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2012 Hunting Season. 4th Newsletter

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2012 Hunting Season . 4th Newsletter

Hi all
Folks here is a brief hunt report for the 2012 season and some pics for you to enjoy! Traditionally in the valley we try to do our ele bulls and cats early as we have found that, despite been almost 100% year around (sorry Mike Jines!) early season produces more and better quality eles and cats.

Our first client in was “ Gunny” on the AR and his charming wife Jane. They hunted in the Dande East and shot what I consider one of the most beautiful ele bulls I have seen in a long time out of a group of over 100 elephant. This set the trend for the rest of the season on eles which we were 100% on ele bulls. We shot 18, all hunted, tracked and shot in the good old fashioned way- the way it should be on foot in day light hours. Huge credit goes to the trackers with out whom we would never be able to boast such an impressive success rate!! Below are some pics of our eles!

The leopard hunting was truly fantastic this season and the leopard hunts seldom went into the second week with most cats been shot with in the first 4 days. Todate we have only had 1 failure on leopard in Dande in 3 years! Below are some pics of our leopard

In the Dande Safari area we only have 1 tag on lion and I hunted it with Mike Jines. Originally we were set for an early season hunt which is the prime time for lion. Unfortunately business commitments resulted in Mike coming in later then planned and despite seeing several lions which we turned down we came away empty handed. Todd took up a late season opportunity and shot a beautiful old lion with his double.

Buff and plains game hunting was very good also with some great trophies getting shot. The kudu and sable have come along way in the Dande inparticularily in the East were we are now seeing herds of 30 plus sable with some great bulls. All in all a great season!!!!


The Big news for CMS this year is that we have bought the exclusive hunting and managing rights from Swainson/Rauke Safaris in the Dande North. This is effective immediately and extends to the end of the lease, which is in 6 years time!


For the last 3 years CMS have operated the Dande Safari Area, which is located in the central part of Dande North, and Ward 11, which is situated in the extreme South of the Dande North. Between these two areas was Swainsons/ Rauke who were operating in Ward 1 and Ward 2. This created a very disjointed area with numerous boundaries to deal with which was frustrating when hunting.


By buying exclusive rights to hunt and manage Swainson’s two areas (ward 1 and 2) CMS has reunited the whole of the Dande North. In a nut shell it means that when you book a hunt with CMS in the Dande North you will be able to hunt from the Angwa River to the Zambezi River! To put this in perspective this is the same size, if not bigger, then either of the Chewore safari areas.

So, as of next season we will operate out of the following camps:

Pedza being the main camp,

Mururu in the central part of the DSA,

Mukanga camp (formerly Swainsons) in the South of the area

and Matombo camp ( formerly Swainsons) in the North on the Zambezi River.
For the few hunts that have already been booked by Gav Rauke CMS will honor those hunts and prices and Gav will be the PH.
CMS will have two auction hunts available at the shows. These hunts will be conducted in the whole Dande North area. They are a 7 day tuskless and a 14 day Buffalo Tuskless hunt.
Finally I would like to say a big thank you to all our valued clients and friends that have hunted with us in the past and more specifically to those of you who have made the above possible! Your faith and trust in us is hugely appreciated! Have a happy Xmas and look forward to seeing you all at the shows. In Dallas we will be in booth numbers 2620/22 and Reno 2649!

Good hunting from all at CMS!
Cheers Buzz & Myles

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