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Keeney Update

VOL III, Number 2 Roscoe C. Keeney, Jr. March 1986

References in "2,597 KEENEY RELATIVES"
7.198 p. 44
Mr. And Mrs. Thomas Gay of Diamond will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with an open reception given by their children from 2 to 5 p.m. today in Diamond Baptist Church. She is the former Carrie White and is retired from Kanawha County Board of Education. He is retired from Union Carbide Corp. The have two children, G. Thomas of Christiansburg, Va., and Peggy Sparks of Diamond. They have four grandchildren.

7.281 p. 51

Mr. and Mrs. Earl E. Campbell of Belle will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary with an open reception given by their family from 2 to 5 p.m. Dec. 14 in the Judson Baptist Church fellowship hall. She is the former Ruth Keeney. He is retired from Dupont. They have three daughters, Marlene Whitman of Point Pleasant, Diane West of Chalfont, Pa. And Vreda Porter of Belle. The have eight grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

6.19 p. 15

Mr. & Mrs. Ernie W. Richards of Seth observed their 69th wedding anniversary Dec. 1. She is the former Mae Carr. He is retired from Pure Oil Gas Co. They are the parents of five children, Ernest and John, both of Seth, Kenneth of Racine and Ethel Foster and Eleanor Richards, both deceased. They have six grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.
EENEY, Calvin Noyes, seedsman, was born in LeRoy, N.Y., Feb.6, 1849, son of Nicholas Bishop and Mary Melinna (Ely) Keeney. His first paternal American ancestor was William Keeney, a native of England, who settled at New London, Conn., in 1640. From William and his wife, Agnes, the descent was through John and Elizabeth Latham. John and Hannah Waller, William and Lucretia Caulkins, William and Betty Mobre, and Joseph and Mary Bishop, the grandparents of Calvin N. Keeney. His father was a farmer and merchant. The son received his early education from private tutors and at public schools in Batavia and Lancaster, N.Y. He then entered the LeRoy Academic Institute. He left that institution at the close of the Civil War for the purpose of assisting his father in a produce business established by the latter in LeRoy some months earlier. In 1872 his father admitted him as a partner in the business, which then became known as N.B. Keeney & Son, and in 1905, following the death of the elder Keeney, the son became sole owner, continuing his connection with the enterprise until shortly before his own death. In 1928 N. B. Keeney & Son was merged with two other concerns in the establishment of Associated Seed Growers, Inc., which later became known as ASGROW Seed Co., New Haven, Conn. In the year prior to the consolidation the business has attained a surplus account exceeding $339,000.

This transaction marked the beginning of his experimental work in the development of a number of strains of stringless beans, most notable among them, which was later known as Burpee's Stringless Green Pod, which became one of the most popular varieties grown in the United States. To further their enterprise, the Keeneys purchased several hundred acres of Choice farmland in South Dakota during the early 1880's, later adding leased acreage in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and California on which new varieties of wax beans, stringless beans, and kidney beans were developed and grown as seed stock for the companies headed by W. Atlee and David Burpee (q.v.) and other seed distributors and canners.

Other of Keeney's business interests included the LeRoy National Bank, which he helped organize in 1902, serving as vice-president thereafter until his death, and the LeRoy Canning Co., of which he was and organizer and president. He was also a founder and vice-president of the Leroy Salt Co., which was later sold to the International Salt Co. His interests further included lumber and cotton. During 1914-1918 he advised on food relief for Europe during the First World War and served on the commission for Belgian relief. He was a member of the American Seed Trade Association, the Rochester (N.Y.) Chamber of Commerce, and the Stafford (N.Y.) Country Club. A member of the First Baptist Church, LeRoy, he was active in church affairs. At one time he donated $15,000 toward rebuilding of the church and the erection of a new Sunday School. In addition, he established a trust fund of $20,000, the income from which was to be used by the church. Politically he was a Republican. Photography was his hobby. He was married in Haverstraw, N.Y., Sept. 22. 1880, to Charlotte, daughter of Amasa Stetson Freeman of that community, a clergyman, and had two daughters, Ruth Mary and Charlotte Freeman, who married Elbert John Townsend. Calvin N. Keeney died in LeRoy, NY, Oct. 30, 1930.
Please endure some personal notes since you're getting 8 pages this time. After 28 years of teaching and professional offices both state and national, I changed professions this year, being ordained as an American Baptist minister in February and entering my first full-time assignment in November. 1 love it, but it puts a cramp in my practice of dashing from state to state on genealogical pilgrimages...the past year alone to Oregon, Kentucky, Ohio & Virginia. But the show must go on and when I can't handle it I have a host of excellent researchers in mind to take over.

This issue is larger because (A) I've waited years for promised material that hasn't come and (B) there's too much here to keep are filing folders. Meanwhile, I'm holding back a host of material you have sent me - much from New England and much that ties in the Tennessee Keeneys. They'll be printed, provided this issue is paid for - the printing is almost double and the postage in almost double. So I'm asking those who gave $2 more than two years ago to respond - not you folks who have already gone the second mile. I'm keeping the old address, to avoid confusion, but my telephone is 304-442-8285.

(From Kentucky to Kansas)

Mary Jane Keeney, b.4-8-1832 in Somerset, KY, a daughter of Henry W. Keeney (1798-1879) and Elizabeth Waddle (1801-1880) Keeney, was married September 9, 1852 to Feelden Warren (b. 9-23-1826, d.3-10-1913). After a courtship which didn't cost the groom a cent, and while the wedding was not of the procession order, it was an affair of considerable social importance, for the bride owned her feather bed, made of feathers she had picked herself, and put into a tick her own hands had spun. They rode off on horseback next day to their little one-room house on a piece of rented land, ten miles away, and their furniture consisted of the feather bed and a box for a table. They had a few hogs, raised same corn, and with the money Warren earned as a hand on a river boat, they got along and were happy. They needed a son to help the father earn the living, but instead, girl after girl came until there were 8. Then there were two boys and another girl: Kary Martha, Sarah Elizabeth, Catherine, Perlina, Ellen, Eliza Jane, Lucy, Nancy Helen, Eunice Perkins (pronounced You-ni-cy by the mother), William Franklin, Matthew and Margaret Frances.
They lived in the Atchison KS area until 1869, when they moved to Rock Castle County, where they lived 37 years. Warren taught himself to read & write and made a particular study of the Bible. He joined the Baptist church at 18, was selected clerk, then deacon, clerk of the Baptist association, and finally ordained into the ministry.
Church services lasted two days, Saturday to talk business and "deal with the disorderly", and receive new members and Sunday for preaching. Mr. Warren never earned more than $8 a year preaching.
When the Warren's left Kentucky, they brought tobacco along, and were in despair as this ran out. Mary Jane smoked a pipe and could have never raised the 11 children without the comfort she got from it. By 1908 the Warrens had 85 grandchildren and 32 great grandchildren.
(from ATCHISON DAILY GLOBE, October 14, 1908)


