senior, advertising, tuba; Laura Clark, sophomore , music education, clarinet; Karen Clinch, senior, secondary education-mathematics, flag; Mandi Conway, junior, environmental restoration science, percussion; Bryce Cooper, freshman, electrical engineering, trumpet; Travis Crow, junior, undeclared, percussion; Karl Dietrich, junior, natural resource and environmental economics, alto saxophone; Nick Doty, sophomore, biomedical engineering, tenor saxophone; Bryan Dulaney, freshman, history, trumpet; Amy Duncan, junior, elementary education, clarinet; Michelle Durham, sophomore, broadcasting, flag; Matthew Dussault, junior, undeclared, trombone; Jordan Ehly, senior, computer science, trumpet; Alex Fall, junior, music education, alto saxophone; Anna Fangmeier, freshman, music, tenor saxophone; Hayden Florom, freshman, music, percussion; Mike Foley, freshman, music education, tenor saxophone; David Freese, senior, electrical engineering, trombone; Joseph Ghormley, senior, music performance, trombone; Tara Gonser, sophomore, elementary education, flag; Sean Grosshans, sophomore, English/theatre education, tuba; Emily Hartman, sophomore, animal science, trumpet; Eric Hartwell, junior, mechanical engineering, tuba; Abigail Heiser, senior, art, flag; Hannah Heiser, junior, undeclared, flag; Meghan Henderson, junior, music education, trumpet; Heather Hottovy, junior, fisheries and wildlife, alto saxophone; Shaina Humann, senior, history and economics, clarinet; Derek Hupp, sophomore, Spanish and pre-medicine, alto saxophone; Danielle Kempkes, junior, psychology, piccolo; Amber Knight, senior, music education, piccolo; Tommy Krueger, junior, music education, trumpet; Bryan Kubitschek, freshman, undeclared, horn; Paul Kubitschek, freshman, computer engineering, trombone; Hannah Lambert, sophomore, music education, trombone; Meredith Lee, freshman, music, horn; Jason Lenz, junior, music education, tuba; Meghan Leonard, junior, psychology and advertising, trumpet; Ashley Lott, sophomore, undeclared, tuba.


288-member Cornhusker Marching Band makes 2010 debut Sept. 4, Page 5

NEBRASKA, continued

Lincoln (M-Z): Taylor Mack, sophomore, pre-pharmacy, trombone; Ali Malik, junior, biochemistry, horn; Eric Marrow, freshman, undeclared, horn; Jani Martinez, freshman, political science, alto saxophone; Sadie Massey, senior, elementary education, piccolo; Christina Masters, senior, advertising and art, flag; Kealey McManus, junior, accounting, clarinet; Anne Merchant, freshman, pre-nursing, piccolo; Nick Meysenburg, freshman, veterinary science, alto saxophone; Steve Montgomery, sophomore, trumpet; Kathryn Moore, sophomore, fisheries and wildlife, piccolo; Kayla Moore, senior, business administration, clarinet; Emily Morlok, senior, veterinary science, flag; Lyndsey Muehling, junior, biochemistry, piccolo; Thomas Mundt, junior, business administration, trombone; Andrew Nguyen, junior, biochemistry, trombone; Tony Nguyen, senior, art-graphic design, alto saxophone; Cassandra Olson, senior, psychology, alto saxophone; Ethan Parks, sophomore, film and new media, tuba; Brittany Paul, freshman, biological sciences, clarinet; Julia Peterson, freshman, psychology, horn; Rachel Pieloch, freshman, pre-elementary education, trumpet; Hanna Pinneo, sophomore, hospitality, restaurant and tourism management, trumpet; Carl Post, freshman, biochemistry, percussion; Nick Powers, senior, finance, percussion; Tyler Randazzo, sophomore, social science education, baritone; Lindy Rauscher, junior, environmental restoration science, percussion; Nicole Retzlaff, sophomore, English, trombone; Austin Riffle, freshman, music, percussion; Baileigh Rodgers, junior, Spanish, clarinet; Taylor Rosenbaum, freshman, pre-criminology and criminal science, alto saxophone; Bailey Ryan, sophomore, business administration, percussion; Adam Salistean, freshman, business administration, trombone; Erika Scholz, junior, psychology, alto saxophone; Matthew Shea, senior, chemical engineering, clarinet; Madeline Shomos, freshman, English, tenor saxophone; Jeremiah Sievers, sophomore, psychology, alto saxophone; Ben Spencer, senior, psychology, tenor saxophone; Ramsey Steinkamp, sophomore, undeclared, tuba; Taylor Stelk, junior, food science and technology, trumpet; Christopher Stepanek, sophomore, theatre design/technical, trumpet; Frank Stroup, freshman, music education, trumpet; Amber Swenseth, junior, business administration, trumpet; Lauren Taylor, junior, music education, clarinet; Jennifer Thorpe, senior, hearing impaired education, flag; Michaela Vestecka, senior, family and consumer science education, flag; Hendrik Viljoen, freshman, music education, tenor saxophone; Brittany Wagner, junior, secondary French education, piccolo; Kelsey Weeks, sophomore, undeclared, flag; Sara Werner, freshman, history, tenor saxophone; Heath White, senior, music education, piccolo; Brandi Zwiener, junior, English, horn.


