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Delete Things


Once you delete a record, it cannot be retrieved.

Typically you should only delete records that you entered by mistake. For some record types, you can deactivate or close the record instead. Not all record types can be deleted. For details, select Special cases.

Delete records

Can I do this task?

If the Delete button is not visible on the toolbar, the security role assigned to your account does not have permission to delete this type of record. To check your permissions for a specific record, open the record, click the File menu button , and then click Properties.

If you are deleting a record that has child records, you can delete it only if you also have permission to delete any child records.

More information about specific permissions and performing this task while offline: Common Task Permissions

  1. In any list of records, select the record that you want to delete.

- OR -

In any list, select multiple records:

  • Select several records by pressing the CTRL key while you click each record.

  • Select a sequence of records by clicking the first record that you want, and then press the SHIFT key while you select the last record that you want.

  • Select all records on the page by selecting the Select/clear all records on this page check box at the top of the list.


By default, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application displays 50 records per page. You can increase this up to a maximum of 250 records per page to increase the number of records you can select at one time. To increase the number of records displayed per page:

  1. On the File menu, click Options.

  2. On the General tab, in the Records Per Page list, select the number of records to display per page.

  3. Click OK.

This changes the number of items that is displayed for all lists, which may slow response time when you switch record types. Therefore, you might want to set it back to a smaller number when you are done with this bulk action.

  1. On the Actions toolbar, click the Delete button .

  2. If you are deleting accounts or contacts, you have the option to deactivate a record instead of deleting it. In the Delete Confirmation dialog box:

For other record types, in the Confirm Deletion dialog box, click OK.


  • When you delete a record, all its relationships to other records are also deleted.

  • If a record has child records, and you have permission to delete the child records, deleting a record also deletes the child records.

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Special Cases

Record type


More information


Can also be deactivated.

Work with Accounts (on page 262)

Activities in Queues

When you delete an e-mail message in a queue, it is removed from the queue, but is not deleted as an active activity. To delete it, you must delete it from the Activities list.

When you delete other activity types from a queue, the activity record is deleted both from the queue and from Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Articles must be unpublished from the Articles library before being deleted.

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Can also be canceled.

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Can also be deactivated.

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Can also be disqualified.

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Marketing Lists

Can also be deactivated.

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Can also be closed.

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Can also be canceled.

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Price Lists

Can also be deactivated.

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Quick Campaigns

Deleting a quick campaign record deletes all of the activities created by the quick campaign, even if those activities were not yet complete.

Work with Quick Campaigns (on page 372)

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