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1st day: Arrival to Lvov

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Excursion tour program

Tour duration – 3, 4, 5 days
1st day: Arrival to Lvov. Meeting in the airport. Transfer to the hotel. Hotel accommodation. Free time. An overnight at the hotel.
2nd day: Breakfast. Walking tour “Lvov is a pearl of Europe”. You will see the city historical part, inscribed in UNESCO World Heritage List. That is the St. George's Cathedral, the impressive reminder of baroque in Ukraine. You will enjoy a bird’s eye view of city panorama having mounted Vysokyi Zamok hill (High Castle). The tour is going through the central city’s avenues, involving such architectural monuments as University (the former Galytski Seim), Politehnik, Striski park, Lvov prestige districts and a lot of other interesting things. Free time.
3rd day: Breakfast. Free day. Optional program*.
4th day: Breakfast. Free day. Optional program*.
5th day: Breakfast. Free day. Transfer to the Lvov airport.
The price includes:

Extra pay:

  • Optional program*

* optional tours:
Walking tour “Austrian Lvov”.

The elegancy and fineness, all those things the city of lion is famed for, had appeared just right during Austrian rule, when the city became the capital of Kingdom of Galizien and Volhynia. The tour walks along districts, built mostly during Austria-Hungary empire period. Lvov had been developing swiftly then. The located here various architectural schools left behind a beautiful architecture. We will promenade in the oldest in Ukraine park, that remembers the time of fun and citizens amusements starting from 17 century, will walk Lvov Corso (Shevchenko Avenue) and will visit 5 central squares of Lvov.

Walking tour “ Princes’ Lvov”.

This tour is addressed to those who longs to learn Lvov history starting from its founding. During the tour you will visit the Church of St Paraskeba (Pyatnitskaya),13th century, the monastery of St. Onufriy and Onufriy Church (13th – 17th centuries), the kostel of St. John the Baptist (13th – 19th centuries), the Old Market (the oldest market place in Lvov), the oldest sample of the city monumental architecture – Nickolaevskaya church (till 10th century), the former monastery hospital of St. Vikentiy and Paulo, the kostel of St. Kazimir, Holy Spirit church. In the end of tour you will get up to the park Vysokiy Zamok (High Castle) where there are the remains of castle’s walls and tumulus, and enjoy a bird’s eye view of city panorama.

Walking tour “Coffee Lvov”.

The coffee scent… Its aroma floats over the coffee houses … To have a business talk or a heart-to-heart conversation they say “Let’s have coffee!” in Lvov. Why is it just like that? Where is this tradition from? Why is it just in Lvov? You’ll get the answers not only to these questions but learn a lot of new and interesting about coffee, the ways of its preparations, about coffee drinking traditions, you’ll visit the Lvov most typical coffee houses. And the last but not the least – you’ll get the opportunity to learn the fortune by coffee grounds, and everybody in Lvov knows – coffee doesn’t lie!

Walking tour “Lvov – the love according to the rules and without any” .

This tour will take you over the most romantic places of Lvov. In this journey you can dip into love stories of both noble and famous citizens and ordinary people, millers and kings, countesses and petty bourgeoisies, that is every Lvov citizens, who romantic stories pass by word of mouth year after year. You’ll be touched by story of female “rebellion” in defence of duelist in love …

Restaurant tour “From shpatser to kelishek” .

The tour will get you acquainted with city inside, will show you the most resonant knaips (café), every of them got its own special spirit and rhythm. The museum-restaurant “Gasova lyampa” will tell you of the highest Lvov pub life, of kerosene lamp invention and oil fever. Galician Jewish knaip “Under golden Rose” will merge you into unique Jewry world, meet you with traditions and cuisine, and treat you to peisahovka (jewdish raisin vodka). The coffee house “Oldish tram” is the only functioning tramway monument in Ukraine. “Masoch-café” is the window to the world, created in the vein of “masochism father” works – writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch …. Moreover, every visitor gets unique souvenirs.

Walking tour “Lychakiv Necropolis”.

This is a tour of one of the oldest landscape pantheons in the Europethe Lychakiv. During it you will see the artworks of famous Lvov sculptors of various styles and epochs. The many monuments of classicism of such masters as Antoniy Shimzer, Pol Evtel, Vitver and many others are represented widely here. This cemetery is also known by the tombs of Polish, German, Ukrainian, Armenian and many other cultures outstanding figures.
Tour “Through Lvov region castles”.

The Lvov region Golden Ring trip (Olesko, Zolochiv and Pidhirci castles).

Olesko Castle is one the oldest castles in the western Ukraine, preserved from 18th century. It used to be the residence of Polish kings, Jan III Sobieski among them. Today Olesko Castle became a museum. Hundreds of unique paintings, sculptures and applied arts can be seen in the museum.

Pidhirtsi Castle is a monument in the late Renaissance style, one of the most well-known castles. It was destined for amusements and entertainments and amazes by its uniqueness and architecture.

Zolochiv Castle was built as a citadel with bastions in the 1630s. In the 17th - 18th centuries the castle belonged to the rich Polish families of Sobieski and Radziwill. Inside Zolochiv Castle visitors could see a grand palace and unique Chinese palace, the analogs of which are in St-Petersburg and Berlin.
The museum of folk architecture and way of life “Shevchenkovski gay” tour.

The museum is located under the open sky in the beautiful countryside. The wooden houses, utility outhouses and churches of 19th century will return you to before last century. They were collected and carried from different parts of Ukraine and Galicia. There are more than 120 architectural monuments, including churches, smithy, sawmill, school, watermill and windmill. The oldest exhibit is the peasant hut dated 1749 year.

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