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Below is a list of individuals who have been TCCTA members in one or more of the past several years. To find your college, first locate the page number(s) for your college in the list that follows. Then in the “Edit” menu find “Go To” and enter your page number.
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Page No. College

1 Alamo District

2 Northeast Lakeview

4 Northwest Vista College

5 Palo Alto College

8 St. Philip's College

11 San Antonio College

17 Alvin Community College

19 Amarillo College

26 Angelina College

30 Austin CC–Cypress Creek

31 Austin CC–Eastview

29 Austin CC HBC

33 Austin CC–Northridge

35 Austin CC–Pinnacle

36 Austin CC–Rio Grande

38 Austin CC–Riverside

40 Austin CC–Round Rock

39 Austin CC–South Austin

41 Blinn College

46 Brazosport College

47 Central Texas College

50 Cisco College

52 Clarendon College

53 Coastal Bend College

55 College of the Mainland

58 Collin College–Central Park

60 Collin College–Preston Ridge

61 Collin College–Spring Creek

63 Dallas Co CC District

65 Brookhaven College

67 Cedar Valley College

69 Eastfield College

71 El Centro College

74 Mountain View College

75 North Lake College

77 Richland College

80 Del Mar College

83 El Paso Community College

85 Frank Phillips College

86 Galveston College

87 Grayson County College

89 Hill College

93 Houston Community College

104 Howard College

107 Jacksonville College

108 Kilgore College

111 Lamar Institute of Tech

112 Lamar State College–Orange

113 Lamar State College–PA

114 Laredo Community College

117 Lee College

120 Lon Morris College

121 Lone Star College System

122 Lone Star College–Cy-Fair

126 Lone Star College­–Kingwood

129 Lone Star College­–Montgomery

131 Lone Star College–North Harris

133 Lone Star College–Tomball

125 Lone Star College­University Park

135 McLennan Comm College

139 Midland College

142 Navarro College

145 North Central Texas College

148 Northeast TX Comm College

151 Odessa College

155 Panola College

157 Paris Junior College

160 Ranger College

161 San Jacinto College District

162 San Jacinto College–Central

166 San Jacinto College–North

168 San Jacinto College–South

170 South Plains College

175 South Texas College

177 Southwest Texas Jr College

179 Tarrant Co. College District

180 Tarrant Co. College–NE

183 Tarrant Co. College–NW

185 Tarrant Co. College–South

188 Tarrant Co. College–SE

190 Tarrant Co. College–Trinity River

191 Temple College

195 Texarkana College

202 Trinity Valley Comm. Coll.

199 TSTC–Harlingen

200 TSTC–Marshall

197 TSTC–Waco

201 TSTC–West Texas

206 Tyler Junior College

211 Vernon College

213 Victoria College

215 Weatherford College

218 Western Texas College

219 Wharton Co. Junior College

33802 Brown, Thomas F. Alamo Community College District

34117 Carnot, Frances Ann Alamo Community College District

34303 Chen, Jianyue , PhD. Alamo Community College District

45200 Dickreiter, Adrian Alamo Community College District

44763 Fischer, Janet Sue Alamo Community College District

45248 Gonzales, Steven Edward Alamo Community College District

38302 Leslie, Bruce Alamo Community College District

39090 McReynolds, SuEarl Alamo Community College District

45249 Montalbano, Anthony Alamo Community College District

45033 reyes-johnson, maria carmen Alamo Community College District

