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1 3 Sovereigns and 5 Empererors

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Chinese Dynasty Story:
Heavenly Lee created everything (1) played in the summer time summer trying to enjoy their health (2)Xia4, but then it was time for business (3)Shang1of heaven. He went around (4) Zhou from west (being filial to lead to being beyond full) to east (trying to build a city for the fullness and then came a battle for the established family) and meanwhile enjoying some other seasons, then going to war. After starving he had big grain for a little while (5) Qin1 and became who he was in the west (6) Xi1Han4西汉. Then he thought to start new (7) Xinbefore going east (8)Dong1Han4东汉, but from all the traveling 3 rose above (9)San1Guo2三国, then he had to advance from west (10)Jin to east again(11)Jin, but was able this time to go SandN (12) SandN . He took a break on the left (13) Sui4 and ate some candy (14) but then all hell broke loose (15) . After he went back from N to S while resting under a tree(15) (16) . After rested he went to a far away place for some time (17) and then he found some gold (18) , but the original gold seekers took the his gold (19)Jin . It became clear after that (20) Ming2things were rough then was considered for one year (21) Shun and agreed to again that it must continue to be clear(22) Qing1...


3 Sovereigns and 5 Empererors c. 2852-2184 begining holy Emps be: fatly, growing, holistically, amply apples (A)First was the woman who made people from clay and ropes, used 5 colored stones from cut legs of tortoise to uphold sky, used ash to stop flood (1)Nu3Wa1 女娲 then one made people have houses(2)You3Chao2 有巢 for them came. Then of course people had to play with fire (had 3 eyes)(3)Sui4Ren2燧人so the houses could be destroyed later, but first there was manliness(invented writing, fishing, trapping, marriage, guqin, devised 8 trigrams from back of turtle starting calligraphy) (4)Fu2Xi1(2852-2737)actively acting engaged for the woman. Now the fire came back (5)Yan2Di4炎帝(2737-2699)(catching hell for establishment but was defeated in 3rd battle of Banquan with Huangdi, a powerful one of many peoples(invented medicine, Taoism, silk, south-pointing chariots, martial arts, Chinese calendar).Beat Chi You’s 81 monster brothers(4 eyes, 8 arms) 14 of 25 children token by dragons (6)Huang2Di4黄帝(2699-2588)all awesome ancestor+1 then his nephew, a vastness in the golden heavens(son Ru Shou’s responsible for sunsets) and having birds control(he was a vulture, phoenix: chancellor, hawk: law, pigeon: education) (7)Jin1Tian1金天Shaohao4(clear summer sky/vast)少昊(2587-2491)interesting farmer+1. Then having to progress to working with religions and having systems of people that were so balanced it grieved him came (8)Zhuan1Xu1颛顼(2490-2413)gathering governments+1. Then a bitter teaching of this so as to spread it(1st to practice polygamy) (9)Di4Ku4帝喾Gao1xin1Shi4 高辛氏(2412-2343) forcing institution came

B)then one who because of too much enforcement was too sincere came and went (10)Zhi4(2343-2333)alarmingly jousted but was replaced by a long living powerful (11)Yao2/TaoTang2Shi4/ Yi1Fang4Xun1/陶唐氏/伊放勋(2333-2234)impeccably illustrious+1 one who hired one clawing through by nights to be staked at the top similar to him (12)Shun4(2233-2184) came drastically impossible.
Xia Dynasty c. 20701600 BC be building jolly evil: after ,era A)The one whom it went straight through to the matter (Shun killed father who couldn’t tame waters) and passed door 3 times(helped by yellow dragon and black turtle) (1) Da4Yu3 大禹2205-2197) honorable+51 (endless age) was thwarted by the opened one who was institutionalized (begin passing throne to sons). and had a son who rebelled. (2) Qi3 (2146-2117)battled institution, and because of being cutoff one who only cared about his health ruled ( hunted but died in a lake) (3)Tai4Kang1太康(2117-2088)bested inferiors then his lesser who was greater(used general Zeng to kill bad man Yihe) came (4)Zhong4 Kang1仲康(2088-2075)action to corruption then because of being stronger the next faced many barbarians and Hanzhuo(killed fighting his sons) and his wife Ji prevailed through to birth the next (5) Xiang1(2075-2008)fled government+1 then one who was smallest of health but prevailed too much. He killed Hanzhuo’s two sons, gave land to Zhou vassal (later Zhou dynasty) and instituted paying homage to ancestors(how countries show wealth)(6) Shao4Kang1少康Ning(2007-1985) broke battlements, and because of prevailing the next needled to get more(hunted in East Sea) (7) Zhu4(1985-1968)abundant gratification, but because of getting too much one had to go up a tree like a demon(9 barbarians came to capital) just to write the poetry of haunt (圜土) (8) Huai2(1968-1924), dreamed daringly