On 25 April 1751 John Keeney patented forty acres in the Greenbrier region, then Augusta Co., VA. This unbroken wilderness began to be settled about that time; the earliest settlement on Muddy Creek, was wiped out in the Indian massacre of 1763. About 1769 some daring settlers returned, but not until after the battle of Point Pleasant (1774) could they be safe from Indian raids. The army of Gen. Andrew Lewis had hacked out a road to the Kanawha Valley and it became a wagon road in 1782.
In 1770 this area became Botetourt Co., in 1776/7 Montgomery Co., in 1778 Greenbrier Co.
The Keeney family arrived by 1773, perhaps after several trips by father John. The oldest of his 7 sons was 20 in 1770 and surely there must have been some daughters.
Rev. John Alderson, pioneer Baptist preacher and circuit rider married most of the settlers and baptized many of them, including Catherine Lewis Keeney, wife of Michael.
During the Revolutionary War son Jonathan was a soldier and Michael, Thomas and David had acquired another 375 acres. In 1789 he was granted 170 acres (sold in 1804 by son David) and 115 acres (sold by him and Catherine in 1795). In 1791 John and Catherine, recognizing advanced age and citing "parental affection", deeded to their two youngest sons, David and Moses, the 353 acre Muddy Creek settlement. The sons were "to maintain" them. Witnesses were John Matthews, John Viney and Simon Shoemaker, a neighbor.
Children of John & Catherine Keeney included these sons; JONATHAN (b.12-25-1750), who went to Tennessee by 1773, and whose family spread to Iowa, Missouri, Oregon and elsewhere; JOHN M. (1759-1832), married Mary Sampson in 1781 and lived at Fort Arbuckle; MICHAEL (1761-1790) married Catherine Lewis; THOMAS B. (b. 1764), DAVID b.1765), married Peninah Bailes 4-4-1778, and MOSES, father of the Kanawha Co. Keeney clan (1766-c.1840), married Frances Harris. The MOSES KEENEY family is listed in detail in 2,597 KEENEY RELATIVES, published 1978.


ATTENTION: Montgomery, McRoberts and Keeneys in OHIO, KY, IOWA & POINTS WEST
MICHAEL KEENEY FAMILY MICHAEL KEENEY, who died at age 29, probably of pneumonia, was born in 1761 and came with the family to Muddy Creek. He built a substantial three-section log house (part of which still stands), with rock chimneys and a small stairway to the loft for his bride, Catherine Lewis, a niece of Gen. Lewis. The marriage vows were taken 1/11/1781 Rev. John Alderson. Catherine was a daughter of John & Mary McCreery Lewis, her grandparents being George & Catherine Lewis and John & Agnes Crawford McCreery. An appraisal of Michael's belongings showed 6 chairs, 3 beds, 1 woolen wheel, 1 lamp, 1 chest, 1 brass kettle, 3 25 lb. Kettles, 1 loom and reel, 28 yd. flannel, 6 half-hides, 1 old trap, 3 bells, flax. In August 1789 Moses and Michael had agreed "to maintain" their parents and were deeded the home place, but Michael died the following February, leaving four small children.

Catherine remained a widow for 3 years, practiced thrift and managed the land well. On February 26, 1793 she married William Hilliard, member of another Greenbrier family, a member of the Kanawha Rangers and one of 26 who had accompanied Col. George Clendenin in the establishment of Fort Lee, now Charleston. Taking the four children by horseback, they followed the trails to Teays Valley (now Putnam Co.), where they established their home. There they became close friends with Henry Montgomery, a Pennsylvania militiaman and veteran of the American Revolution.

Eldest of the children of Michael & Catherine Keeney was Mary (Polly), born in 1781 in Greenbrier Co. she was married to James McRoberts (b. 1760/70 in Shenandoah Co., Va.), son of Samuel & Margery E. McRoberts. They lived in Fleming Co., Ky., where her brother William also lived. Their children, as reported by direct descendents, were MICHAEL McROBERTS, b.11-4-1798, d.8-221-1879 at Mt. Vernon, Linn Co., IA, m. Mary M. Smith on 5 June 1821; SAMUEL McROBERTS, b. 1799 at Poplar Plains, Fleming Co., d.10-9-1838 in Rush Co, IN., m. Jane Gray 9-6-1821; MARGERY McROBERTS b. 1801, m. Joseph McLurg in 3-1832 (div.), m. (2) George Troxwell; WILLIAM McROBERTS, b. 1804, m. Sarah Ann Stifler 6-5-1833; JAMES McROBERTS, JR., m. Catherine Lower on 12-26-1833;
LEAH McROBERTS m. William Lower 11-2-1829 in Rush Co IN; NANCY McROBERTS, b. 10-3-1812 at Poplar Plains, Ky., d. 8-1874, m. Eli Hilligees 8-30-1831 in Rush Co., IN; HENRY McROBERTS b. 7-11-1819, d. 8-3-1884 at Graham, Nodaway Co., MO., m. Annise Ross d. 6-13-1870 at age 65; ALEXANDER McROBERTS, b. ca.1825, died 4-11-1901 at Graham, Mo., m. Tabitha Kennedy (d. 2-0-1873 at age 47); JANE McROBERTS, died at early age; CATHERINE McROBERTS, unmarried; ANDREW McROBERTS, b. 1802, d. 5-5-1829 in Fleming Co., KY., m. Margaret Collins.
Jane (Mrs. Dale M.) Johnston, RFD 1, Lisbon, IA 52253, great-great-granddaughter of Michael & Mary McRoberts, supplied this information.
NANCY KEENEY, second child of Michael & Catherine Lewis Keeney, was born in 1783 in Greenbrier Co and died in 1783 at Kanawha Falls, WV. She fell in love with Capt. Henry Montgomery when she was just 17 and he about 35. He was born in Ireland in 1765, son of James (killed in 1775 in a colonial attempt to take Quebec) & Huldah Montgomery. Nancy & Henry returned to Greenbrier Co, where she deeded her share of her father's estate to an uncle, George Lewis. For a time the lived in Teays Valley at Hurricane Creek, but sold their land and moved to Kanawha Falls where they occupied large cabin and had 75 acres of land, which they purchased from John Huddleston. This tract became known as Montgomery's Ferry. In 1820 Henry was granted a patent from Governor Thomas Randolph of Virginia to 50 acres on both sides of the river, giving him complete control of the ferry, which stayed in operation for 100 years. Their home was a stopover for wayfarers. They were buried in an old, now abandoned cemetery at Kanawha Falls, but in recent years their graves have been designated by a granite slab bearing a bronze plate with the inscription, "Pioneer Ancestors of the Montgomery Family in the Upper Kanawha Valley. Henry died in 1852.
Since the children of Nancy & Henry were 9th generation Keeney offspring, their listing will begin with number 9.

