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1. In English, we sometimes use "c y that" to mean that we have understood something

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嘉義縣立新港國中100學年度上學期 國三英語科第二次段考 考試卷


1. In English, we sometimes use “c______y that” to mean that we have understood something.

2. A d______y is a useful tool in learning English.

3. Love is b______d. It means we can do anything for love.

4. The life v______t is put under the seat for every passenger on the plane.

5. Hip-hop is still in f______n. It is so popular with teenagers.

6. 直的 7. 視力

8. 接受 9. 外國人

10. 努力 11. 便利貼書籤

12. 裝飾 13. 角色;部份

14. 出現 15. 發明

16. 短褲 17. 閒晃

18. 換句話說 19. 權利

20. 脫掉


1. It was common ______ (see) working women in loose pants or jeans.

2. Mr.Wu spent five years ______ (build) his house.

3. It ______ (spent/cost/took) me NT$ 10000 to buy a PS3.

4. It ______ (spent/cost/took) me three hours to do the math homework.

5. I ______ (spent/cost/took) 15 minutes doing my homework.

6. I borrowed a new comic book ______ (from/to) the school library.

7. I don't want to lend my camera ______ (from/to) Tom.

8. He liked to mark his pages in the song book with small pieces of paper. But they kept ______(fall) out.

9. I have three uncles. One is a farmer, ______ is a soldier, and the other is a doctor.

10. The woman ______ long straight hair is Mom.

11. Who is the woman ______ a purple T-shirt and bell-bottoms?

12. Do you mean the woman next ______ Mom?

13. Pants, bell-bottoms and jeans became popular ______ women in the 1960s.

14. The post-it notes that I often use are ______ the shape of a frog.

15. You did a good job. I am proud ______ you.


  1. ( )The woman who lives with Tom______ going to move out soon.
    (A) is (B) are (C) will be (D) be

  2. ( )Look at the man ______ shorts over there. (A) wear (B) have (C) on (D) in

  3. ( )Mary likes to read comic books ______ him laugh.
    (A) made (B) to have made (C) that make (D) which makes

  4. ( )She is the girl ______ put a gift on your desk.
    (A) who (B) she (C) this (D) her

  5. ( )It’s so hot. I want something     to drink now.
    (A) coldly (B) cold (C) ice (D) interested

6. ( )Mr. Chen is one of the nicest teachers     I know.
(A) where (B) what (C) that (D) they

  1. ( )Alice cried loudly because     her boyfriend.
    (A) on (B) with (C) of (D) for

  2. ( ) The cake,     is delicious, is made by my brother.
    (A) why (B) when (C) who (D) which

  3. ( )The dog     big ears is my favorite puppy. Its name is Bobo.
    (A) with (B) in (C) at (D) about

  4. ( )The girl ______ new car was stolen yesterday is very angry.
    (A) who (B) whose (C) which (D) that

  5. ( )She is the first student     got to the classroom.
    (A) where (B) that (C) which (D) ×

  6. ( )I don’t like the vest     two pockets. It’s too small.
    (A) at (B) about (C) in (D) with

  7. ( )A:Look! These notebooks come     different shapes, colors, and sizes.
    B:I like the blue one.
    (A) on (B) in (C) for (D) from

  8. ( )The boy and the dog     are running in the park are very happy.
    (A) who (B) which (C) that (D) ×

  9. ( ) Bob has changed a lot. He     get up early to do exercise. But now he wakes up late and is late for school every day.
       (A) forgot to
       (B) hated to
       (C) used to
       (D) volunteered to


  1. Liu Bang-yao, a 25-year-old student who comes from Taipei, spent three months making a short film which is named DEADLINE—Post-it Notes. In the film, a man is sitting at the desk. His post-it notes fly and paste themselves on the wall, 600 pieces a second. Then, these post-it notes change into a hammer that comes down to hit the man. So the man wakes up and finds that it is just a dream.
    Liu sent the film to YouTube. In a month, the film attracted the attention of more than a million people who surfed the Internet. He is said to be another pride of Taiwan.
    & film 影片 deadline 截止日 hammer 榔頭 attract 吸引 pride 驕傲
    ( ) 1. What was used by Mr. Liu to make his film?
       (A) A hammer.
       (B) Post-it notes.
       (C) A flying desk.
       (D) A short dream.
    ( ) 2. Who might watch the film DEADLINE—Post-it Notes?
       (A) Men who sell post-it notes.
       (B) People who have hammers.
       (C) Men who want to attract women.
       (D) People who like to surf the Internet.

Welcome to the lizard museum. Today I’ll tell you some fun facts that are about lizards. There are about 3,700 kinds of lizards in the world. Most lizards can live for 15 years, but the oldest one on record is 29 years old. This lizard is also the biggest in our museum. It’s as long as nine feet. Lizards  are just like snakes. They take a sunbath to keep warm and have a long sleep in winter. Most lizards were born from eggs. But look here, everyone. These lizards were born from their mothers’ bodies. It’s very interesting, right? Now please follow me to the next room.

lizard 蜥蜴 record 紀錄 sunbath 日光浴 follow 跟隨
( )3. How long can most lizards live?
    (A) Five years.
    (B) Fifteen years.
    (C) Twenty years.
    (D) Twenty-nine years.
( )4. How do lizards keep warm?
    (A) They go swimming.
    (B) They eat more.
    (C) They sleep in the hole.
    (D) They take a sunbath.
( )5. What do lizards do in winter?
    (A) Sleep.
    (B) Hunt for food.
    (C) Build a house.
    (D) Exercise.

  1. ( )The special glue that Art brushed on the back of his bookmarks was invented by Spencer.
    (A) Spencer invented the glue that Art used.
    (B) Art invented the special glue.
    (C) Spencer invented bookmarks.
    (D) Art brushed the glue on the front of his bookmarks.

  2. ( )Anne used to be late for work.
    (A) Anne is always late for work.
    (B) Anne was usually late for work, but she isn’t late now.
    (C) Anne was late for work, and she’s still late now.
    (D) Anne always gets to her office early.

  3. ( )Angel has three brothers. Ben only has one.
    (A) Angel has fewer brothers than Ben.
    (B) Ben is Angel’s brother.
    (C) Ben has more brothers than Angel.
    (D) Angel has more brothers than Ben.

  4. ( )Eden eats less than Sean.
    (A) Eden eats more food.
    (B) Sean eats more than Eden.
    (C) Eden likes to eat.
    (D) Sean doesn’t like to eat.

  5. ( )The woman who’s wearing a short skirt is Tom’s wife.
    (A) The woman wants to be Tom’s wife.
    (B) Tom’s wife is wearing a short skirt.
    (C) Tom is not happy because of his wife’s clothes.
    (D) The woman doesn’t like Tom.

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