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2014 european championships for powerlifting, bench-press & dead lift

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These championships have set another first for European Championships being hosted in France. A very well run European Championships by Frederic Buttigieg, Meet Director and all the committed Officials and helpers at the Tremplin Sport Formation, Charavines, Voiron, France on 20th to 22nd June with their professional application brought out the best out in the lifters with no mishaps. We witnessed first class adjudication by the Referees and impeccable team administration at the table to run these championships, to which we are all very grateful and thank all concerned.
With lifters from all over the Europe at 60 lifter entries, the high caliber of lifting was to be expected with over 39 new records. Due to lifters incurring late injuries and some had travel issues, making them unable to appear.
We thank the staff at Tremplin Sports Formation for all there kind help and support.
The championships started in a sombre mood, by paying tribute the sudden sad loss of the late John Burrows with a one minute silence vigil.
Day one saw Allison Hough GBR 60 kg WM45+ broke a World record on the squat and bench press and was best over-all female lifter. Lucie Tesnieres FRA broke Junior European records on all he lifts. Andrea Beers GBR won her first powerlifting tile with good lifts. Danielle Folland GBR broke a junior world record bench press and Charlotte Wareing GBR broke world records on the bench press and dead lift. Juniors Runar Geirmundsson ICE and Shane Drury GBR went head to head in the 67.5 kg class with Runar winning the class and becoming the best overall junior lifter. Ever green at 61 Kari Elison ICE broke a world record on the bench and won the best overall Master lifter.
Day two saw lifters red lighted on their opening squats for depth, but in came seasoned lifter Dean Drury GBR with over three times his bodyweight and smoked his opener. Dean went on to break a European record with 315 kg. There-after lifters went forward with good squats. A little battle was emerging between two junior lifters Matt Hardy GBR and Alex Punchard GBR after the British championships. This time Matt Hardy turned the table on Alex and won the class. More exciting was the dead lift challenge when Sam Boys GBR came in, the tussle started who would become the World dead lift record holder? Sam got 290 kg to seal the deal. Dean Drury got two other European record on the bench press 182.5 kg and total 762.5 kg. He just missed out on a World record attempt on the dead lift. Frederic Buttigieg FRA broke a world master bench press record, had greatly improved on his dead lift but struggled with his squat technique this time. Alfred Bjornsson ICE broke a world record dead lift after only doing a token squat from a recent thigh injury.

Day three saw the temperature saw to 35 for the heavy guys. There were no 110 kg lifters as Arron Hosking GBR went up to 125 kg, so we saw a three way battle with in this class. New to the sport Fannr Viljalmsson ICE felt his way. Martin Marshall GBR has improved again, but Aaron was boiling with big squats and bench press to win the class convincingly. Andrew Cairney GBR produced the goods with 3 good squats without suit. He struggled on the bench and dead lift. Even so, he did win the best over-all Open powerlifter.
David Carter GBR M65+ broke the world record on the bench, having sustained a recent knee injury. We were presented with big bench presses in the flight from Alexey Fedyayev KAZ an Open lifter at 106 kg bodyweight bench pressed 260 kg and won best overall Open bench press title. Baldvin Skvlason ICE M55+ 237.5 kg world record and best over-all Master bench press title.
Were we treated to a bag full of World and European records which are all records are colour coded on the score-sheets.
All lifters were presented with certificates, a medal and unique EPC glass trophy.
The 19th EPC Congress have approved the 2015 European Championships to be hosted by the BPO Executive at Cross-Fit, Fight-Science, Maida Gym, Aldershot England from the 19th to the 21st June.
Report: The Crane

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