288-member Cornhusker Marching Band makes 2010 debut Sept. 4, Page 6

NEBRASKA, continued

Louisville: Austin White, freshman, pre-engineering, trumpet.

McCool Junction: Candiace Clark, junior, pre-physical therapy, flag.

Nebraska City: Dylan Heng, sophomore, PGA golf management, alto saxophone; Justin Potte, senior, music education, drum major.

North Platte: Shane Williams, junior, forensic science, trombone.

Ogallala: Jennifer Bass, senior, business managment, flag; Aaron Finkey, graduate, mechanical engineering, trumpet; Jakeb Geisert, freshman, pre-architecture, trumpet.

Omaha: Joseph Albright, senior, music education, tuba; Joshua Albright, freshman, business administration, percussion; Rose Almgren, senior, communication studies, tenor saxophone; Laura Armitage, freshman, biological sciences, clarinet; Hannah Bailor, senior, secondary education-English, piccolo; Kristin Bainbridge, freshman, pre-speech language pathology, horn; Samuel Carey, sophomore, electrical engineering, horn; Brian Carnaby, junior, secondary education, tuba; Kylie Carnes, sophomore, elementary education, flag; Brad Christensen, freshman, mechanical engineering, trumpet; Taylor Delp, freshman, music, horn; Tianna Delp, freshman, music, tuba; Reid DeSpiegelaere, senior, English and history, tenor saxophone; Matthew DeVeney, freshman, biological systems engineering, trombone; Rachel Foehlinger sophomor, business management, twirler; Victoria Freeman, sophomore, biochemistry, trumpet; Joseph Galda, senior, theatre performance, trombone; Allison Goodman, junior, marketing, flag; Amy Grace, senior, finance and marketing, flag; Kevin Halvorson, sophomore, psychology, percussion; Michael Harper, sophomore, advertising, tuba; Brett Hessel, freshman, undeclared, clarinet; Sean James, freshman, pre-criminology and criminal science, trumpet; Andrew Kroeger, junior, dietetics, trombone; Andy Krueger, junior, computer science, piccolo; Sean Kurfman, freshman, music education, baritone; Chelsea Lopez, senior, secondary science education, flag; Claire Love, sophomore, psychology, horn; Craig Mathis, senior, music education, drum major; Collin McAcy, junior, physics and mathematics, percussion; Conor McGowan, sophomore, music education, percussion; Sean Meister, senior, finance and economics, baritone; Brian Petty, junior, music education, percussion; Jessica Ritonya, junior, pre-inclusive early childhood education, trumpet; Ethan Seyl, sophomore, music education, percussion; Katherine Sorys, sophomore, pre-nursing, flag; Michael Taylor, sophomore, chemical engineering, trumpet; Katy Weak, freshman, undeclared, piccolo; Benjamin Wilson, freshman, environmental studies, trombone; Matthew McCown, junior, political science, tuba.


288-member Cornhusker Marching Band makes 2010 debut Sept. 4, Page 7

NEBRASKA, continued

O'Neill: Jason Sanderson, junior, forensic science, alto saxophone.

Orchard: Colton Hahn, junior, mechanical engineering, trombone.

Papillion: Eric Bierbrauer, sophomore, mechanical engineering, percussion; Andrew Dejka, junior, English, and classics and religious studies, trombone; Jennifer Eagin, sophomore, biological sciences, horn; Ryan Hotovy, senior, mathematics and physics, trumpet; Megan Kelly, sophomore, secondary education-mathematics, flag; Shannon McCoy, junior, business administration and political science, alto saxophone; Brent Sorensen, junior, civil engineering, trombone; Cristina Woodworth, freshman, advertising, horn.

