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01. Barbara wishes she drive herself to work

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- Choose the correct answer.
01. Barbara wishes she __________ drive herself to work.
A) had

B) has D) can

C) have E) could
02. How can I say “@” in English?
A) In. B) On. C) At. D) Over. E) Inside.
03. Michael couldn’t decide __________ CD to by.
A) who B) when C) that D) which E) why
04. __________ mother takes very good care of them.
A) Brian’s and Andy

B) Brian and Andy’s D) Bryan

C) Theirs E) Brian and Andy
05. You can choose __________ a CD __________ a DVD player.
A) or; or B) either; either C) either; or D) or; either E) neither; neither
06. Extensive reading is a good way of __________ vocabulary.
A) to learn B) learning C) learned D) learnt E) have to learn
07. The sentence “Actually, Lindsay fell asleep when she was attending the lecture” in Portuguese is
A) Atualmente, Lindsay caiu no sono, quando estava atendendo à palestra.

B) Hoje em dia, Lindsay caiu no sono, quando estava assistindo à conferência.

C) De fato, Lindsay pegou no sono, quando estava lendo.

D) Realmente Lindsay pegou no sono, quando estava atendendo à conferência.

E) Na verdade, Lindsay pegou no sono, quando estava assistindo à conferência.
08. Change the sentence “I may live in Recife” to the direct speech.
A) I said I might live in Recife.

B) I said I must live in Recife. D) I said I was living in Recife.

C) I said I’m living in Recife. E) I said I can live in Recife.
09. The sentence “They gave me a chance” in the passive voice is
A) I given a chance.

B) I was given a chance. D) They have given me a chance.

C) I have a new chance. E) I have given a chance.
10. If Margareth had studied, she __________ the exam.
A) will has passed

B) will passes it D) would have passed

C) will pass it E) would have passess



MOJAVE, California (CNN) – The man who became the first person to pilot a privately built craft into space called his flight “almost a religious experience” after his safe landing Monday morning.

Test pilot Mike Melvill landed at Mojave Airport, about 80 miles north of Los Angeles, California, after taking the rocket plane SpaceShipOne to an altitude of more than 100 kilometers (62.5 miles) – the internationally recognized boundary of space.

Looking from the Earth up there, you know, it’s almost a religious experience. It’s an awesome thing to see. You can see the curvature of the Earth.

SpaceShipOne lifted off early Monday morning in the Mojave Desert, carried by the jet White Knight.

As the pair approached 50,000 feet, SpaceShipOne decoupled from the jet. After a brief glide, Melvill ignited the spacecraft’s engines and ascended into space at Mach 3, three times the speed of sound.

Melvill said once he reached weightlessness, he opened a bag of M&M’s in the cockpit, and the candies floated for three minutes while the ship soared high above California.

The spacecraft returned safely, but control problems revealed after the flight forced Melville to cut it short and use a backup system to keep SpaceShipOne under control.

Melville said trim surfaces on SpaceShipOne – movable surfaces on the craft’s wings – jammed during supersonic flight. The craft rolled 90 degrees twice during its vertical ascent and veered more than 20 miles off course in a few seconds.

The flight marks the pinnacle so far of Burt Rutan’s vision of affordable, safe, private space travel.

Rutan’s company, Scaled Composites, built SpaceShipOne with financial backing from Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft Corp., for a little more than $ 20 million. Rutan said the flight, which went from a concept in 1995 to reality less than a decade later, was the realization of a long dream.

I’m so proud of that, it brings tears to my eyes,” he said.

That’s why we are so good at what we do,” Melvill said. “We cover all the bases.”

Adapted from Michael Coren, CNN, Wednesday, July 14, 2004 (
11. According to the text, what’s SpaceShipOne?
A) It is a plane that flew over California.

B) It is the first aircraft piloted by a man.

C) It is a private plane which soared into space sent by NASA.

D) It is the first private rocket plane which soared into space.

E) It is a craft sent to space by NASA.
12. Who piloted the SpaceShipOne?
A) Pattie Grace Smith. B) Mike Melvill. C) Paul Allen. D) Michael Coren. E) Burt Rutan.
13. What’s the international recognized boundary of space?
A) 100 kilometers. B) 50,000 feet. C) 90 degrees. D) 20 miles. E) $20 million.



BESLAN, Russia (CNN) – Russians are observing two days of national mourning as anger mounts over the government´s handling of a school hostage siege that left more than 330 people dead.

Nearly every family in the southern Russian town of Beslan was grieving Monday as the grim task of burying the dead continued. About 120 funerals were planned in the town cemetery and adjoining fields, following about 20 on Sunday.

Among the first to be buried were Zinaida Kudziyeva, 42, and her 10-year-old daughter, Madina. The two had tried to flee when the first explosions went off and were caught in the crossfire between militants and Russian forces, relatives said.

They couldn’t run away. They didn’t have time,” The associated Press quoted Irakly Khosulev, a relative from the nearby city of Vladikavkaz, as saying. “Someone should answer for this.”

Meanwhile, residents, politicians and even Russian state television raised questions about the massacre.

The Interfax news agency said two politicians – liberal Irina Khakamada and nationalist Sergei Glazyev – have issued separate calls for an independent investigation into the crisis.

Vladimir Ryzhkov, an independent member of the Duma, wrote in the Nezavisimaya daily: “(Putin) won the contract (as president) to restore order in the country, to ensure security for people. We see today that the contract has been violated.”

Officials appealed for calm in the volatile Caucasus region, which includes Chechnya, Ingushetia and North Ossetia, where the attack took place. Chechen rebels have been fighting Russia for independence for a decade.

The official death toll on Monday stood at 335, plus the 30 attackers; the regional health ministry said 326 of the dead had been hostages, and the Emergency Situations Ministry said 156 of the dead were children.

Many of the dead had not been identified, with some bodies charred beyond recognition; the ITAR-Tass news agency said Monday that about 60 would need DNA analysis.

Putin, the president of Russia, visited the wounded in Beslan over the weekend and made a surprising admission of Russian weakness in the face of terrorists.

We couldn’t adequately react,” he told the nation in a weekend televised address. “We showed weakness, and weak people are beaten.”
14. According to the text Russians are in mourning. When is a person in mourning?
A) When he or she wakes up and says good morning.

B) When he or she is in a good mood.

C) When he or she is a moody person.

D) When he or she is observing two days of national mourning.

E) When he or she feels or expresses deep sadness, especially because of someone’s death.
15. How many people died officially?
A) 156 of the dead were children.

B) 335, plus the 30 attackers. D) Less than 330 people were dead.

C) 326 of the dead had been hostages. E) 60 would need DNA analysis.
16. Is Russia ready to fight against the terrorists?
A) Yes, it is strong enough to fight against the terrorists.

B) Yes, it is ready to fight against the terrorists.

C) No, it is not ready to fight against the terrorists.

D) No, it is not weak in the face of terrorists.

E) Yes, Russia couldn’t adequately react against the terrorists.

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