9.1 HULDAH MONTGOMERY BREWER EVANS b. 1800, d. 5-30-1880 at age 79; Hawkins Cemetery, Oak

Hill; m. (1) William Brewer; m. (2) Mr. Evans.
10. JENNIE BREWER (1831-1880) m. Pleasant Hawkins (I 810-85) EDWARD L. HAWKINS, b. 11-26-1871,


HAWKINS, JOHN M. HAWKINS (m. _______Carrick, dau. Annie Carrick m. C. A. MONTGOMERY

10. WILLIAM BREWER M. Elizabeth Martin

Children: TOM BREWER, MANDY BREWER, FANNIE BREWER (m. Kirkwood, children: Nola, Walter & Goldie


10. MARY EVANS (d..1907) m. Allen D. Huddleston, son of John "Faddy" & Miriam Jarrett Huddleston (1816-1888), children:
ELIZABETH HUDDLESTON (1846-1890), m. James Waters in 1865, children: Daniel, Henry, Minnick, Rose, Ida Alonzo, Joseph, Mary, Elizabeth Waters; HENRY HUDDLESTON (1848-1939) m. Margaret Dempsey in 1868; ALONZO B. HUDDLESTON (b. 1850) m. Julia Calvert (b. 1854), children: James (1875-1935), John C. (1876), Joseph D. (1878-1955), Clarence (1885-1918), Mamie Tamplin (1893), Ruby Johnson (Mrs. J. H.) (1898); JOSEPH c. Huddleston (1870-1891); EDWARD T. HUDDLESTON (1861), m. Anna Campbell; JAMES A. HUDDLESTON(1865-1917), m. Nancy Hansford, (2) Georgia Fowler, Children: Gordon, Ernest, Evelyn Huddleston; ALICE E. HUDDLESTON (1855-1936), m. John H. Creasey (1850-1938), Children: Henry A. Creasey (1875-1901), John Edward Cressey (1878- 1936), Burton L. Creasey (1880-1911), Frank Creasey (1883-1884), Irvin L. Creasey (1885-1973), Lew W. Creasey (1887-1888), Benjamin W. Creasey (1889-1947); Ida B. Creasey Trail (1891-1978); MARTHA F. HUDDLESTON (d.1899) m. William McCombs; STEPHEN R. HUDDLESTON (1870-1900) m. Janetta Craig;

SARAH CATHERINE (KATIE) MONTGOMERY (1808-1845) m. Joseph Huddleston, Jr. in 1820 (d. 1845), 2nd marriage to Sarah Hess Hickman (5 Children).

10. ALBERT LAWRENCE HUDDLESTON, b. 4-12-1821, d. 2-3-1912; buried at Falls Branch; m. Frances C.

Saye (b. Jan 1823, d. - 23-1915) Children: JOHN R. HUDDLESTON (b. 1-3-1857, died 2-4-1904), m. Annie

Settle in 1878 (d. 1884), m. Georgia A. Moore ( b. 3-22- 1861, d. 5-22-1945) in 1854; ALBERT L.

HUDDLESTON JR. (b. 12- 8-1858, d. 8-12-1951) m. Sarah Oliver (b. 10-12-1865, d. 2-10-1959); HARRIET

HUDDLESTON (b. 2-15-1861, d. 8-1-1940), m. P. L. Abbott (b. 4-1-1860 in craig Co., Va., d. 3-19-1941);

JOSEPH HUDDLESTON ( b. 4-19-1866, d. 9-28-1937), unmarried, lived with James W. Montgomery family

in 1910 census; CHARLES LEE HUDDLESTON (B. 1-17-1868, D. 5-4-1946) m. Mollie C. DeLay (1875-1958) on


10. JAMES HUDDLESTON (1824-1890); SETTLED AT Eugene, Oregon; buried there

HARRIET HUDDLESTON (1829-1902), buried at Cashman Cemetery, Louisburg, Kansas, m. Nathan

Childress; Children: Amanda Jane Hamilton (1852-1941), Anna Samantha Dawson (1859-1953), JOHN



10. JOHN HUDDLESTON (1832-1884) wife: Almira; buried at Cashman Cem., Louisburg, Kansas

10. JOSEPH HUDDLESTON (1838-1917), unmarried; buried near Eugene, Oregon

10. CALVIN HUDDLESTON (1839-1917), unmarried; buried near Eugene, Oregon

10. JANE CATHERINE HUDDLESTON (1842-1913), Wen Cemetery, Louisburg, KS, m. Henry Burgess in

1857; Children: Joseph F. (1860-1882), Anna C. Myers (b. 1863), Laura Belle Morehead (1864-1943), Calvin

W. (b. 1869), Ernest E. (1871-1922), Minnie M. Cook (1874-1897), Frederick F. (1876-1909), Harry G.

(1878-1960), Grace McFodden (1880-1927), Homer H. (1881-1903), Frank P. (1885-1941)

10. AMANDA HUDDLESTON (1837-1915), m. Mason Coleman; Coleman Cemetery, Deepwater, WV;

Children: James Mason, Sarah Dorcas Tucker (1871-1942), Lillian R. McGowan (1873-1954), Margaret

Coleman, Joseph W. (1874-1952), Vernon Coleman

10. MARY MILEY HUDDLESTON (1844-1901), m. John Hickman; Cottonwood Cem., Sterling, Kansas;

CHILDREN: Sarah Humiston (1876-1941), Edward Hickman (1871-1910), Overton Hickman (Doc) (1874-

1955), Anna Mary Chappell (1873-1964), James Calvin (1872-1872), Rosie Ellen (1878-1878)
MARY (Polly) MONTGOMERY BRANNON (b. 1-2-1805, d. 10-10-1861), m. Lawrence H. Brannon; no children

CYNTHIA MONTGOMERY RIGG (b. 1-19-1808, d. 2-7-1863, m. William Rigg on 12-28-1825 in Kanawha County: Children:

10. HENRY RIGG (1826-1880), m. Harriet Zell ; Children: Jennie Morris, William, Julia Yarrington,

Stephen, John, Lee

10. STEPHEN R. RIGG (1828-1911), m. Ann Farley (1833-1883); Children: Harry (1861), Edward (1863),

Sallie (1866-1897), Annie (1868), Hugh (1869)

10. MARTHA RIGG (b. 1830), m. David Hill; Children: John Moses (1857), Anne Rippetoe (1859), Henry

(1861), Thomas Fred (1863), Mary (1864), Cynthia Backus (1866), Pelecia Akers (1868), Moses (1870),

Imma Vest (1872), Luther (1874), Martha Hill Butcher (1876);

