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14 Dickson Lane, Barboursville, wv 25504

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14 Dickson Lane, Barboursville, WV 25504


Linda Hamilton


Education and Teaching Experience


1968–Present Mathematics/Science Worldwide

Mathematics/Science Instructor

1998-2001 Workshops, Presentations, & Workshops


  • SCORES, Pi Mu Epsilon, Math Competition, West Virginia Science Fair, and Mathematical Association of America at Marshall University

  • West Virginia Science Teachers Convention 2000

  • Workshop for Teachers LEGO Michigan Teacher Workshop

  • Students at Marshall University in West Virginia, USA, drove through a LEGO model of a heart that was set up at Davis Creek Elementary. A LEGO RED ROVER with a camera on top drove through the maze by controls through the internet.

  • Davis Creek Elementary's Mars Red Rover traveled to Morgantown on November 30 through December 2 to present three programs to teachers, NASA representatives, Marshall and West Virginia University professors, and West Virginia's excellent science teachers. In these presentations Linda Hamilton spoke of the history of our DC Mars Red Rover Project that has been sponsored these past three years by a NASA K12 Outreach Grant from the NASA Space Consortium of West Virginia. Also supporting an accompanying program is the Nick J. Rahall, II, Appalachian Transportation Institute at Marshall University.

  • A ROBOTICS presentation was brought to the MIT Media Lab by Linda Hamilton who does k-12 math/science outreach with the schools using LEGO elements including RCX programmable brick. The presentation showed what the students have done, especially making a Mars Red Rover and teleoperating over the internet. Working with a LEGO rover is part of Red Rover Goes to Mars project that could lead to students being NASA scientists on the 2001 Mars Rover and Lander.

  • Engineers Club Of Huntington Meeting Lego and computer demonstration.

  • News Media coverage TV movie on web of news reports of projects, College Of Science newsletter, Marshall University Parthenon, and Herald-Dispatch Newspaper articles.

  • Web Presence Davis Creek Elementary LEGO Dacta Projects

  • LEGO web pages of Linda Hamilton on Marshall

  • Featured in Tufts University LEGO Web Site, Chris Roger and Ben Irwin, Directors of Center for Engineering, Educational Outreach Programs ( (

  • Funding has been from Davis Creek and Cabell County School board $900, 3 years of West Virginia Space Grant Consortium k-12 Outreach Grants $15,000, and numerous private contributions such as members of the Engineers Club Of Huntington $2,500.


1964-1968 University of Montana Billings, Montana

  • B.S., Mathematics and Music.

  • Graduated Cum Laude.


Mathematics/Science Projects Using LEGO Robotics

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