B) then because of too much sticking out he gave jade to all vassals. He caught a big fish in E. China Sea. Shang vassal Zihai4 (子亥) moved capital to Yin1(where L.Shang began) 殷(9) Mang2(1924-1906)augmented honors, and then had to move going back down the tree so as to discharge many (6 barbarian tribes including Shang) (10) Xie4(1906-1890)ascension faltered, the next thinking to work smarter not harder was so wise he couldn't fall (11) Bu2Jiang4不降(1890-1831), educated intelligently came and he unlocked the locked door (12)Jiong1(1831-1810), boxed-in anxiously to his other but he didn't know what to do because he was in a hut and missed the west.Mved capital to 西河 and made west sound西音(13)Jin3/(1810-1789), Jin being asphixiated and he became so depraved that one came and put a hole in heaven (14)Kong3Jia3孔甲(1789-1758), cared associations(wine, somen and superstitions) and let Xia decline andforgot about the west (made eastern sound东音 also called “Song of Broken Axe”)and took the pig's leather(Tunwei) but the next gave it back securing the pure bigness (15) Gao1(1758-1747)allied accused, then one came to get ready to send out (16) Fa1, akaHou4jing后敬(1747-1728), aftershock impelling because he was behind respect to the extreme place, then came the last who trampled the last Heaven(early frosts, rains, crops failed,Minoan eruption of Thera c. 1628 BC, Xiongnu traced to him,five planets seen, meteor shower, earthquake and the Yi and Luo rivers dried up, water tunnel through Qushan 瞿山 collapsed)) (17) Lu3Gui3/Jie2履癸/(1728-1675), evily carried and by evening staked through the construction led by a younger happy one Mo Xi (妹喜(drink, sing, jugglers, wine lake where 3000 men drowned). He used Nian(辇)(sedan chair). Imprisoned Tang at Xia Pyramid (夏台). Xia defeated by Shang during thunderstorm at battle of Ming2tiao2 (鸣条). Jie was set free at Nanchao (南巢


Shang Dynasty c. 16001046 BC1 1675 attacking foreigners gaining enlightenment (A)There was a stirring of the soup (11 wars with Xiaand Battle of Mingtiao)then he came to start the heaven a second time(15th generation ancestor of Gaoxin) and vowed to sacrifice self to god if it didn’t rain. (1) Tang1/Tian1 Yi3Luu3(tread on)(1675-1646) battling inequities, then came his son was an outsider who was third or foretold to be third(elder brother Tai Ding 太丁died)(2) Wai4Bing3外丙,aka Zisheng子胜 then his brother came who was a second in line master (3) Zhong4Ren2仲任aka Zi Yong1(commonplace) 子庸 who was commonplace then came a nephew because he was too heavenly (4) Tai4Jia3太甲aka Zi Zhi4(until) 子至 so he was exiled until 3 years by Yi1 Yin 3伊尹carried on to his 1st son a gorgeous son who was an irrigating member(praised Yiyin) (5) Wo4Ding4沃丁ZiXuan4(gorgeous) 子绚, then followed a brother to whom it was argued he was very much of age (6) Tai4Geng1太庚, aka Zi Bian4 子辨, then followed again by a brother who was even a smaller heaveneven though he was a son who was tall (7) Xiao3Jia小甲aka Zi Gao 子高, then followed again by a brother who was in harmony with himself renting land for his offspring (8) Yong1Ji3 雍己,Zi3 Dian4(rent land)子佃, Zi3 Zhou4(helmet, offspring) 子胄 (putting the lid on dimensions), then followed by the great fifth brother (9) Tai4Wu4太戊Zi3 Mi4(thick)子密 or Zi 3Zhou4(helmet, offspring)子胄 , where a a miracle of sang trees and millet were growing together. He ordered 巫咸 to pray at 山川. Queen 西戎 sent an envoy from the west and nine barbarian envoys came from the east 东九夷 and he spread an ancient city Pu1gu3 铺古 Wrote a poem called寅车.Harvested great number of crops. Then came a son who was a middle man (10) Zhong4Ding1中丁akaZi Zhuang1子庄, who moved it seriously to Ao, and dealt with trouble in the year of bitter ugliness xin1chou3 辛丑attacked the blue barbarians 5