10. WILLIAM RIGG, m. Emma G. Early; no child

10. JOHN RIGG b.1841 m. Kate, daughter of Townlet Rigg: Children: James, Samuel, Lou

10. CHARLES RIGG (b. 1843, d. 12-12-1898), m. Rebecca Mitchell, Children: Irving Rigg, "Bud" Rigg, Hattie Rigg House
10. NANCY RIGG (1847-1923), m. Thomas W. Farley (b. 1841) on 9-11-1866; Children: Emma Alice, Catherine Roberts, Pattie Clark
(1870-1920) , George Farley, W. Sutton Farley, Annie Foley, James Farley, Fred L. Farley, Arthur Farley, Maggie Farley, Frances F.
Farley, Seth Thomas Farley ( of Winding Gulf)
JAMES CARLIN MONTGOMERY Father of Montgomery, WV; b. 1-1-1811, d. 10-19-1877; inherited father's home, constructed of logs at Kenawha Falls and operated it as slave house; ardent secessionist, served in Virginia Assembly; took his family to Giles Co., Va. for safety during Civil War and found his home demolished when he returned; settled in present-day Montgomery after the war, represented Raleigh/Fayette area 3 terms in Va. Legislature and in W.Va. Legislature after statehood; buried at Montgomery, in family cemetery across from the new bridge crossing the C&C tracks. His chief assets were "a strong mind, foresight and good judgment." (MONTGOMERY NEWS 12-7-1923) m. Amanda Brannon, only child of Maj. Lawrence H & Cynthia Morris Brannon. Cynthia was a daughter of Levi Morris, first permanent white settler in Fayette County, who owned the lands from Upper Creek (Handley) to Armstrong Creek (Kimberly), six children born to this marriage. Amanda was born in 1819, died in 1851 at age 32. m. Bridget Rice Ruse (b. 9-23-1832, d. 6-16-1878) on 1-6-1853; eight children born to this union.


10. LAWRENCE BRANNON MONTGOMERY 2-4-1840, d. 3-11-1864; served in Confederate Army; died of typhoid
10. CYNTHIA MONTGOMERY b. 7-29-1841, d. 5-14-1887 m. George A. Custer (b. 1833), lived at Fayetteville
Children: MARY BRIDGET CUSTER (1860-1927), m. Hunter Evans; Children: Lee Melville (1881), Beatrice (1883), Nora (1885), Willie (1888); EDGAR CUSTER (1863-1864); ANNIE BELLE FLANAGAN EVANS (b. 1865); Children: Hyer, Margaaret; BETTE RIGG CUSTER (b. 1868), unmarried ; WILLIAM BRUCE CUSTER (1870-1901) m. Allie Elliott (b. 1869); CHARLES PRATT CUSTER (1872-1951) m. Eva McAllister (b. 1876) in 1894; Children: Frank Custer (1894-1938), Melville (1897), William (1898), Charles (1899), Thelma (1901); LUDWELL GAINES CUSTER (1875-1909), unmarried; NELL MONTGOMERY CUSTER (b. 1878) m. Edgarton White; Elizabeth White ( b.1906); BERTHA CUSTER WALKER (b.1880)
10. HENRY STOCKTON MONTGOMERY, b. 11-23-1843, d. 8-9-1879, m. Mary Elizabeth Jones (4-22-1848, d. 5-29-1931) on 12-13-1866; Children: Massie Lee (1-9-1868, 8-24-1871), James Llewellyn (b. 8-24-1869), m. Eva Brinson (b.9-6-1870), child: Henry Brinson Montgomery (6-26-1895, 7-15-1923); CHARLES MONTGOMERY (12-19-1872, 4-11-1924; buried in Miami FL, m. Caroline Dent; Children: Jesse Chandler (b. 11-17-1893), Marshall Carlin (b. 8-18-1895); m. Grace S. Ring (b. 2-11-1892); Children: Ruth Ring (b. 8-6-1921), Patricia (b. 2-28-1923, lived one day); SAMUEL WHILDEN MONTGOMERY ( 3-15-1877, 11-29-1900); HENRY STOCKTON MONTGOMERY, ( b. 9-13-1879)
10. JAMES WILLIAM MONTGOMERY b. 4-9-1846, died 12-24-1920; vice president of Montgomery National Bank; owner of 200 houses, a home steam laundry, and the Montgomery Light, Water & Improvement Plant; also owned a saw mill, livery table, two hotels and an opera house. M Elizabeth M. Farley (1852-1913) 5-14-1873 by Rev L. B. Madison in Kanawha; Children:
WILLIAM LEE MONTGOMERY b. 2-15-1874, d. 4-3-1911 m. Maude Mulligan (9-27-1877-3-31-1964) on 6-16-1897; son; William Lee, Jr., b. 1898;
FLORENCE MONTGOMERY (b.1878 d. 10-14-1888 at age 10 at Coal Valley (Montgomery);
CHARLES McCLUNG MONTGOMERY (11-30-1880, 9-24-1924) m. Carrie N. Workman, Children: Eunice (Mrs. Lawrencee N.) O'Dell (b.1899), James (b. 1902), George Montgomery (b. 1909);
HELEN MONTGOMERY, B. 1883, M. CHARLES Milton Vickers (b. 1882) on 6-29-1905; Children: C. MILTON VICKERS (1905-1907), Arnold Vickers, Carl D. Vickers, Montgomery Vickers, Charlotte Vickers
ALICE LEFLER MONTGOMERY b.1887, d. 1-19-1985, graduate of Greenbrier Seminary; last surviving charter member of Montgomery UM Church; m. Lawrence W. Carson (1885-1953) Howard William Carson - former President of WV State Senate, Lawrence E. Carsonm William M. Carson, former Mayor of Montgomery.
10. JOHN CARLIN MONTGOMERY, b. 9-26-1848, d. 10-28-1918, m. Margaret J. Lykins (b. 1856) 7-4-1871;
LAWRENCE CARLIN MONTGOMERY (7-17-1873, 10-26-1918), m. Patsy Alderson Feameter in 12-1897.
Children: John Carlin Montgomery (b.1899), m. Irene Davis; Janice Meredith Montgomery (b. 1901), m. Sewell Champe; Lawrence Carlin Montgomery, Jr. (b.1903),
AMANDA BERTA MONTGOMERY (b. 1875), m. Dr. Simon K. Owens (b. 1867), on 10-7-1897; Children: Margaret Owens (b. 1900), m. Harold Hutchinson; John Owens (b. 1904).
BLANCHE RICE MONTOMERY (b. 1878), m. George N. Hancock (b.1867) on 10-21-1896. Children: George Montgomery Hancock (b. 1898), James K. Hancock (1899), Lawrence Hancock (1902), Nancy Hancock (1919).
10. SAMUEL EDWIN MONTGOMERY, b.7-20-1850, d. 2-10-1886, m. Virginia Belle Ellison (1858-1920) on 1-21-1874;
Children: GRACE TRUMAN MONTGOMERY, b.1-1874, d.5-25-1956, unmarried; HUGH CARLIN MONTGOMERY, b. 2-1877, m.Nellie Lloyd (b. 1878) 4-21-1898, 3 later marriages. Children: Ernest (1899), April (1901) m. Eugene Blake, Carlin. EARL ELMO MONTGOMERY (1879-1915), m. Mary McGunnigan (b.1882) 6-8-1905. LUTHER STAUNTON MONTGOMERY (1883-1943), m.1. ____ Smith, 2. Lottie Skaggs (12-8-1888-2-28-1964), owner & editor of MONTGOMERY NEWS, 3. Eva Bocook; children of Luther & Lottie : Marjorie Montgomery(8-6-1918, 6-14-1950), m. Drew Murphy; Luther S., Jr.
10. ANNIE FLETCHER MONTGOMERY, b. 11-7-1853, d. 1878, m. William F. Champe (b.1851) on 2-3-1878, Children:
VERNON CHAMPE (1879-1926), m. Suzette Weir, children: Dorothy (1907), Ruth, May, JaniceChampe; NILE GASTON CHAMPE (b.1881), m. Delma Drennan, children: William, Nila (1907-1907), Delma (twin-1907), Biggs;
10. SETH HUSE MONTGOMERY (2-10-1855, 12-9-1936, m. Ella Lykins (1861-1896) on 4-13-1882, Children:LEWIS LAIRD MONTGOMERY (1883-1883), HOWARD CLEVELAND MONTGOMERY (1884-1905), JULIA RICE MONTGOMERY b. 1893, married 1938.
10. HARLOW HEATH MONTGOMERY b.3-30-1857, died 3-13-1885 at age 27; unmarried.
10. MARY ELIZABETH MONTGOMERY, 11-2-1858, died 1920; m. John Davin (1848-1912) on 12-18-1878. Children: CHARLES ASHLEY DAVIN (1879-1881), FLORENCE ELLEN DAVIN (1882), HARLOW AUGUSTUS DAVIN (1884), m. Katherine Bidgood, daughter: Bettie: LOTTIE LIVINGSTON DAVIN (1886) m. Horace Smallridge; sons: Horace, Jr., John Davin Smallridge. ANNIE MONTGOMERY DAVIN (1888) m. Lon Smallridge of Seattle WA, children: Betty, Howard, Ruth, Dewitt:
THOMAS LAIRD DAVIN (1892) m. Dolly Wilson; JOHN WYSOR DAVIN (1892), m. Ethel Weathers, children: Virginia,
Margaret Ann; m. Ruth Paisley, daughter: Patricia (1927); MARGARETGARET RICE DAVIN (1899) m. Fred Burger; son; John Davin.