45011 Ross, Lee Miing Alamo Community College District

44789 Adams, Cheyenne Northeast Lakeview College

33239 Beechinor, Diane Northeast Lakeview College

33667 Brazeal, Angela Northeast Lakeview College

34099 Carlile, Cherilyn Northeast Lakeview College

44294 Choudary, Maqsood Northeast Lakeview College

44641 Cotellesse, Susan Northeast Lakeview College

44392 Cox, Cherilyn Northeast Lakeview College

34686 Crader, Wendy Northeast Lakeview College

45073 Daugherty, Tara Northeast Lakeview College

34918 Davis, Rossie Caroline Northeast Lakeview College

35246 Duesing, Allison Northeast Lakeview College

35403 Eldridge, Jack Northeast Lakeview College

44897 Esparza, Henry Northeast Lakeview College

35548 FAGBOLA, OLAMIDE , PhD. Northeast Lakeview College

43970 Frey, Karl Northeast Lakeview College

45068 Graybill, Jasmyne Lark Northeast Lakeview College

36388 Greiner, Stefanie Northeast Lakeview College

43521 Grimstvedt, Megan Northeast Lakeview College

36451 Guevara, Efrain Northeast Lakeview College

36498 Ha, Jin Northeast Lakeview College

44470 Hale, LeAnna Northeast Lakeview College

36599 Hamilton, Debbie C. Northeast Lakeview College

44710 Hammel, Sabrina Irene Northeast Lakeview College

36882 Helinski, Matthew Northeast Lakeview College

44489 Herrmann, Patricia Northeast Lakeview College

37267 Hudspeth, Dollie R. Northeast Lakeview College

37307 Humiston, Willis Northeast Lakeview College

43724 Ibaroudene, Zakia Northeast Lakeview College

44648 Kazen, Susan Northeast Lakeview College

37931 King, Kathryn A. Northeast Lakeview College

44740 Kosub, Karla Ann Northeast Lakeview College

45226 Malcolm, Jason Northeast Lakeview College

38619 Maldonado, Frank Northeast Lakeview College

44368 Maldonado, Michele Northeast Lakeview College

38673 Marks, Jennifer Northeast Lakeview College

44043 Martines, Theresa Northeast Lakeview College

44743 Mayer, Kathy Northeast Lakeview College

38847 Mayo, Barbara Northeast Lakeview College

38942 McCrary, Thomas Northeast Lakeview College

44146 McDowell, Michael Eugene Northeast Lakeview College

44714 Mealey, Gina Northeast Lakeview College

39135 Menchaca, Denise Northeast Lakeview College

43975 Miller, Allen Northeast Lakeview College

44736 Miller, James E. Northeast Lakeview College

44087 Moseley, Larry Ben Northeast Lakeview College

43979 Ovalle, Ida C. Northeast Lakeview College

44737 Plevak, Linda Northeast Lakeview College

40315 Ports, Anetia Northeast Lakeview College

40655 Reno, Erica Northeast Lakeview College

45150 Reyes-Johnson, Carmen Northeast Lakeview College

44521 Riske, Jennifer Northeast Lakeview College

41036 Sadler, Mark Northeast Lakeview College

44742 Stewart, Suzanne Northeast Lakeview College

41950 Strain, Lisa Northeast Lakeview College

42094 Tang, Tran Que Northeast Lakeview College

42120 Tate, Sara Northeast Lakeview College

42325 Torres Lee, Dianna Northeast Lakeview College

44597 Vargas, Martha P. Northeast Lakeview College

44995 Viera, Valerie M. Northeast Lakeview College

43459 Villarreal, Patsy Northeast Lakeview College

43268 Wortham, Archie Northeast Lakeview College

43372 Yowell, Robert Northeast Lakeview College

43401 Zecca, Silvia Northeast Lakeview College

44557 Zhang, Cuihua Northeast Lakeview College

45201 acosta, carlos l Northwest Vista College

45091 Armstrong, Sherita Antoinette Northwest Vista College

