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1/3 Technical requirements Metallica Revival Beroun rev. 1/2014

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Technical requirements

Metallica Revival Beroun

rev. 1/2014 (winter/spring 2014 Tour)

A: Stage:

Minimal dimensions 6 x 8m. Drum riser is welcomed if is available, but not essential. Minimal dimensions 2,5 x 2m, 40cm height; top surface should be non-sliding material.

B: Mains on stage:

Should be in perfect working condition, properly grounded and protected via residual current circuit breaker. Outlets should be via stage plot, standard german (SCHUKO) or french type.


FOH: Professional P.A. system of reputable manufacturer (L-Acoustics, d&b audiotechnik, NEXO, EAW, Martin Audio…) with adequate subs, at least bi-amped. Minimal power 15W RMS per head (a number of heads = capacity of venue). System must be able to provide 115dB (A) @ FOH position without a hearable distortion.
Professional mixing console with minimal configuration 16mono +4stereo/8/2 or 24/8/2; equipped at least: insert, HPF, phantom +48V, 4-band EQ with semiparametric mids, 5x pre-fader AUX, 3x post-fader AUX per channel. (Allen&Heath GL/ML series, Soundcraft GB/MH series, Midas Verona/Legend/Heritage). Please NO Mitec, H&K, Peavey, Behringer, Phonic etc.

At least 4 (four) channels of quality noise gate with frequency-conscious keying (DRAWMER DS-201/404, XTA G2, BSS DPR-504...) please NO Behringer, Samson.

At least 4 (four) channels of quality compressors (dbx 160, 1066, XTA C2, BSS DPR-402/404...) please NO Behringer, Alesis.

2 (two) quality reverb processors – YAMAHA SPX 900/1000/990/2000, T.C.electronic M2000/3000, Lexicon LXP15II, MPX-1, PCM80/81/90/91/92...

2 (two) pcs of quality professional 2x30 band graphic EQ, 1x by master; 1x by monitor outputs No. 2 + 3 – Klark Teknik DN360/370, BSS FCS-960/966, XTA GQ600, Symetrix 533E, Ashly GQX-3102... please NO Alesis M-EQ 230, Behringer etc.

In the case of a digital mixing console we strictly prefer one of follows: DiGiCo D5/SD8/SD9, Soundcraft Vi serie, A&H iLive T112 or higher model, YAMAHA M7CL, CL3, CL5. Small-format digital desk like Yamaha 01V, LS9 , Presonus Studiolive , Mackie TT24 etc. are ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE!!!

Band's sound engineer use own rack with dual channel tube compressor, T.C. delay and PC + sound card, incl. wiring. The drummer, bass player and lead vocalist are always using their own wireless in-ear monitoring!
MONITORS: Separated monitor mixing desk is not necessary; we need 5 (five) mixes and 3 (three) wedge monitors. All the wedges should be the same type, quality, powerfull and in perfect working condition; equipped with 12“ or 15“ + 2“ and drived by adequate amplifiers. Preferred types: L-Acoustics 115HiQ, d&b audiotechnik M4/M6/MAX, EAW MicroWedge.

Mix No.1, 4 and 5 are XLR outputs on stage and leads to basist (1), drummer's (4) and lead vocalist's (5) IEM wireless transmitters.

INPUT LIST: Note: Band's sound engineer use some own microphones (marked by normal types in this text); required items are marked by bold types.

Ch. Instrument Mic others insert

1 Kick's (both of them) own DI BSS AR133 XLR

2 Snare top own AUDIX D1 own clamp own comp

3 Hi-hat own SHURW SM81 own clamp

4 Rack tom 1 Beta56, D2, e604... clamp gate

5 Rack tom 2 Beta56, D2, e604... clamp gate

6 Floor tom 1 own AUDIX D4 own clamp gate

7 Floor tom 2 own AUDIX D4 own clamp gate

8 Overhead own A-T AE3000 tall boom

9 Overhead own A-T AE3000 tall boom

10 Bass line own DI BSS AR133 XLR own comp

11 Guitar 1 own Sennheiser e609 small boom

12 Guitar 2 own Sennheiser e609 small boom

13 Vocal SR SHURE SM58 tall boom comp

14 Vocal C own SHURE SM58 tall boom comp

15 Vocal SL own SHURE SM58 tall boom comp

16 Talkback

st 1 playbacks PC/sound card

st 2 fx return reverb 1

st 3 fx return reverb 2

st 4 fx return own delay


mon. - mix 4 (XLR out)

Bass amp Gtr amp 1

Gtr amp 2

Mon. – mix1 (XLR out)

Backing Voc Lead Voc Backing Voc

2x mon. - mix2 + IEM (mix5 – XLR) mon. - mix3

Front of stage
If you are in doubt or you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our sound engineer:

Martin Dusak

GSM phone:+420 602 314 232


The band is travelling without own lighting designer. Common club lighting equipment will be probably suitable. We prefer blackouts in some special moments and fast white strobes in another special moments – if is it possible, we will consult this with local LD.

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