11. THOMAS LIVINGSTON MONTGOMERY (3-25-1860, 3-8-1895), m. Lizzie Kirkwood (b.1856)

on 12-6-1886; children: ALMA LIVINGSTON

12. MONTGOMERY (1888) m. O. K. Robinson, children: Thomas Robinson (1911), Anne

Robinson (1913): LOUISE MAY MONTGOMERY (1890) m. Earl Corwin, children: Jones

Earl (1918), Elizabeth (1920): LILLIAN MONTGOMERY (1895), m. Harvey Collier (b.1895)

on 18 May 1946

10. CHARLES AUGUSTUS MONTGOMERY (1863-1915), m. Annie Hawkins (d. 1897 at age 19), m. Madge

Jones; sons: Carl Huse Montgomery (1892), HALE LIVINGSTON MONTGOMERY b.1895, m. Helen Clark (3)

Eunice Huddleston, daughter: Mary Bridgett Montgomery (1899)

10. WALTER RIGG MONTGOMERY, b. 8-27-1865, d. 10-13-1865 at 7 weeks, 5 days

10. FREDERICK HALE MONTGOMERY b.4-29-1872, m. Fannie Moore Walker (b.1874, d. 10-19-1964 at

Raphine, Va at age 90); daughter MARY MOORE MONTGOMERY (1906) m. Robert Edward Mason

NANCY MONTGOMERY TULLEY b. 6-2-1818, d. 3-17-1901 at Kanawha Falls, m. Landon Tully (1-2-1812, d. 4-11-1874); Children:



(b.1847), WILLIAM MONTGOMERY TULLY (b.1849), m. _____ Taylor, Children: Nora, Addie, Lawrence,

Mackie, Della, Lucille, Grace and Virgil Tully.

10.JAMES ALFRED TULLY (11-19-1851 at Lookout, WV, d.7-19-1931 at Edmond), m. Sarah Lucinda McVey

(2-27-1857, 8-26-1917),

son: Ryan Owen Tully (b. 6-10-1885 at Edmond)


1859), POWHATAN TULLY (1863)

MICHAEL MONTGOMERY b. 4-26-1813, d. 1-1-1896; operator of first ferry at Kanawha Falls; m. Elizabeth Johnson (b. 12-6-1818, 12-1-1894), Children:

10. JOHN H. MONTGOMERY b.1839, d. 1-5-1909 at Ironton OH m. (1) __Palmer (2) m. _______ Noble



10. NANCY V. MONTGOMERY (b. 1845), m. G. W. Miller on 8-8-1877, Kenawha Co. records.

10. ANNA M. MONTGOMERY (b. 1849)m n, Benjamin Morris (b. 1846), son of Levi Morris, in

1869, some of children: Benjamin H. Morris, Jr. (b. 1876), wife: Ella, children: Roy (1901). Ray (1904), Berti

(1906), Ruth (1908); MAUDE MORRIS, 1876, LEE MORRIS (1882), JOHN L. MORRIS (1885).

10. WILLIAM MONTGOMERY, b. 9-15-1855, m. Ellen Smith (b. 1844) on 2-25-1873.

MARIA MONTGOMERY HUDDLESTON b.1822. d.26 Dec 1883 at age 61, m. Jarrett C. Huddleston (b.1819, d. 10-23-

1889) in 1841, son of John "Paddy" Huddleston; Children:

10. NANCY HUDDLESTON (b.1844, d.2-20-1867) m. John Strather Davis (b.1834 in Boyd Co KY) on 2-20-

1867: JOHN P. HUDDLESTON b.1844 m. Sarah E. Evans (b.1854, d. 9-25-1894, dau. of Rev. John & Maria Evans), children: Ronnie Ralston (b.10-1867) m. (1)Nancy E. Backus - 6 children, m.(2) Katy Johnson - 10

children: Claude (1891-1958), Pearl Johnson (1891-1971), Flora Davis (1892-1957), Verna Stuart (b.1895), Pansy Boyd (1900), James Paul (1900-1963), Gertrude Nickols (1903), Ronnie (1905),Virginia Jeffries (1907), Walter (1910), Garnet (1911-1912), Woodrow (1913), Ruth (1913-1913), Kenneth (1915), Catherine Craigo (1918-1946), Archie (1921): WILLIAM L. HUDDLESTON II (1870) wife: Bessie, children: Harold, Thelma, Emmanuel: NANCY M. HUDDLESTON (1871) m. George Kerr: CHARLES P. HUDDLESTON (b. 1-1868), wife: Molly, children: Theresa, Charles L.: CLARA A.HUDDLESTON (1875 ) m. J. W.Arbaugh: JULIA M. HUDDLESTON (1877), m. William Arbaugh: DREW EASLEY HUDDLESTON, HARLOW M. HUDDLESTON (1882), JOHN P. HUDDLESTON JR (1883), GRACE HUDDLESTON (1885), BESSIE HUDDLESTON (1892), WALTER HUDDLESTON (1893),
10. HENRY M. HUDDLESTON (1844-1875) m. Edna White (b.1841), no children
10. WILLIAM H. HUDDLESTON (1849-1920) m. Roxie L. Muncey (b. 1855) in
1873: children: Harry Huddleston, m. Noca Reynolds, Kate (1876), Willie B. (b. 9-1878), Maude (b. 11-10-1880)
10. ELLA H. HUDDLESTON, b. 9-1851 m. Isaac Jenkins Settle 9-24-1864 in Fayette Co. children: Emerson SETTLE (11-1868), Roxie Settle (3-1870, d. 3-1901) m. Irving Rigg, children: Ethel & Lettie Rigg: Daniel Frederick (1872-1909) m. May Alexander, children: Evelyn, Frederick, Irene, Isaac, Lorene, Ella;, Page (5-1883)
10. DANIEL FREDERICK HUDDLESTON b. 2-1855 d. 4-1870
10. MARY HUDDLESTON b. 10-1859, d. 2-1866
10. EARLY BURTON HUDDLESTON, b. 8-1866, d. 9-1887 at Kanawha Falls