33107 Barnes, Stephen A. Northwest Vista College

45084 Benshetler, Britt Annalyse Northwest Vista College

33390 Bill, Christine Northwest Vista College

33691 Briggs, Cathy Northwest Vista College

34113 Carnes, John Northwest Vista College

34393 Claunch, Jacqueline Northwest Vista College

34663 Cowan, Trina Northwest Vista College

34827 Damron, Maria Pilar Northwest Vista College

35019 DeLillo, Nicholas J. Northwest Vista College

35263 Dunagan, Pamela Northwest Vista College

35323 Eakes, Ann Theresa Northwest Vista College

35387 Egremy, Jose Northwest Vista College

35500 Esparza, Edward Northwest Vista College

35545 Fabianke, Jo-Carol P. Northwest Vista College

36054 Gaytan-Baker, Sally Northwest Vista College

36150 Gittinger, Dennis Northwest Vista College

36444 Guerra, Javier A. Northwest Vista College

37169 Holt, Cynthia Northwest Vista College

44707 Hubbard, Annie Northwest Vista College

37847 Kemmerer, Bob Northwest Vista College

45202 Lee, Barbara Ellen Northwest Vista College

38654 Marbut, Robert Gordon, Jr. Northwest Vista College

45083 McKinney, Kristina Anne Northwest Vista College

39064 McMillan, Judith Northwest Vista College

44406 Mermeia, Cynthia Northwest Vista College

45234 Munoz, Mike R, Jr. Northwest Vista College

43893 Nair, Prakash Northwest Vista College

44904 pandaru, cristina elena Northwest Vista College

40200 Philbrick, Steven Northwest Vista College

40371 Pressly, Thomas Northwest Vista College

40444 Puente, James Northwest Vista College

45196 Uresti, Yvette Northwest Vista College

42853 Weiskittel, Karen Northwest Vista College

43327 Yeater, Bobby Northwest Vista College

44315 Aguirre, Javier Ramos Palo Alto College

32792 Alvarez, Alfredo Gil, Jr. Palo Alto College

32813 Anaya, Elsa Palo Alto College

32815 Andermatt, Jennifer Palo Alto College

32880 Apolinar, Mary L. Palo Alto College

32908 Armstrong, Norman L. Palo Alto College

32919 Arnold, Phyllis Jean Palo Alto College

33059 Ballou, Earl Palo Alto College

33124 Barrera, Adolfo R. Palo Alto College

44970 Beckman-Wilson, Victoria Palo Alto College

33492 Bock, Martha O. Palo Alto College

33533 Bonnell, Richard W., Sr. Palo Alto College

33580 Bower, Ruth B. Palo Alto College

33655 Bratcher, Monica M. Palo Alto College

33964 Bustamante, Anna Palo Alto College

34115 Carnes, Virginia Hall Palo Alto College

34152 Carson, Sharon L. Palo Alto College

34201 Castillo, Antonio F. Palo Alto College

34260 Chandler, Brad Palo Alto College

34291 Chavarria, Doroteo Palo Alto College

34537 Conley, Duane F. Palo Alto College

44787 Coppola, Joseph , IV. Palo Alto College

34626 Corrales, Joseph Palo Alto College

34717 Crayton, Frank J. Palo Alto College

44931 cruz, jose a Palo Alto College

34949 de Hoyos, Sylvia Palo Alto College

35013 DeLecour, Carolyn P. Palo Alto College

35014 DeLeon, Alba , PhD. Palo Alto College

35015 DeLeon, Amie Palo Alto College

35117 Dixon, Deborah Palo Alto College

35187 Dovalina, Ismael Palo Alto College

35284 Dunn, John B. Palo Alto College

35406 Elizalde, Monette Palo Alto College

35633 Field, Rex Palo Alto College

35649 Fiorillo, Camille Frances Palo Alto College

35674 Flannery, Terry C. Palo Alto College

35940 Gambino, Ruth Palo Alto College

35979 Garcia, Mary Jo Palo Alto College

45061 gieseler, sandra l. Palo Alto College

36159 Glass, Colby O. Palo Alto College

