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1. What was the birthplace of the founder of the Franciscan Order of monks?

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1. What was the birthplace of the founder of the Franciscan Order of monks?


2. Which Northumbrian castle was used as a location for Hogwart’s School

in ‘Harry Potter’ films? ALNWICK

3. How many tiles (including blanks) are there at the start of a Scrabble game? 100

4. The young of what seabird – seen locally – is called a gogar? GANNET NAMED GUGA IN SCOTLAND AND EATEN AS A HIGHLAND DELICACY

5. Who scored the only goal of the 2014 football World Cup, winning it for


6. What potential disaster was the theme of the 1979 movie ‘The China Syndrome’?

NUCLEAR (power station) MELT-DOWN

7. What does a silviculturalist grow? TREES/FORESTS

8. Which 2 men, pioneers in the same field of engineering, are depicted on the

current Bank of England £50 note? (2 part question) JAMES WATT and


9. What is the combined distance run by women in the 3 track races in the

heptathlon? 1100m (100m hurdles, 200m, 800m)

10. Which British plane was the most successful Allied fighter in World War 1 – with

more enemy ‘kills’ than any other? SOPWITH CAMEL

11 In which decade was Tower Bridge in London opened? 1890s (1894)

12 What numbers do the wingers in a Rugby Union team play in? 11 and 14

13 In which country did Granny Smith apples originate? AUSTRALIA

14 What did Field Marshal Montgomery win – again - in Glasgow this August?


15 In which Dickens novel does Mr Bumble say ‘The law is an ass, a idiot’?


16 Which board game was devised in 1979 by Canadians Chris Haney and Scott


17 For which sensational 1936 crime in America was Bruno Hauptmann tried, found

guilty and executed? THE KIDNAP / MURDER of the LINDBERGH BABY

18 What is the normal maximum number of characters in a Twitter tweet? 140

19 In 1960, who was the first Welsh man to have a No 1 in the UK charts, the

song selling over 1 million copies? RICKY VALANCE (Tell Laura I Love Her)

20 Deuterium oxide is a vital component in nuclear weapons technology; how is it

more commonly known? HEAVY WATER

21 What was the occupation of fictional Maximus Decimus Meridius? ‘GLADIATOR’ (also accept ‘General’)

22 What ingredient is it that gives Indian Tonic Water medicinal properties?


23 What is the longest river in Europe? VOLGA (Europe extends to the Urals)

24 OPEC makes decisions that affect garage forecourt prices. What does the

acronym stand for? Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

25 Which company, with over 21,000 outlets worldwide, has a logo featuring a

double-tailed mermaid? STARBUCKS

26 January 1st in what year saw the introduction of Euro coins and notes? 2002

27 Born Adam Wiles, what is the professional name of the Dumfries-born singer,

songwriter, record producer and - last year - the highest paid DJ in the world?


28 Which muscle is the largest in your body? GLUTEUS MAXIMUS – buttock muscle

29 Which famous battle took place on October 25th – St Crispin’s Day? AGINCOURT

30 What is the more common name for the plant ‘Atropa Belladonna’ ?


31 In what year is the next National Census scheduled to be? 2021

32 Who was the activist whose persecution and death in custody was the subject of

the film ‘Cry Freedom’ ? STEVE BIKO

33 Top-selling female artist in her country, how is Eithne ni Bhraonain better

known? ENYA

34 A rose is the hallmark for gold and silver certified in which UK assay office?


35 What is a cockchafer? A BEETLE

36 Which UK city is known in its locality as Abertawe? SWANSEA

37 What was the nationality of Olympic triple-gold medallist Michelle Smith de

Bruin whose 1994 swimming titles were stripped for tampering with urine

samples? IRISH

38 It got its name from crouching players looking like toads; at which casino game

are players now expected to stand? CRAPS (French ‘crapeaux’)

39 To the nearest minute, how long does light from the sun take to get here?


40 Which English monarch died a prisoner in Pontefract Castle in 1400? RICHARD 2ND

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