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15 Heenan Cres Sylvan Lake, Alberta

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15 Heenan Cres

Sylvan Lake, Alberta

T4S 1Y6

Phone: (403) 887 6289

Cell : (403) 358 8745


Craig Palidwar


Recertified oilfield tickets Red Deer, AB

H2S, Whmis, TDG, 1st aid, Ground disturbance,

Due Diligence, etc

1992 Canadian Forces Kingston, Ont

Lineman Training

    • Trained in Telephone splicing, and Communication tower maintenance

    • Operating trenching equipment, and installing trunk lines

    1991 Canadian Forces

Basic Training Cornwallis, NS

1990 Siast Prince Albert, Sk

Truck Driver Training

    • Trained on how to operate various types of Tractor / Trailers & various pieces of heavy equipment

Professional / work experience

    Jan 2008 to Current

Athabasca Oil Sands Corp

Construction Consultant / Supervisor

  • Overseeing construction of ice roads, and lease locations for core hole drilling

  • Heli-scouting new locations and access roads for winter projects

  • Ensuring compliance of rules and regulations of the ERCB

  • Working successfully with native contractors

    Nov 2005 to Dec 2007

    Fire Creek Resources Ltd Calgary AB

Construction Consultant / Supervisor

  • Overseeing various oil & gas location freeze ins, and builds for Companies such as Marauder, Bronnacker, Kaiser, Primewest, and EnCana.

  • Ensuring compliance of rules and regulations of both the ERCB, and the BC OGC.

  • Tracking and completing daily reports per oil & gas companies requirements

  • Developed stable relations between various aboriginals and the oil & gas companies

    Jan 2004 to Nov 2005 OK Drilling service Red Deer, AB

Senior Driller

  • Operation of a Texoma 700 truck mounted drilling unit

  • Setting and cementing various types of pipe and casings

  • Operation of forklifts, front-end loaders, and other, various equipment

    2002 to Jan 2004 Self Employed Red Deer, AB

Freelance Contractor

  • Installing various Star Choice, Bell and Internet Satellite systems

  • Various computer trouble shooting, and repairs

  • Connection of both home theater, and surround sound systems

    1995 to 2002 Shaw Communications Red Deer, AB

Owner/Operator (contractor)


Mike Smith (403) 605 0866 President of Paramax Resources

Shane Lokszyn: (403) 502 3004 Completions superintendent AOSC

Danny Wentworth: (780) 872 1019 Well site Supervisor SureFlow


For the past seven years I have worked for various oil & gas companies such as:

  • EnCana

  • Primewest

  • Athabasca Oilsands Corp

  • Surge Energy

  • Broadview Energy

  • Halvar Resources

  • Marauder oil & gas

I have worked in areas ranging from North of Fort St John, to North of Red Earth, North of Fort McMurray, and Fort Mckay. I have also worked in south western Saskatchewan and southern Alberta. The past six winters have all been in the heavy oil areas in the Athabasca region.

I have overseen single well location builds with an onsite sump and cement pits, as well as multi well winter programs with massive remote sumps. Working closely with environmental and safety companies, I have been able to ensure that all regulations of the ERCB are met; I have been able to resolve many issues with land owners, construction contractors, and native relations through negotiations and constant communications between governments and the oil & gas companies.

I have been the lead construction consultant for a highly successful winter program with over 60 gas wells drilled, completed and brought online in the NE fields of British Columbia. As well as being responsible for Freezing in access roads and locations for another 130 sites for EnCana and Primewest that same winter in a neighboring field.

I am looking forward to discussing any opportunities that may come up with you at.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my resume.

Craig Palidwar

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