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姓名:藍先元 (Lane, Hsien-Yuan) 國家衛生研究院 主持人 (nhri study Project)

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姓名:藍先元 (Lane, Hsien-Yuan)

國家衛生研究院 <整合型研究計畫> 主持人 (NHRI Study Project):

  1. NMDA hypofunction of schizophrenia: diagnosis and treatment (NHRI-EX-94-9405PI, NHRI-EX-95-9405PI, NHRI-EX-96-9405PI, NHRI-EX-97-9405PI, NHRI-EX-98-9405PI) (2005/01/01-2009/12/31)

基因體醫學國家型科技計劃主持人 (National Research Program for Genomic Medicine):

  1. Depression patients: Chinese medicine viewpoints and mRNA expressions in peripheral lymphocytes (94DOH004; CCMP94-RD-041; CCMP94-RD-041-1)

(2005/5 – 2007/4)
生技中心「建立轉譯醫學臨床研究」計畫主持人(Development Center for Biotechnology

  1. N-methylglycine (Sarcosine) treatment for depression



國科會研究計畫主持人 (NSC Study Projects):

  1. NMDA enhancers for schizophrenia treatment (NSC-94-2314-B-039-026, NSC-95-2314-B-006-119, NSC-96-2314-B-039-002)


  1. NMDA modulation in schizophrenia: long-term efficacy of glycine transporter I inhibitor (NSC-95-2314-B-006-118-MY3)

(2006/08/01 ~ 2009/07/31)

  1. D-amino acid inhibition for NMDA modulation of schizophrenia




Evaluating sarcosine, a glycine uptake inhibitor, for cognition enhancement in schizophrenia

(NARSAD #12537-01)



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Patent application:

US Provisional Patent Application 61/028138: Guochuan.E.Tsai and Hsien.-Yuan Lane are inventors.

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