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Windows Logo Program

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Windows Logo Program

Guidelines for products that work well with the Microsoft® Windows® XP operating systems

Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements

Design and testing requirements for server, desktop, and mobile systems and devices that run the Microsoft® Windows® family of operating system

Version 2.0

May 29, 2001

Windows XP Home Edition (32-bit)

Windows XP Professional (64-bit and 32-bit)
Windows Whistler Server (64-bit and 32-bit)
Windows 2000 Server and Professional (32-bit)
Windows Millennium Edition
Windows 98 Second Edition

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Other product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

This document contains quotations from the following documents, which are co-authored by Microsoft Corporation and Intel Corporation:

  • PC 2001 System Design Guide, © 2000, Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corporation. Available at

  • Hardware Design Guide Version 3.0 for Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, © 2000, Intel Corporation and Microsoft Corporation. Available at

Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements is not for sale. To obtain additional copies of this document, please download the files from the web site at


Chapter 1 - Introduction to Windows Logo Program for Hardware 4

Chapter 2 - Hardware Requirements for Windows Logo 15

Chapter 3 - Recommendations and Future Requirements 26

Chapter 4 - Getting the Windows Logo for Hardware 32

Appendix A - System Requirements Checklist 33

Appendix B - Device Requirements Checklist 70

Appendix C - Designing for Success 183

References 186

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Windows Logo Program for Hardware

Welcome to the Microsoft Windows Logo Program System and Device Requirements, Version 2.0. This document provides the authoritative source for information about requirements for the Windows Logo Program for hardware that must be met by hardware vendors and system manufacturers who want to license the Windows Logo. Note, however, that these Logo Program requirements do not represent the minimum system requirements for running any version of the Windows family of operating systems.

This document describes the scope and purpose of the Microsoft Windows Logo Program, and it tells how to obtain the Windows Logo for server, desktop, and mobile systems and components that run the Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows "Whistler" Server (codename), Windows 2000, and Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me) operating systems.

This document is revised for each new version of the Windows operating systems. To receive update information about the Windows Logo Program for hardware by e-mail, subscribe to the mail list as described at

In This Document …



Chapter 1, Introduction to Windows Logo Program for Hardware

Presents a summary of the Windows Logo Program and resources.

Chapter 2, Hardware Requirements for Windows Logo

Describes requirements for consistent, stable functionality under Windows operating systems.

Chapter 3, Recommendations and Future Requirements

Presents specific design practices that Microsoft encourages, and highlights important design practices that will become Windows Logo Program requirements in the future.

Chapter 4, Getting the Windows Logo for Hardware

Describes the process of preparing for and submitting hardware for Windows Logo Program compliance testing.

Appendix A, System Requirements Checklist

Provides a checklist of requirements for desktop, mobile, and server systems, and for legacy-free and 64-bit systems.

Appendix B, Device Requirements Checklist

Provides a checklist of requirements per device class.

Appendix C, Designing for Success

Provides tips to help ensure that new designs are compatible with Microsoft operating systems and meet Windows Logo Program requirements.


Provides a comprehensive list with Internet resources for all specifications cited in the Windows Logo Program requirements.
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