(B) then followed a brother who was an outside one master (11) Wai4Ren2外任,aka Bu3ren2卜壬, Zi Fa 子发, with a premonition, had to send out two(Shang rebels Pei and Xian) and his son followed the narrow path to heaven (12) Jian1Jia3 戋甲He2 Dan3 Jia3 河□甲, aka Zi Zheng3(orderly) 子整, by putting to order and by moving capital to 相 and conquering his father's old place Pei(not one city) and he beat the Xian and the blue ones because the river of the 1000 year old eggs reached heaven then came his son who moved the ancestral home(capital) two times (13) Zu3Yi3祖乙,aka Zi Teng2子滕 from a righteousGeng3耿to a protected place.Bi4庇and appointed a wizard of virtue Wuxian巫贤and one who kept high the grainGaowei高圉. He wrote article Zuyi then came his son who was a bitter ancestor (14) Zu3Xin1祖辛,aka Zi Dan4(dawn) 子旦 for 16 years from dawn to dusk(not moving) then came his brother who added some fertilizer to heaven exceedingly (lived 25 years)(15) Wo4JIa3沃甲,aka Zi Yu2(exceed) 子逾 then after fertilized again came his nephew or a new ancestral member 1368 ancient child from home (16) Zu3Ding1祖丁,aka Zi Xin1(new)子新(1368-1336) chronicled boy then a different member or cousin came who was from the S. old part (17)Nan2Geng1 南庚,aka Zi Geng(change) 子更, and changed suddenly the capital 奄 Yan3 then his cousin's son came who was an overtly/manly one from heaven (18)Yang2 Jia3阳甲 aka Zi He 子和 that fought the additional (red ones) from Danshan 丹山. ) then a younger brother ready to dish out the overtness came of age in 1292 assembling busily installing bedrock (19) Pan2Geng盘庚, aka Zi Xun2(10 days/10 yrs.) 子旬(1292-1263)busily installing who made new capital at Yin1殷 establishing 10s of years of the L. Shang.Then even a smaller brother than that who was bitter came (20) Xiao3Xin1小辛, aka Zi Song 4(praise)子颂, who praised the last


(C) then even a smaller brother than that who was from an inferior heaven (21) Xiao3Yi3小乙,aka Zi Lian 3(restrain)子敛 came and sent his son to accomplish the big task of going to a river He 河river to study at the sweet dishGan1pan2 甘盘 since he was so restrained then his son a military member 1250 applying basis elder jolly (22) Wu3Ding1武丁, aka Zi Zhao1(clear),子昭(1250-1192)extreme hauling +1, came who said forget this weakness and he married wives to ally with all, and sent away his son and went to the devil area鬼方 to kill the big masters大彭 and pig leathers Tunwei 豕韦and also worshipped Tang(1st king) then an unknown came who was an ancestor of ages 1191 activating ancient interrupt adversaries (23) Zu3Geng1祖庚Yao4(shine) ()aka Yue4(jump)(1191-1148), discovered customs who was shiny and fought the western Rong and instilled the penalties of Tang to stop rebels and also jumped to change tradition to only worship and had two young twins, one loud Zi Xiao (子嚣)and one very good/plentiful Zi Liang (子良). and then another ancient one of heaven (24) Zu3Jia3 祖甲ZiZai(carry/record)子载 . another name of his is Di Jia (帝甲) came who was burdened down with the same things as his predecessor so had to be an Empwitharmor then came one who was like a granary of bitterness (25) Lin3Xin1廪辛,aka Feng Xin1 (冯辛), Xian1 because he was always first like an icy horse that is bitter, then a healthy member who was fourth came (26) Kang1Ding1 康丁, aka Xiao ()who was ironically not loud (did nothing to be noted) then because of too much health one came who was challenging, a military second of heaven 1147 advancing after dying gods: begin going, building history, building increasingly (27) Wu3Yi3 武乙,akaQu2( 1147-1113)callingout daringly+1