36164 Glass, Kenneth R. Palo Alto College

36186 Goben, Julie B. Palo Alto College

36219 Gomez, Valerie C. Palo Alto College

36223 Gonzales, Cecilia V. Palo Alto College

36438 Guadiano, Theresa A. Palo Alto College

44797 Gunter, Joy Flynt Palo Alto College

36492 Guzman, Ana M. (Cha) Palo Alto College

36515 Haecker, Dorothy Palo Alto College

36525 Hagen, George Palo Alto College

36632 Hankinson, Kevin B. Palo Alto College

36714 Harris, Kenneth E. Palo Alto College

36960 Hernandez, John Gilbert Palo Alto College

36966 Hernandez, Paul D. Palo Alto College

36968 Hernandez, Peter G. Palo Alto College

37015 HICKS, STEVEN Palo Alto College

37072 Hines, Robert Palo Alto College

44490 Hogensen, Mark Palo Alto College

37185 Hood, Sandra D. Palo Alto College

37196 Hope, David Palo Alto College

37359 Ibarra-Gonzales, Linda E. Palo Alto College

37390 Iturralde, Armando Palo Alto College

37453 Jacobs, Mary-Ellen Palo Alto College

44902 Johnson, Stacey R. Palo Alto College

37684 Jones, Oliver B. Palo Alto College

44756 kirk, honey Palo Alto College

37984 Klemcke, Teresa E. Palo Alto College

38043 Kral, Bailey Lathem Palo Alto College

38046 Krant, William Palo Alto College

37538 Lawson-Johnson, Alice Palo Alto College

38300 Lerma, Diane Palo Alto College

38469 Losoya, Larry Palo Alto College

38486 Lowe, Alexis Leticia Hayes Palo Alto College

38496 Lozano, Rose M. Palo Alto College

38604 Mahaffy, Karen Palo Alto College

38638 Mann, Herbert David, PhD. Palo Alto College

38657 Marcotte, Karen D. Palo Alto College

38659 Mardock, Steve L. Palo Alto College

38675 Marmolejo, Armin Tadeo Palo Alto College

39114 Medrano, Rosalicia Palo Alto College

39143 Mendiola-Perez, Cynthia Palo Alto College

39188 Middlebrook, Jeffrey W. Palo Alto College

39251 Miller, Angela Palo Alto College

39519 Mumbower, Kelly Palo Alto College

39529 Muratidis, Stamatis Palo Alto College

39531 Murguia, Thomas Yarborough Palo Alto College

39578 Myers, Peter John Palo Alto College

39620 Neal, William R. Palo Alto College

39777 Nystedt, Diana Palo Alto College

39787 O'Cana, Rhonda M. Palo Alto College

39788 Ochoa, Steve E. Palo Alto College

39874 Ornelas, Mariana Palo Alto College

39889 Osborne, Joan Q. Palo Alto College

39905 Ottum, Joseph Palo Alto College

39941 Palacios, Therese H. Palo Alto College

39982 Parma, Patricia B Palo Alto College

40013 Pasztor, Gregory Palo Alto College

40236 Pierulla, Anthony Palo Alto College

40481 Quijano, Frank , Sr. Palo Alto College

40557 Rangel, Janet H. Palo Alto College

40674 Reyna, Yolanda Palo Alto College

40738 Richardson, Yvonne Palo Alto College

40749 Richmond, Bob Palo Alto College

40751 Richter, Denise Barkis, PhD. Palo Alto College

40765 Riggs, Weldon Gayle Palo Alto College

40778 Rios, Yvette F. Palo Alto College

40851 Robinson, Dale Lance Palo Alto College

40883 Rodriguez, Daniel Palo Alto College

40893 Rodriguez, Lawrence Palo Alto College

45026 Roman, Belinda Palo Alto College

44788 Rosas-Tatum, Veronica Palo Alto College

41057 Salinas, Amanda Palo Alto College

41078 Samelson, Rosa Salinas Palo Alto College

41091 Sanchez, Irma M. Palo Alto College

41111 Sanders, Brian Palo Alto College

41170 Scheidt, Jennifer L. Palo Alto College

41296 Seiferth, Michael S. Palo Alto College

41344 Shanklin, Michael Palo Alto College

41447 Shull, Ellen M. Palo Alto College

41520 Skelley, Eleanor Palo Alto College

