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2003 Spring Convention

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Membership Standards Committee

2003 Spring Convention

Grand Wailea Resort, Maui, Hawaii

Meeting Date: Thursday, April 24

Meeting Time: 8:00am-10:00am

Meeting Room: Silversword

Call to Order / Attendance

Present = (P); Absent = (A)

Jeff Gage, Chair (P)

Jan Berg, Vice Chair (P)

David Douglas, Vice Chair (P)

Doug May, Vice Chair (P)

David Lockwood, Membership CVP (P)
Mike Bender (A)

Conrad Bernard (P)

Mark Demetre (P)

Bob Hickman (A)

Mark Irvin (A)

Andrew Jaffe (A)

Jim Lohman (A)

Mike Searles (A)

Ken Tooman (P)

Mark Warlick (A)

Mark Crowley, Staff
Guests (P): Kevin Crowley, Pam Hinton, David Houston, Ross Miller

Review of Society Mission, Vision, and Committee Function – Jeff Gage
Jeff Gage provided an update on how the Strategic Plan has been implemented and how the decision-making process for Membership Standards-related issues.

Approval of Minutes from November 2002 Meeting – Jeff Gage
MOTION: Accept minutes from the November 2002 meeting as submitted.

ACTION: Approved

Committee Chair Report -- Jeff Gage

Admissions Task Force Report – Jeff Gage
A summary draft memo, describing the various initiatives that the Task Force is recommending, has been distributed for input.

Old Business:
Update on the Committee’s 2003 Goals:
Sales Manager Criteria Update (committee goal 1) – Conrad Bernard reported that a work group has discussed this issue but has deferred action since the Admissions TF is discussing this issue.
Captive Brokerage Volume Issue (committee goal 2) – David Douglas reported that a work group discussed this issue and reported that the group felt that no change was warranted at this time. The group had concerns about complicating the membership requirements. Kevin Crowley reported that the Executive Committee has discussed the various captive scenarios: in-house leasing agent, corporate services reps who work exclusively for one client, etc. This issue will continue to be discussed by various entities.
Educational requirement waiver for highly experienced (10+ years) applicants (committee goal 3) – Conrad Bernard reported that a work group discussed this issue and decided that no change should be recommended. The Admissions Task Force is also looking at this issue and will generate recommendations by the Fall Conference.
Candidate program enhancements (committee goal 4) – Jan Berg reported on her work group’s discussions and its discussions with the Membership Development & Retention Committee. Results of the 2002 Candidate survey were described. Generally, our success has been inconsistent: a few chapters have successful Candidate programs but most do not. The challenge is not the requirements for the program – but the benefits, which is under the purview of the Membership Development & Retention Committee. Perhaps there need to be more standards set by the Society to bring up the level of chapter success. Recommendations will be forwarded to the Membership Development & Retention Committee. No further action contemplated by Membership Standards until this committee receives input from the Membership Development & Retention Committee.
Volume Criteria for deals involving a developer representative. Currently, applicants can claim 100% of the volume for such deals since no other “broker” is involved but only 50% if there is a listing broker. There may be an inequity here.. This issue will be addressed by a work group to develop a recommendation for the Fall Conference.
Volume Criteria review by chapters. Mark Crowley reported that about half of the chapters have reviewed their criteria and have generally agreed that the current criteria accurately reflects their market standards. Volume will be updated for the 2004-05 period and brought to the Committee for approval at the Fall Conference.
Establishing volume criteria and admissions procedures for applicants from markets outside of North America (committee goal 5) – Doug May provided a report on his work group’s activities. The group has sent a questionnaire to current international members to collect data. Fundamental issue that needs to be clarified by the Board: do we want to attract the top brokers abroad or do we want key people in international markets to service the referral needs of North American members? Discussion suggested that we might need to look to partners to provide support to recruit and review members. Immediate application needs will be handled on a case by case basis using the current procedure and the procedure that was used and abandonded when we had affiliate members. Doug May will look at the current methods and make recommendations on any changes required. As new members are identified, we should determine where we need to build membership internationally, build a critical mass with basic membership criteria (using recommendations, experience, education – but not necessarily volume requirements since they often do not apply to international markets), form a chapter, which then can recommend its own criteria for membership for consideration by the Membership Standards Committee. We will present the international membership report to the Board and obtain direction from the Board whether our goal is to get the best brokers and form chapters abroad or to develop a strong referral network for our North American members with the hope of implementing an interim process for vote in Dallas.
The 2003 goals chart will be reviewed, updated, and distributed to the Committee by the end of May.

Consideration of Agenda Items &

Formation of Work Groups between now and

the 2003 Fall Professional Conference in Dallas


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