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Create and send an e-mail activity in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web application

Can I do this task?

This task requires permissions that are found in all default security roles. More information about specific permissions and performing this task while offline: E-mail Permissions

You can create and send e-mail activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM from the Activities area. E-mail messages that are sent from Microsoft Dynamics CRM do not appear in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM mail folders in Outlook, unless synchronization is set up.

  1. Start Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

  2. In the Navigation Pane, click Workplace, and then click Activities.

  3. On the Activities tab, in the New group, click E-mail.

  4. On the E-mail tab, enter the following information:

  • From

Locate and select the sender's name.

  • To

Locate and select one or more recipients. You can click the Lookup button to search for and select records.

  • Subject

Type a subject for your e-mail message.

  • Duration

This field is not required, but if you are tracking the amount of time spent on cases, and this message is related to a case, enter the amount of time spent on this message.

  • Due

If you are not sending your e-mail message immediately, enter a date to complete and send the message. The message is not sent automatically.


  • You can copy and paste content from Microsoft Office Word. This lets you take advantage of features such as spelling check and some text formatting. If your text is double-spaced, you can press SHIFT+ENTER to single-space lines of text.

  • You can include an image if the file is hosted on a public Web site. Use the copy and paste feature of Microsoft Internet Explorer to include a link to the image in the message. The image is displayed as long as the receipient has access to the Web site.

You can also attach an article, template, or file to an e-mail activity.

To attach an article

  1. To look up and select an article, on the Formatting toolbar, click Insert Article.

  1. Use the Search tab to specify conditions or criteria to locate the article.

  2. In the results list, select the article, and then click OK.

  3. The article appears the body of in your e-mail message.

  4. Type any additional text, or edit the article.

To attach an e-mail template

  1. To look up and select an e-mail template, click Insert Template.

  1. On the Insert Template dialog box, select the template you want to use. You can either use a global template, or a template specific to the record type you selected as the recipient. For example, account or customer.

  2. Click OK.

  3. The template appears in the body of your e-mail message and the subject line is updated with the subject line of the template.

  4. Type any additional text or edit the text provided. Editing the text or subject line in the message does not change the template.

To attach a file

  1. Save the activity.

  1. On the Attachments tab, click New E-mail Attachment.

  2. In the Add Attachment dialog box, in the File Name box, type the name of the file, or click Browse to locate the file that you want to attach.

  3. Click Attach.

  1. To send the message immediately, click Send.

The message is sent and the new closed activity appears in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Activities area with an assigned message number appended to the subject. It also appears in Outlook in the Sent Items folder.

- OR -

To send the message at a later time, click Save and Close. The new draft activity appears in Microsoft Dynamics CRM in the Activities area. You can delete draft messages.


After you save your e-mail message as a Microsoft Dynamics CRM e-mail activity, the saved message can be accessed by anyone who has access to your activities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


  • You can view the sent date of an e-mail message on the Activities list. The Actual End Date is the date the message was sent and closed.

  • You can forward or reply to an e-mail activity, but you cannot resend it.

To reply to only the original sender, open the e-mail message. In the Respond group, click Reply.

To reply to the original sender and to send copies to everyone who originally received the message, click Reply All.

To forward the e-mail activity to new recipients, click Forward, and then select new recipients.

  • There is no spell check built into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. There might be third-party solutions available. For more information, visit Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Finder (see Microsoft Dynamics CRM Solution Finder -

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