Pawnee City: Rachel Valenziano, freshman, pre-architecture, baritone.

Pierce: Zack Bresler, junior, music education, percussion.

Plattsmouth: Jason Frye, junior, music education, baritone; Joan Halouska, senior, music and business administration, horn; Brady Swope, freshman, undeclared, trumpet.

Schuyler: Jeff Kodad, senior, secondary education, trumpet.

Seward: Elle Bourke, sophomore, elementary education, flag; Christopher Faimon, senior, food technology for companion animals, tenor saxophone; Anne Kamprath, sophomore, advertising, flag; Rachel von Kampen, sophomore, industrial engineering, trumpet.

Valparaiso: Mary Rezac, junior, secondary education-English, piccolo.

Wahoo: Kayla Coffey, freshman, undeclared, clarinet.

Walton: Nicole Stott, freshman, food science and technology, piccolo.

Waterloo: Derek Johansen, senior, civil engineering, baritone.

Wellfleet: Megan Bollish, senior, English, horn.

Winside: Sam Barg, senior, accounting, tuba.

York: Michaela Fischer, junior, biological systems engineering, piccolo.


Surprise: Tim Murphy, freshman, biological sciences, horn.


Rancho Cucamonga: Mauricio Lang, junior, economics, tuba.


288-member Cornhusker Marching Band makes 2010 debut Sept. 4, Page 8


Arvada: Lynn Thrapp, sophomore, criminal psychology, piccolo.

Castle Rock: Mark Carney, sophomore, music performance, percussion; Jordan Kranse, freshman, music education, trumpet.

Lonetree: Matt Spencer, junior, biological sciences, trombone.


Pocatello: Lisa Baker, sophomore, undeclared, trombone.


Deerfield: Nicholas Raimondi, freshman, music education, tenor saxophone.

Macomb: Blake Severs, senior, psychology, tuba.


Ankeny: Michael Rogers, freshman, music, tuba.

Carson: Ben Higgins, senior, accounting, tuba.

Council Bluffs: Brianna Myre, junior, fisheries and wildlife, clarinet; Kevin von Kampen, sophomore, music education, percussion.

Hospers: Chris Sikkema, senior, music, percussion.

Muscatine: Jenna Krueger, freshman, pre-architecture, flag.

Norwalk: Nathan Baker, freshman, industrial engineering, tenor saxophone.

Robins: Andrew Ward, freshman, broadcasting, percussion.

Sidney: Cassie Berry, sophomore, music education, alto saxophone.

Sioux City: Brian Ganzel, junior, engineering, trumpet; Kayah Gausman, sophomore, broadcasting, piccolo.

Treynor: Jason Strohbehn, senior, marketing, alto saxophone.

Urbandale: Ashley Bjurstrom, sophomore, business administration, piccolo; Casey Guillaume, junior, nutrition, health and exercise science, piccolo.

Villisca: Daniel Vanderhoof, senior, forensic science, baritone.


288-member Cornhusker Marching Band makes 2010 debut Sept. 4, Page 9


Derby: Michael Reyes, freshman, mechanical engineering, tuba.

Overland Park: Ethan Jensen, junior, business administration, tenor saxophone.

Wichita: Alyssa Spencer, senior, fisheries and wildlife, piccolo.


Marshall: Jake Schmitt, sophomore, computer engineering, percussion.


Columbia: Martha Hensel, sophomore, music education, trumpet.

Lee's Summit: Rebekah Cooper, freshman, music, trombone; Susan Cooper, junior, mathematics and physics, flag.

Nixa: Matt Jankovitz, sophomore, music education, trumpet.

Oak Grove: Kathleen Hanson, junior, anthropology, piccolo.

Platte City: Nathaniel Romey, senior, secondary special education, alto saxophone.

Sedalia: Emilee Sadler, junior, music, percussion.


Brandon: Kylee Britzman, junior, English and political science, clarinet.

Elk Point: Viktor Sundleaf, senior, music education, tuba.

Madison: Michael Lindsay, junior, music education, percussion.

Rapid City: Ryan Riss, sophomore, music, trombone.

Sioux Falls: Miranda Barr, senior, mechanical engineering, clarinet; Allison Hout, junior, history, clarinet; Katelyn O'Brien, junior, textile and apparel design, flag; Matt Olson, freshman, chemistry, alto saxophone.


McKinney: Christian Olmeda, junior, economics, trombone.

Plano: Ian Jordan, junior, marketing, alto saxophone.

Saginaw: Clancie Valverde, sophomore, music education, percussion.


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