(D) like a boxed in bird that broke out (rebellious) and therefore died. By the same way he died(blasphemyed) a vassal yielding with effort ,Ji4Li4季历, fought and hunted by lightning making 20 in the west fall and ironically.He rewarded the vassal Zhou named Koufu (□父) a city called Qiyi (岐邑) and after Koufu died Zhou killed the evil tyrant regulatory one, Cheng2 程, at Bi毕 and defeated King Yiqu2(canal)义渠and his 2 sons., then a cultural member came (28) Wen2Ding1文丁aka Da Ding 大丁),name Tuo1(entrust) (1112-1102)aristocate jinxer+1, who pretended to support the yielding one, Ji4Li4, who defeated the Rong many times , gave him trasures but brought him to a closed up wharehouse Saiku (塞库) city where he killed him for fear of losing his big membership in culture. Then came an Emp of the second heaven (29) Di4Yi3帝乙, aka Xian4(envy) (1101-1076)building-on evil+1 to be envied , Xian4, by the last Emp because not only did he order the S. middleman Nanzhong 南仲 to kill the offspring of barbarians , Kun1Yi2, 昆夷 but built a city in their place on a new moon, Shuo4Fang1朔方, then came a son who was a son causing others to receive sufferening(animals with bare hands, his quick temper and wit) who was the Emp of bitterness and was always /in line to have the inch bitterly (like a horse crupper saving his shit) (30) Di4Xin1帝辛Zi Shou 子受, aka Zhou Xin 纣辛(1075-1046), belittled indictment who followed the woman who was since dawn for herself Da2Ji3妲己. When rebuked the comparitively sweet 比甘brother had his heart ripped out so Zhou could see what the heart of a sage looks like. He was given over to drinking, women and sex, and immorality, orgies, crude(erotic) songs. Had canon burning punishment. After losing at Battle of Muye, he burned himself with treasures.


Western Zhou Dynasty.1046 BC1 ━ 771 BC ardently junior diligently founding NOT emptying , absently jerking-off

(A)The second son of Wen of hou came being Filial(jhe was just) and Martial(he was able using P.M. Jiang Ziya, “a master of stratefy”) one to Send out(gathered 800 dukes at Meng Jin to attack Dixin at Muye, estd. Many feudal states under his brothers and generals) 1) XiaoWu 孝武, JiFa姬发(1046-1043)chagrined+1 , came then his son, someone young and able to Become(estd. Luoyang as capital) Someoone to Chant (stabilized Zhou’s borders) about 2) Cheng2Wang成王, JiSong姬诵(1042-1021)biting ankles+1 came who sent out an uncle to go around working, Zhou1gong周工, to stop other uncles(Cai Shu, Guan Shu and Huo Shu) and have the Zhou become strong then came a son who for a healthy country encouraged growth, 3) Kang1wang2康王, Jizhao1姬钊(1020-996)broadening direction +1, spreading NW and fighting the East then a son came wanting clear ly beauty(loved pleasure and rare plants and animals) additionally but this wanting was clearly flawed(Chu trapped him saying they had rare bird, later drowned in a boat) , 4) Zhao1Wang2昭王, JiXia2姬瑕(995-977), asking for hell+1 seeing his folly a solemn (estd gov. based on merit, not hereditary system)one came wanting the dynasty to be full,(lived 105 years) 5) Mu4Wang穆王, JiMan姬满(976-922)energetically died, and his life was full with large distances traveled (90,000km.) and he killed Rong and threatened others which caused the dynasty's downfall half a dynasty later, and even one fell on his back to be a master, Yan3Shi1偃师, showed him a construction as an accumulation of accomplishments and even had two sons as a fulfillment that were altogether filial, GongWang共王, XiaoWang孝王, then his son came who put two and two together losing while boxed in and striking at the cotton and having a retinue housed in the city, 6) Gong4Wang共王, JiYi1Hu2□扈(922-900)better be boxed-in+1
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