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1. Where did George Gordon Byron spend his childhood? /Aberdeen

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Quiz “Do you know…?”
1. Where did George Gordon Byron spend his childhood? /Aberdeen/

2. What is Aloway famous for? /The birthplace of Robert Burns/

3. Who wrote “People and Prejudice and Emma”? /Jane Austen/

4. Who was the creator of Peter Pan? /J.M. Barrie/

5. Whose birthday do the British celebrate on January 25? /Robert Burns/

6. Who wrote hundreds of song and poems, mainly on Scottish country life, love and national

pride /Robert Burns/

7. His real name was Charles Dodgson. What is his pseudonym? /Lewis Carrol/

8. Her most famous characters are the detectives “Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Who is she?

/Dame Agatha Christie/

9. A popular British writer, especially of children’s books which often combine frightening with

humour. Who is this? /Roald Dahl/

10. His many books described life in Victorian England and showed how hard it was, especially

for the poor and for children. One of his characters is Oliver Twist. /Charles Dickens/

11. An English poet and writer of plays, born in the USA, won the 1948 Nobel Prize for

literature. /T.S. Eliot/

12. The greatest dramatist of the 16th century. /W. Shakespeare/

13. A British writer of detective stories who invented the character Adam Dalgliesh. Many of her

books have been filmed for television. /P.P. James/

14. A writer of the humour book “Three men in a boat”. /Jerome K. Jerome/

15. In his books he described traveling to Wonderland. /Lewis Carrol/

16. A British writer considered to be one of the best short story writers in England. His best-

known novel is Of Human Bondage. /W. Somerset Maugham/

17. The author of The tale of Peter Rabbit and the Tailor of Glaucester. /Beatrix Potter/

18. The author of Ivanhoe. /Sir Walter Scott/

20. This is a tragedy about two young people from Verona. Who is the author of it, what is it?

/ “Romeo and Juliet” W. Shakespeare/

21. Many well-known expressions came from this author. He also wrote some very good poetry

especially the sonnets. He worked as an actor at the Globe Theatre. /W. Shakespeare/

22. His adventure story about the Treasure Island is well-known all over the world. Who is this

author? /Robert Louis Stevenson/

23. An Irish writer. The author of Dracula. /Bram Stoker/

24. This author was born in India. His famous books include Vanity Fair.

/William Makepeace Thackeray/

25. An English writer famous for his fantasy books The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

/JRR Tolkien/

26. An Irish writer best known for his play The importance of being earnest and his story

The picture of Dorian Gray. /Oscar Wilde/

27. The main character of this book lived on the island. Who is this?

/Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe/

28. The main character of his books was a famous detective lived in Baker Street.

/Sherlock Holmes/

29. This writer is honored by British people. The author’s festival is held in Rochester.

/Charles Dickens/

30. The statue of this literary character is in Picardy Place, Edinburgh. /Sherlock Holmes/

31. The author of The Jungle book. He was awarded the Noble Prize. /Rudyard Kipling/

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