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14 Cherepichniy, Nizhny Novgorod, 603141, Russia Tel./fax: +7 (831) 411 55 97

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Limited Liability Company «DiSiCon»

14 Cherepichniy, Nizhny Novgorod, 603141, Russia

Tel./fax: +7 (831) 411 55 97



TIN 5261071118, KPP 526101001

Settlement Account 40702810900000001801

in JSC “Radiotechbank” of the city of Nizhny Novgorod

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Information Letter about Forest Monitoring System “Lesnoy Dozor”
We are a scientific production association “Distant Systems Control” (hereinafter – “DSC”) — the residents of Skolkovo Innovation Center. We have developed and sell innovative forest monitoring system “Lesnoy Dozor” (Forest Watch). The system is implemented/ was successfully tested in 11 Russian and 1 Byelorussian regions:
1. Nyzhniy Novgorod Region.

2. Tver Region.

3. Respublika Komi.

4. Amur Region.

5. Respublika Mariy El.

6. Moscow Region.

7. Vologda Region.

8. Kursk Region.

9. Kemerovo Region.

10. Tambov Region

11. Kaliningrad Region.

12. Homyel‘ Region (Byelorussia).

We have positive references from our customers and President Medvedev’s official support. Today negotiations are also hold with Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and dozens of Russian regions.
Today the main product of our team is “Lesnoy Dozor” - an early warning system for forest fires which is also good at plotting fires’ coordinates. For this purpose any towers, modern equipment and own software are used. All this helps “Lesnoy Dozor” to find forest fires on large and small areas efficiently.
The system consists of 2 main parts:

  1. hardware;

  2. software.

The hardware part is special surveillance equipment (video cameras, thermal imagers, infrared cameras, etc. ), that are installed on various towers. These sensors observe the adjacent zone and transmit the video to control centers at once.

The software part is a special software, that is installed on the control center operator’s PC. It guarantees high efficiency of forest fires detection and plotting fires’ coordinates. It is integrated with current IT technologies: computer vision, geoinformation system technologies, IP video surveillance and client-server applications
The systems characteristics depend on three factors:

  • the surveillance equipment (sensors);

  • the scheme of the system (communication buses, sensors suspension height);

  • weather, terrestrial and other conditions.

If you create perfect working conditions, the system features will be as follows.

Coverage range detection

within 30 km

Direction detection accuracy

0,5 degree

Detection accuracy

+/- 250 m

Time to alert

approx. 10 minutes

Number of sensors that could be controlled by one operator

up to15 (up to 50 in the long term)

Number of system controlled surveillance points

without limit

In order to work out systems technical characteristics in some particular region we need relevant maps (or appropriate coordinates) with marks and notes, that point out what forest areas should be surveilled. As soon as you send us this data, we’ll run a system simulation program to calculate the price and “Lesnoy Dozor” technical characteristics.

The cost of the system in various areas is different as different suitable equipment is needed. For instance video cameras cost range from 2000 to 5000 euros, infrared imagers – up to 38000 and communication buses – from 50 to 1300 euros (a month). How much a customer will spend on the system in general, practically depends on those, what kind of equipment is good for this or that location.

The system is controlled by “Lesnoy Dozor” software. Actually it is the brain of the system. Dangerous objects (smoke, fire) are detected by the software automatically. As for the final decision, it is made by the control center operator.

Lesnoy Dozor” software carries out following functions:

  1. enabling operations with different types of sensors (video cameras, infrared imagers, infrared cameras, etc.);

  2. control center operator assistance to detect forest fires in a real-time mode;

  3. forest fires detection in an automatic mode;

  1. opportunity to connect with some other information systems;

  2. opportunity to adapt the system to certain conditions and customer’s demands;

  3. opportunity to effect the direction detection immediately and (sometimes) plot out the right coordinates;

  1. opportunity to plot out the forest fires coordinates from just one tower;

  2. opportunity to control the operator’s decisions;

  1. opportunity to estimate forest fires size;

  1. opportunity to control a great deal of watch towers with the help of one man.

- “Lesnoy Dozor” software interface

We render the following services:

  • cellular communication infrastructure adaptation;

  • appropriate surveillance equipment selection;

  • technical document preparation (wiring diagrams, installation-specific settings, etc.);

  • installation, balancing and commissioning (on our own or by means of our partner to reduce customer’s expenses. Now we are looking for such partner in Europe;

  • “Lesnoy Dozor ”software service and upgrade;

  • we are also ready to improve our software in order to meet customer’s requirements. For example, to integrate it with a set of other information systems for the purpose of:

- forest monitoring (satellite, terrestrial, aircraft);

- forest inventory;

- forest fires warning;

- forest fires forecasting;

- forest fires extension modelling.

In order to implement system “Lesnoy Dozor” in any region some stages should be passed anyway:

  1. system requirements formulation.

  2. watch towers/celluar towers selection.

  3. appropriate equipment selection.

  4. equipment delivery and installation.

  5. equipment setting.

  6. software installation and running.

We are looking forward for any cooperation and ready to share experience with our European partners.

  • Public Company Tele2, Tver Branch.

  • FSUE Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (RTRS).

  • JSC Rostelecom.

  • JSC Mobile TeleSystems (MTS).

  • JSC MegaFon, Central Branch.

  • CC NCC.

  • Nizhegorodskiy Innovation Business-Incubator (NIBI).

  • Axis Communications AB.

  • LLC SB – Legion.

  • JSC The Central Research Institute Cyclone.

  • JSC Research Institute Rastr.

  • ScanEx Research and Development Center.

  • Federal Goverment Agency Avialesoohrana.


  • Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

  • WWF Russia, Amur branch.

Truly yours,

Director of “DSC” ____________/I.S. Shishalov

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