JANE HAMILTON MONTGOMERY CARRICK (1825-1911) m. Samuel Harrison Carrick 12-11-1845 by Rev. M. M. Bock; children:



10. JANEE MARIA CARRICK (1850-1883)

10. AMANDA CARRICK (3-4-1852, 8-8-1877)

10. MARTHA CARRICK YAMMINGTON (10-7-1854, 1-11-1878)

10. JENNIE CARRICK BUSTER, b. 4-21-1856

10. MARGARET CARRICK, b. 3-4-1858

10. SAMUELLA CARRICK, b. 3-1-1861, d. 4-25-1877

10. S. HENRY CARRICK, b. 11-13-1864, d. 6-7-1891

10. WILLIAM CARRICK, b. 9-21-1867, d. 4-8-1911, wife: ______Crow, children: Paul (1889), Alice (1907),

Alma (1910)

WILLIAM MONTGOMERY b. 1828, d. 5-10-1880, m. Malinda E. Ager (b.1833), children:

10. ROSE M. MONTGOMERY b.1862, m. John M. Gwinn (b.1858) on 12-2-1891, children: William Gwinn

(1893), Grace G. (1895), Lillian (1898), Maude M. (1900), Gladys M. (1902), Anne D. (1904), Earl K. (1908)

10. MINNIE MONTGOMERY, b.1861, d. 8-20-1882 at Gauley Bridge

10. MARY H. MONTGOMERY, b. 4-3-1867 m. Edmondson Blake 11-21-1894


10. SAMUEL CARRICK MONTGOMERY, b. 11-15-1870, m. Emma C. Blake (b.1876) 12-27-1897, m. (2)

Margaret E.VanBuskirk (b. 1882, d. 8-6-1939) on 12-26-1903, buried at Glen Ferris Family Cemetery.