41760 Squier, Charles Palo Alto College

41941 Stovall, James F. Palo Alto College

42091 Tanck, Glen S. Palo Alto College

42097 Tanner, Elizabeth A. Palo Alto College

42163 Tejeda, Juan Palo Alto College

42339 Traina, Virginia Stowitts Palo Alto College

42370 Trevino, Jose S. Palo Alto College

42391 Truesdell, Priscilla M. Palo Alto College

42407 Tucker, Roy N. Palo Alto College

42430 Turner, Ann Palo Alto College

42462 Ulcak, Dorothy Palo Alto College

42466 Ume, Gabriel O. Palo Alto College

42496 Valadez, Robert Palo Alto College

42542 Vasquez, William G. Palo Alto College

44286 Velez, Vangie Palo Alto College

42599 Villanueva, Tony Palo Alto College

43026 Wilkins, Sara Palo Alto College

44817 Williams, Kirk Palo Alto College

43385 Zambrano, Elsa Anaya Palo Alto College

43398 Zaske, Margarita Fresquez Palo Alto College

43416 Ziegler, Roberta Palo Alto College

43419 Zimmermann, April Palo Alto College

32849 Anderson, Will St. Philip's College

32917 Arnold, Kari P. St. Philip's College

32945 Atkins, Delores L. St. Philip's College

32973 Awuku, Hayford St. Philip's College

33000 Bailey, Annette F. St. Philip's College

33017 BAKENHUS, FRED St. Philip's College

44217 Baldez, Richard A St. Philip's College

33128 Barrera, Roger J. St. Philip's College

33161 Bass, Susan Behrens St. Philip's College

33228 Beckett, William T. St. Philip's College

33261 Bell, Revis L. St. Philip's College

33289 Bennett, Alvoid St. Philip's College

33333 Berkley, Candy Rowan St. Philip's College

33380 Biduaka, Roger M. St. Philip's College

33579 Bower, Charles St. Philip's College

33665 Braxton, John S St. Philip's College

33707 brisita, rafael St. Philip's College

33758 Brown, Annie L. (Kennon) St. Philip's College

33894 Burdwell, Robert St. Philip's College

33910 Burleson, David G. St. Philip's College

33955 Bush, Dale R St. Philip's College

33993 Byrd, Deborah E. St. Philip's College

33994 Byrd, Lanier E. St. Philip's College

34141 Carrillo, David St. Philip's College

34153 Carson-Davis, Shirley A. St. Philip's College

41587 Casas, Lydia M St. Philip's College

34186 Casey, Althea St. Philip's College

34210 Castro, Rita St. Philip's College

34349 Chumley, Gary R. St. Philip's College

34421 Cline, Susan P. St. Philip's College

34554 Conyers, Pearl St. Philip's College

41368 Cooper, Jessica Ann St. Philip's College

44030 Cortez, Cynthia St. Philip's College

34640 Cottier, Mary B. St. Philip's College

34771 Cuellar, Linda A. St. Philip's College

43628 Cywinski, Rachel St. Philip's College

34880 Davis, Christopher St. Philip's College

34892 Davis, JoAnn St. Philip's College

34894 Davis, John Thomas St. Philip's College

34908 Davis, Olga Samples St. Philip's College

34929 Davis, William C. St. Philip's College

44885 De Hoyos, Rosalinda L. St. Philip's College

35018 Delgado, Anna Leyba St. Philip's College

35220 Drew, Hamp , Jr. St. Philip's College

35271 Duncan, Lucy St. Philip's College

35306 Duron, Larry Tijerina St. Philip's College

35415 Elliott, Raymond J. St. Philip's College

45070 Fabianke, Jason St. Philip's College

35607 Fenton, Karlene St. Philip's College

35692 Flores, Basilio A. St. Philip's College

35696 Flores, Gloria M. St. Philip's College

35697 Flores, Janet A. St. Philip's College

35745 Ford, Nicole C. St. Philip's College

43523 Fransman, Robert Allen St. Philip's College

