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14th International Bio symposium

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14th International Bio symposium,

16th to 19th November 2011

University of Maribor (UM), Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences (FKBV), Aula Magnum, Pivola 10, 2312 Hoče /Maribor

1st Announcement

The Institute of Organic Agriculture FKBV and partners of Alpe Adria Symposiums organizes 14th International Bio symposium. The aim of the Symposium is to present results of scientific work, their reviews and create the new skills of organic farming together with long-term group from Alpe Adria regions, as a way enable a better transfer of research work and professional innovations and ideas into organic food chain.

The symposium will take place from 16th to 19th November at the Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Pivola 10, Hoče/Maribor. At the symposium , the works on the subject of the following research and developmental studies will be presented:

- Organic farming production system and crops,

- Agro ecology of organic production systems,

- Innovations in production chain of organic food from the field to plate

and includes presentations and workshops in Alpe Adria Day focused on actual topics of organic farming - developmental activities in Alpe Adria region

Invitation to the registration of the Abstracts of lectures and posters, such as Scientific papers

The titles of the work, as well as authors names (like Barkez M.) and address (all in bold text) and Abstract (up to 450 words in English or German language, Word - Times New Roman, 12) should be sent by 30th of September to the e-mail address ( Abstracts will be published in 'The Book of Abstracts'. The authors will be informed of acceptance of their works and the mode of presentation (oral or poster) by 5th October 2011.

The full text papers (review, original research work,...) will be published under regular procedure in Agricultura (, cited international journal . The scientific papers should be completed before the beginning of the Symposium.

Program, registration, etc. will be available on after 22nd September 2011.

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