JOHN L. KEENEY b. 1785 in Greenbrier Co., W.V, elder son of Michael & Catherine Lewis Keeney; settled in Fleming Co., KY, where he married Margaret (Margery) Crawford, sister of brother William H. C. Keeney's wife, Mary: John died or abandoned his family prior to 1820, since Margaret is listed as the head of household, with 2 children under 10, in the 1820 Lawrence Co., Ohio, census. On 26 November 1820 she married Isham Blankenship in Lawrence Co. Verification of her earlier marriage to John Keeney is their names on the marriage application of their son Michael in Warrick Co., Indiana.
SARAH KEENEY, b. 10-25-1811, d. 1-5-1904, m. Samuel Newman (b. 4-5-1812, d. 1-21-1890) on 4-9-1832, Isham Blankenship, her step-father, as bondsman; buried at Newman Cemeterv, Fleming Co., KY References: Samuel Newman will, gravestones, Fleming Co. marriage records: Children:
1. ELIZA C. NEWMAN, b.1834, m. William A. Downey (b. 1836) -listed in father's will.
2. JOHN W. NEWMAN, b. 10-21-1835, d. 1-24-1894, m. Flora Kearns: daughter: ETTIS OLIVE NEWMAN, b. 5-10-1902, d. 5-14-1981, m. Albert Shelton Vice, children: Olin Newman Vice, Johnny Russell Vice, Albert Morton Vice, William Kenneth Vice, Nellie Vice Filson, Opal Vice Yarber, Patty Vice Eldrldge
3. MARY A. NEWMAN COOPER, b. 1842; listed in 1860 Fleming Co. census
4. FRANCES NEWMAN GARNER, b. 1844; listed in 1860 Fleming Co. census
5. NARCISSA NEWMAN EVANS, b. 1849; listed in 1860 Fleming Co. census
6. JAMES M. NEWMAN , b. 1-31-1855, d. 4-12-1937, m.(1) Cordelia E. _______ (b. 12-30-1854, died 11-13-1985), m.(2) Lucretia ______(b. 9-27-1863, d. 7-21-1925), buried at Newman Cemetery; children: HATTIE MAY NEWMAN (b. 7-2-1882, d. 7-13-1906; FLORA J. NEWMAN , (b. 6-18-1894, d. 10-18-1901), Newman Cemeterv
7. MATILDA NEWMAN, m. Matthew Spurlock; listed in father's will.
b. 1-5-1819 in Fleming Co., Ky,, d. 7-9-1908 in Warrick Co., IN, m. Sarah Ann Neal (5-12-1820 in VA., d. 2-22-1909 in Pike Co., IN) married 9-12-1844 in Lawrence Co., Ohio
1. MARY L. KEENEY, b.8-3-1846, d. 8-11-1924, buried at Walnut Hills Cem. Petersburg IN; m. Amos Fielden Baker (b.8-29-1851, died 3-5-1929 at Petersburg) Children:
GURLEY JAY BAKER (10-7-1873 Warrick Co., IN, d. 8-26-1960, Vincennes, Knox Co., IN, m. Martha Evaline Hutchens (8-3-1875, 3- 19-1970 in Wheatland IN; Walnut Hill Cem.); ARTHUR FIELDEN BAKER b.12 Aug 1900 in Petersburg, IN, m. Lura S. Smallwood (d. 12-14-1948) on 7-2-1927, buried Fairview Cem., Vincennes, IN; m.(2) Bonny B. Quiete 6-18-1960 at Miami, OK; MARY ELIZABETH BAKER (11-16-1904, 10-22-1960), M. Richard J. Baker 4-10-1944 at Vincennes, IN; FRANKLIN L. BAKER (b. 9-16-1907), m. Alice Louise Denton 4-13-1940 in Sullivan Co IN, she died 7-16-1974, Walnut Hill Cemetery; JOHN M. BAKER (9-7-1882, Patoka Co., Winslow, IN, d. 9-16-1907 at Petersburg) Walnut Hill Cemetery; unmarried
2. ALICE A. KEENEY b. 11-24-1848 in Ohio, d. 10-10-1930 in Pike Co., IN, m. Orson J. Seeley in Warrick Co., IN
3. MARIAH KEENEY, b. 12-1853 in KY d. 1915 in Warrick Co; m. Bradford J. Robertson in 1875 in Warrick Co., Michael Keeney (father) was living with this family in 1900 census: Children: EDWARD T. ROBERTSON 5-1882, MINA ROBERTSON 10-1886, LIDA M. ROBERTSON 10-1888, BURTON G. ROBERTSON 1-1891, NELLIE M. ROBERTSON 7-1893, NORMAN ROBERTSON 2-1899.
4. HENRY KEENEY, b. 2-7-1857 (census records say 1852) in Ohio, d. 1880/84 in Warrick Co., IN, m. Ida Bunnell in 1878 in Warrick Co.; at the death of Henry she married his father, Michael C., the second marriage for both.
5. ALBERT BITTLIR KEENEY, b. 2-7-1863 in Warrick Co., IN, m. Anna Lizzie Herpel on 13 Jun 1883; he died 10-16-1942; children: JOHN H. KEENEY 6-1884, CORA M. KEENEY 6-1886, M. Carl Frederick Koch (b. 6-24-1886) on 7-4-1910; SADIE KEENEY 11-1889 m. William Huffman on 12-10-1912 (b. 11-9-1888), BERTHA M. KEENEY, b. 11 -1899.
b. 5-10-1789 in Greenbrier Co., WV; d. 10-20-1970 at age 81-5-10 in Lawrence CO., O.; settled in Fleming Co., KY, sold his land on Locust Creek, Fleming Co., 29 Oct 1817 to Presley Rawlings; land bounded by property of James Crawford and Samuel McRoberts; witnesses: Arthur Parks, William Rawlings and James McRoberts; father of a large Lawrence Co. family
JAMES KEENEY, b.1810 in KY; wife: Jane
JOHN S. KEENEY, b. 9-12-1811 in Fleming Co., KY; d. 4-16-1886 in Lawrence Co Ohio; farmer, notary, justice of the peace for 23 years (Hardesty's History of Lawrence Co.), bought 84.42 acres of federal lands on 7-2-1860 at Chillicothe, O, signed by President Buchanan; m. Elizabeth Scott (b. 12-6-1816 in Fleming Co KY) daughter of John & Martha Templeton Scott
A. WILLIAM HARVEY KEENEY, b. 5-1-1838, d. 2-26-1901 at age 62-9-23 in Lawrence Co.,; Civil War veteran, received $1.06 commutation grant to Ironton, O. 5-26-1861, m. (1) Mary Corbin (b. 11-1839), m. (2) Theresa Harless (b. 1864 ) on 6-20-1894in Boyd Co KY; part of family: LAURA B. KEENEY, b.1867; JOHN FLETCHER KEENEY b. 1-25-1872, d. 1944 m. Anna Spears, children: HARVEY KEENEY, (b.7-1894) at Getaway, m. Mary Large (b.1898 Knoxville TN) on 8-24-1922; FRANKLIN C. KEENEY, b. 7-1895, wife: Eva (b. 1900, d. 3-15-1985), children: HILDA KEENEY DODGE, FRANCES KEENEY FISHER, MARY LOU KEENEY, (m. James E. Smith), C. WILLIAM KEENEY, HARVEY E. KEENEY (b. 1925, d. 3-4-1955) - Rome Cemetery, owner of Chesapeake O. Dry Cleaners; wife: Mary May; sons Edward Keeney, Kenneth Keeney, Bill Keeney; BLANCHE KEENEY (b. 3-9-1898, d. 5-5-1916). JESSIE KEENEY (b. 5-1899).
B. MICHAEL BIETER KEENEY, b. 5-1-1841, d. 11-7-1903 in Lawrence Co., fought in 10 Civil W ar battles including Allegheny, Huntersville, Cedar Mountain, Kelley's Ford, Waterloo Bridge, Second Bull Run & Droop Mountain; m. (l) Rebecca Willis (1841, 11-7-1903), m. (2) Sarah E. Brammer 9-1-1878 in Boyd Co., KY, (mother of Benjamin), children:
SARAH F. KEENEY, b. 1855, m. Nathaniel Salyers (b. 1860 in Scott Co., VA) on 9-13-1879at home of John Keeney.
MARY KEENEY, b. 1860
BENJAMIN M. KEENEY, b. 1881, d. 3-2-1905 at age 24, m. Stella Wilson in 1905; both were teachers in Lawrence Co., child:
MADGE B. KEENEY, B. 8-10-1905
C. AMOS H. KEENEY, B. 9-19-1845, D. 7-23-1918, m. Evaline Frances Earle (b.10-1844, died 4-1-1923 at age 78-5-14; children:
MARTIN B. KEENEY, b. 1865 in Lancaster, O., m. (2) Ida Boothe (window, b. 1870) 1-3-1918
BENJAMIN F. KEENEY, b. 5-1-1867: wife: Maude
MINERVA KEENEY, b. 4-7-1869
FREDERICK B. KEENEY b. 5-1-1871 at Getaway, m. Mary L. (Mamie) Pratt (10-1873) daughter of William & Elizabeth Mounts Pratt on , 3-3-1901; children: CLYDE W. KEENEY born 12-18-1901, EVA LEONA KEENEY, b. 9-6-1908, CHARLIE KEENEY, b. 7-17-1910
