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No. Company Station Parish Description
07011601 DuPont Performance 4786+00 St. John To drill two (2) soil

the Baptist Borings and install five

(5) anchors

07022602 Krystal Klear Carwash 5538+00 St. Charles To drill a water well

07022603 CT Smith Stevedoring 2712+10 Ascension To install a Thru R. Wright communication tower foundation
07022604 Delta Terminal Svcs 2271+30 Ascension To modify an existing

barge dock

07022605 William Gas Pipeline 3325+00 St. James To drill a soil boring

Thru Capozzoli & Associates

San Francisco Plantation Frisco Fest – Parking, 5K and Fun Run and Bike Tour

March 10 and 11, 2007

07011701 DuPont Performance 4786+00 St. John the Waiver granted 1/25/07 Baptist below +15.0 feet

06092548 Valero St.Charles 5356+00 St. Charles Waiver granted 2/5/07 Thru Linder pile driving river below +15.0 feet

06112061 IMTT 2340+80 Ascension Waiver granted 1/26/07 Thru CDI 2355+30 to install drill shafts river below +13.0 feet

Shell – Geismar 2363+00 Ascension Waiver granted 1/23/07 Thru Lanier pile driving river below +15.0 feet

04021608 Buddy B’s 4499+75 St. John the Waiver granted 1/31/07 Thru C-K Baptist two (2) 1.5-inch diameter borings river below +32.5 feet at Baton Rouge gage
07032607 Pioneer Americas 1531+20 Iberville To drill several soil Thru GMC borings
07032608 Schout Co. 1222+30 - Iberville To drill eight (8) soil Thru STE 1272+00 borings
07032609 Entergy-Little Gypsy 5142+00 St. Charles To install three (3) Thru Shaw temporary groundwater monitoring wells

No. Company Station Parish Description

07032610 Gramercy Alumina** 4244+29 St. James To install several soil Thru ERM borings and one (1) monitoring well

Modification to permit approved at regular board meeting of May 21, 2007 – See file for details

07032611 PCS Nitrogen 2127+90 & Ascension& To install soil borings 2146+65 Iberville and groundwater monitoring wells

07032612 Marathon 4526+00 St. John the To drill one (1) soil Baptist boring
United Way of St. Charles – Parking, 5K Bridge Run/Walk – Saturday, April 14, 2007
Destrehan Plantation Spring Festival – Parking – Saturday April 21 & Sunday April 22
Evergreen Baptist Church – Reenactment of the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ – April 6, 2007 – St. James Parish
07032613 River Construction 5487+36 St. Charles To construct a levee access ramp
07032614 Dow Pipeline 3231+50 St. James To drill two (2) soil Thru Mustang borings
07041615 DuPont Chemical 3042+00 Ascension To drill ten (10) soil

07041616 Motiva Enterprises 3130+12 St. James To construct 40ft long Thru FB&D drilled shafts and install five (5) light poles at their tank farm

07041617 Marathon Petroleum 4511+60 St. John the To construct two (2) Thru US Risk Baptist crude oil storage tanks
07041618 St. Charles Parish 5417+06 St. Charles To construct pipeline

5637+11 crossing from Hahnville

To New Sarpy
07052119 AEP Elmwood 3794+55 St. James To asphalt pave an Thru Richard Wright existing levee ramp
07052120 AEP Elmwood 3599+10 St. James To install oxygen and Thru Richard Wright propane tanks on concrete slabs

No. Company Station Parish Description
07052121 BASF 2321+80 Ascension To change an existing Thru ENG asphalt roadway to reinforced concrete
07052122 Motiva Enterprises 3102+00 St. James To widen LA HWY 44 Thru Jacobs & construct a driveway
07052123 Premier Geophysical Svcs. St. Charles To conduct several seismic surveys
07061824 Consolidated Grain & Barge 4944+17 St. John the To install three (3) Thru Entergy Baptist power poles
07061825 Motiva Enterprises 3096+00 St. James To drill four (4) soil Thru Aquaterra borings and perform four (4) cone penetrometer tests
07061826 Gnots-Reserve, Inc. 5688+80 St. Charles To install a boat Thru Richard Wright construction area
07061827 Johnston’s of Gramercy 4259+75 St. John the To install two (2) Thru Richard Wright Baptist elevated office trailers
St. John the Baptist Parish – Independence Day Celebration – to place a flagpole on the levee and to perform firework exhibitions – Tuesday July 3, 2007
07061828 Hexion Specialty Chemicals 2274+93 Ascension To replace piping associated with the water system
07061829 Jeff Bourgeois 3550+00 St. James To excavate a pond and drill a water well
07071630 St. John School Board 4925+24 St. John the To drill five (5) soil Thru Eustis Baptist borings
07071631 Praxair, Inc. 2296+40 Ascension To drill six (6) soil Thru Capozzoli borings
07071632 St. Charles Parish DWW 5384+50 St. Charles To construct several upgrades to the New Sarpy Water Treatment Plant
07071633 Mosaic, Uncle Sam Plant 4925+24 St. James To drill fourteen (14) Thru ENVIRON soil borings