CECIL B. KEENEY, b. 1-1874, m. Anna Elizabeth Weppler (b.1881), children: EFFIE W. KEENEY, b. 4-22-1898, m. Robert Blair (b.1892), son of Cornelius & Emma Brammer Blair, 9-15-1915. CLARA V. KEENEY, 5-10-1900; LENA G. KEENEY b.1902 m. Delbert Scott Jordan (b.1899) on 6-12-1920; LIZZIE GERTRUDE KEENEY, b. 10-26-1902; MARY E. KEENEY b. 3-4-1904; ESTELLA M. KEENEY, b. 1-27-1907, m. Alden Freeman (b.1903) in 1925 Boyd Co., KY; BERNARD WADDLER KEENEY, b. 2-6-1909; BIRDIE EVALINE KEENEY, 2-.25-1910, m. Kelley Freeman in 1926 in Boyd Co., KY; ELIZABETH A. KEENEY, b. 2-.3-1912;
ELONA KEENEY, b. 1876, m. Pete Baker
HOMER D. KEENEY, b. .2-1882, m. Hattie Farris (b. 1889) on 4-16-1910 in Lawrence Co., children: EVERETT BERNARD KEENEY, b. 8-7-1916, m. Marie White (b. 1922 Logan Co., WV) in 1938 in Boyd Co., KY, son: BERNARD EDWARD KEENEY, b. 9-16-1938; DORIS JEAN KEENEY, b. 8-29-1933.
EVALINE W. KEENEY, b. 4-1885, m. Thomas Webb (b. 1889) on 9-18-1915.
SHADRACK W. (Shade) KEENEY, b.7-1887, m. Lesta Callie Freeman (b.1892), 2-18-1905 in Boyd Co., KY; children:
MARSHALL KEENEY, b. 1912 , m. Virginia Carrico, (b.1922), 4-15-1939; ALMA KEENEY, b. 1913, m. Jack Carrico (b. 1916) on 4-30-1938; CHANCEY BENJAMIN KEENEY, b. 10-.27-1917; OLEY F. KEENEY, b. 11-26-1918; RUTH KEENEY, b. 1920, m. Frank Elkins (b. 1919) on 8-16-1941; RALPH KENNETH KEENEY, 3-11-1930; OLEY D. KEENEY, b. 9-1888.
WILLIAM S> KEENEY, b. 12-29-1816 in Fleming Co., KY; went with family to Lawrence Co., OH before 1820; served in Union Army; then took his young family to Iowa in 1870; buried in Jackson Co., Iowa, m. Jane C. Simmons (b. 4-18-1816 in Va.) 3-23-1838; died 10-1-1885, children of William & Jane:
A. POLLY A. KEENEY, b. 2-28-1839, d. 3-11-1839 in Lawrence County, Ohio
B. JAMES KIMBER KEENEY, b. 2-4-1840 in Lawrence Co., OH, d. 191115, m. Lucinda Pemberton 10-20-1864, Jackson Co., Iowa farmer; Children:
WILLIAM E. KEENEY, b. 5-24-1866, m. Mary Green: no children;
MARY JANE KEENEY, (1867-1927), m. (1) William Dennis, m. (2) Charles.Carter (1869-1948), who served in Cuba during the Spanish-American War; children: Bert Dennis, Elsie Dennis Smith;
ESTELLA KEENEY, b. 1868, m. Ed Selkins: lived in Oklahoma; mother of 10 children;
HENRY KEENEY, (1870-1906), m. Arnetta Reed (1874-1919), children: Luella Keeney (b. 1895), m. Louis Eckelberg (1894-1965), 7 children; Myrtle Keeney, b. 1905, m. Loyal Miller (1901-1980), children: Eleanor Miller, Arlene Miller Peller, Donald Miller;
OTTIS KEENEY, m. Elizabeth Till; lived in Oklahoma; no children;
MARTHA M. KEENEY, b. 2-18-1872, d. 9-4-1872;
ADDIE M. KEENEY (1875-1954), m. John Floyd (1870-1950), children: Harry, Blanche, Hope, Stanley and Dawson Floyd.
JAMES A. KEENEY(1878-1940), m. Ida B. Reed (1877-1950), children: ARCH KEENEY (b.122-1-1899, d. 6-13-1978), m. Eleanor Specht (born 1-24-1917); ORVILLE KEENEY (1902-1960), m. Berniece Schultz (div); WILLIAM KEENEY (1905-1969), m. Clara Nailey: FAY KEENEY (1916-1982), m. Lucille Specht
EVA KEENEY (1880-1954), m. William Luckey(1880-1959); children: James, Leo, Howard, Kenneth and Lula Keeney Luckey Lund.
ABNER KEENEY, m. Amelia Seamonds, lived in Oklahoma, daughter: GLADYS KEENEY, m. Harold Gillespie, one child: Barbara
FRED L. KEENEY, (1885-1958), m. Erma Echard (1885, 7-10-1977), son: CLARENCE KEENEY(1908, 6-12-1977), m. Rita Cox
C. MARTHA J. KEENEY, b. 1-18-1842 in Lawrence Co., OH, m. ______Spears: remained in Ohio.
D. LANDON TAYLOR KEENEY, b. 7-4-1848, d. 11-23-1924; enlisted as drummer boy in Civil War at age 16, receiving pension of $10 a month; became an Iowa farmer; m. Mary Scott(1846-1904) on August 6, 1965; Children:
JOHN H. KEENEY (11868-1903), M. Mary L. Kimball (1869-1941), parents of CARL KEENEY (1890-1911), NELLIE KEENEY (b.1899) m. Ben Holtz, and EDWARD KEENEY (1901-1967), m. Bertha Wurster, no children.
MARTHA KEENEY (1869-1906), m. Mont Smith (So. Dakota), parents of Milo Smith 7-13-1902 & Roy Smith 8-11-1904
LILLIAN KEENEY (1884-1966), m. Lester Barrick (So. Dakota), Children: Helen Barrick (1904-1904), John Barrick (4-24-1905, 9-14-1969), Opel Barrick (9-24-1906), m. Richard Barry, Gladys Barrick (2-29-1910), m. Orville Pollard.
E. HENRY M. KEENEY (1851-1937), came to Iowa before 1870 census, m. Etta Long (1851-1927), Children: AMY KEENEY (1873), m. Joseph Taylor, daughter: Verona Taylor, m. Floyd Teeple; FRANK KEENEY (1874-1957), wife: Nellie, daughter: Opal Keeney (stage name: Odette Keene). (1897-1984), m. Ray Crabb (div.); ZELLBERT KEENEY(1881-1971), m. Georgia Frannnk (1884-1964) 3-19-1902, parents of ZALO KEENEY, wife: Mary, no children, lived in San Antonio; THEORA KEENEY (1903-1978), m. Robert Fellows on 7-24-1927.
F. JOHN WESLEY KEENEY (1853-1921), migrated to Iowa from Ohio before 1870, m. Addlaid Long (1864-1928) on May 11, 1880; children: FRED P. KEENEY (1881-1963), m. Mary Thillene; their children: RAYMOND KEENEY (1901-1967), m. Gladys Fuller (b.11-7-1905) 12-19-1924; MELVIN KEENEY (1904-1982), m. Violet Feldernan; MILDRED KEENEY (b. 1908), m. Perley Felderman (d.1969); SYLVIA HALE KEENEY (BUB), b. 1906, m. Helen Waddell; WILTON KEENEY, b. 1915, m. Dorothy Slattery; CARL KEENEY (died young)
BYRON ANDREW KEENEY (1882-1977), m. Luella Oberman (1890-1983) on 9-16-1914; sons: DELBERT KEENEY (b. 1915), m. Dorothy Steines, m. (2) Lois ______; HARLAN KEENEY, b. 10-15-1918, d. 5-29-1949, drowned along with this son Gale and three sons of Raymond Keeney, veteran of World War II, m. Maxine Henry (1920-1983), who survived the drowning incident with 3 others; their children: BYRON ALBERT KEENEY (1938-1962), GALE KEENEY (1939-1949), JANICE KEENEY b. 1940), m. Ronald Olsen.
ETHEL KEENEY (1888-1955), m. Henry Moeller (1882-1977), Children: FAY MILTON MOELLER, b. 1909, m. Verna Hankemeier (b. 1913) 6-1-1933 (divorced), children: Richard Wayne (1939), Lois Joy (1943); LYLA MOELLER (b.1911), m. Edward Von Rhein (1915-1964)6-22-1935; two daughters: Betty Jean Von Rhein (1941), m. (1) Wayne Keeney, twin son of Arch and Eleanor Specht Keeney, (2) Frank Hayes; Janet Von Rhein (1949), m. Dale Levetzow 5-18-1979; MARION MOELLER, b. 9-11-1914; DANIE WAYNE MOELLER, b. 1919, m. Arlene Wiegert (b. 1922), daughters: Wanda (1951), Beverly (1953)
PEARL KEENEY, b. 1890; died in infancy
GOLDA KEENEY, b. 4-10-1891, m. B. P. Frank Smith 3-14-1909; son Franklyn Smith, b. 1-28-1923, m. Pearl Weimerskirch.

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