No. Company Station Parish Description
07071634 Mosaic, Uncle Sam 3510+00 St. James To perform two (2) excavations
07071635 AEP Elmwood 3600+84 St. James To modify an existing Thru Richard Wright barge fleeting operation
07082036 Jesse Duplantis 5497+36 St. Charles To drill nine (9) soil Thru Eustis borings
07082037 Du Pont 3048+00 Ascension To drill soil Thru Eagle borings/monitoring well
07082038 DNR 4356+90 St. John the To drill 19 soil borings Thru URS Baptist and 15 cone penetrometer tests
07082039 Colonial Sugar 4233+92 St. James To construct a ramp

Thru Richard Wright

07082040 Marathon Oil 4553+66 St. John the To install two (2) power Thru Entergy Baptist poles and to directionally drill a power line adjacent to Hwy 44
07082041 Du Pont 3045+20 Ascension To install concrete foundations
07082042 Teardrop Productions 295+00 EBR To temporarily place film equipment and crew on the crown
07082043 Entergy 5683+00 St. Charles To replace a power pole
St. Michael’s – 5K Run/Walk and Placement of Signs October 6-7, 2007 St. James Parish
07092444 AEP Elmwood 3613+24 St. James To install an overhead Thru Richard Wright powerline and to install three (3) power poles
07092445 Cargill 4547+00 St. John the To drive four (4) pipe Thru Lanier Baptist piles
07092446 Marathon 4518+11 St. John the To install one (1) power Thru Entergy Baptist pole and to directionally bore a powerline parallel to LA 44
No. Company Station Parish Description
07092447 Hallwood Petroleum 3245+45 St. James To construct a drill site Thru Tim Morton & Assoc. for the purpose of drilling the S.L. 19197 Well No. 1
07092448 Nalco Company 4395+58 St. John the To install a security Thru The Shaw Group Baptist fence around a pipe rack and to install a guardrail on an existing pipe bridge
07092449 Port of So. LA 4634+47 St. John the To drill one (3) soil Thru Eustis Baptist borings
07092450 AEP Elmwood 3595+35 St. James To install two (2) power Thru Richard Wright poles
07092451 BASF 2323+00 Ascension To drive piles for Thru CDI mooring dolphins
07101552 Marathon 4525+90 St. John the To perform excavations

Baptist and pile driving for a new crude oil custody transfer system

07101553 Du Pont 3045+23 Ascension To drive concrete piles Thru Eagle and construct below grade concrete foundations
07101554 St. James Stevedoring 3166+00 St. James To drill seven (7) soil Thru Lanier boring and to drill four (4) soil borings in the river
River Road Historical Society for Destrehan Plantation Fall Festival – approval for parking on Saturday November 10, 2007 and Sunday, November 11, 2007
Norco Civic Association – December 2, 2007 – Santa Claus helicopter landing on levee
07111955 Honeywell 2140+00 Ascension To drive 24 piles to support a concrete foundation for the construction of a modular blast control room

No. Company Station Parish Description
07111956 Entergy 5144+50 St. Charles To remove an existing 50-foot wooden pole and replace it with a 55- foot wooden pole
07111957 Tiger State Ethanol 4004+29 St. James To drill 20 soil borings Thru Eustis and to perform 29 cone penetrometer tests
07111958 Entergy Louisiana 5674+77 St. Charles To relocate underground service
07111959 ABMB Engineers 450+00 EBR To drill four (4) soil Thru Aquaterra borings
07121760 Delta Terminal 2281+00 Ascension To install six (6) Thru T. Baker Smith pipelines on a piperack across the Miss River
07121761 CII Carbon LLC 425+11 St. James To install two (2) soil Thru Conestoga-Rovers borings/groundwater monitoring wells
07121762 LBC Tank Terminals 1290+00 Iberville To drill three (3) soil Thru Aquaterra borings & perform two (2) cone penetrometer tests
07121763 St. Charles Public Works 5598+98 St. Charles To drill soil borings

Thru Shread Kuyrkendall

07121764 Valero Refining 5374+78 St. Charles To install a galvanized Thru Wink pole on the levee slope paving
07121765 ABMB Engineers 603+35 EBR To drill five (5) soil Thru Capozzoli borings on the flood side and three (3) in the river
07121766 IMTT 5699+00 St. Charles To drill three (3) soil Thru Eustis borings & perform eight (8) cone penetrometer tests
07121767 Gnots-Reserve 4685+25 St. Charles To install two (2) Thru Richard Wright parking areas
07121768 IMTT 2316+00 Ascension To drill four (4) soil Thru CDI 2320+10 borings
07121769 IMTT 5701+37 St. Charles To construct a 20-foot Thru Infinity 5720+98 deck extension on Dock No. 8 and replace timber pipe supports with steel piles
NOTC 29th Annual Louisiana 30K State Championship Run/Walk – Sunday, January 20, 2008
RBM December 17, 2007 – Extension of permit # 06092554 to September 26, 2008

Valero 5349+65 St. Charles To replace pipe bridge Thru WINK over River Road

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