35881 Fuller, Bill St. Philip's College

35973 Garcia, Hilario M. St. Philip's College

36027 Garza, Frank J. St. Philip's College

36088 Gershman, Michael St. Philip's College

36226 Gonzales, Janie St. Philip's College

36336 Gray, Jenny N. St. Philip's College

36343 Grayson, Chris St. Philip's College

36424 Gross, June E. St. Philip's College

36433 Grover, Daniel St. Philip's College

36442 Guerra, Alberto I. St. Philip's College

36443 Guerra, Gloria Marie St. Philip's College

36508 Hadden, John C. St. Philip's College

36573 Hall, Lester C. St. Philip's College

36638 Hannay, Allen Chip St. Philip's College

43765 Hauschildt, Herman L. St. Philip's College

36835 Hays, Mary St. Philip's College

36847 Heath, Harold , Jr. St. Philip's College

36963 Hernandez, Ladislado O. St. Philip's College

36996 Hester, Diane C. St. Philip's College

37004 Hibbs, Joyce M. St. Philip's College

37032 Hill, Asha St. Philip's College

37264 Hudock, Matthew St. Philip's College

37268 Hudspeth, Gregory C. St. Philip's College

37303 Humberson, Lauri St. Philip's College

44519 Jackson, Angelina B. St. Philip's College

37427 Jackson, Levi , III St. Philip's College

37563 Johnson, George H. St. Philip's College

37566 Johnson, Harvey L. St. Philip's College

37583 Johnson, Louis A. St. Philip's College

37724 Joseph, Dee St. Philip's College

45014 Kaller, Reuben St. Philip's College

37783 Katz, Cynthia St. Philip's College

37784 Katz, George St. Philip's College

37924 King, David Wesley, III St. Philip's College

38071 Kunz, Mary A. St. Philip's College

38121 Lamothe, Richard R. St. Philip's College

38255 Lee, Paul Wayne St. Philip's College

38325 Lewis, Joe J. St. Philip's College

38340 Lezanic, Curtis A. St. Philip's College

38378 Ling, D. T. St. Philip's College

38391 Lisenby, William F. St. Philip's College

38400 Little, Richard Lee, Sr. St. Philip's College

38447 Looney, Paula Y. St. Philip's College

38455 Lopez, Luis A. St. Philip's College

38471 Loston, Adena Williams St. Philip's College

38598 Magee, Thomas L. St. Philip's College

38712 Martin, Paul B. St. Philip's College

38831 May, Kimbel St. Philip's College

38848 Mayo, Sandra M. St. Philip's College

39001 McGrath, Nina F. St. Philip's College

39057 McMahon, Dennis P St. Philip's College

39112 Medina, Robert , Jr. St. Philip's College

39193 Miele, Laura St. Philip's College

39256 Milligan, Thomas H. St. Philip's College

39295 Mitchell, Renita D. St. Philip's College

44516 Mochen, David Daniel St. Philip's College

39416 Moran, John Michael St. Philip's College

39458 Morris, William Terry St. Philip's College

39621 Nealon, Timothy St. Philip's College

39625 Neely, Clifton W. St. Philip's College

39656 Nettelfield, Jean S. St. Philip's College

39697 Nicholson, Alexis Clarke St. Philip's College

39805 Oelke, Nathan C. St. Philip's College

39883 Ortiz, Georgina D. St. Philip's College

39888 Osborne, Jen St. Philip's College

44935 Parker, Warren St. Philip's College

40009 Passty, Jeanette N. St. Philip's College

40087 Pennick, Herbert St. Philip's College

40119 Perez, Steve Anthony St. Philip's College

40212 Phillips, Sylvia E. St. Philip's College

40275 Poff, Kenneth St. Philip's College

40304 Porter, Arthur St. Philip's College

40313 Porter, Robert R St. Philip's College

40392 Price, Mark Thomas St. Philip's College

40494 Rabb, Angie St. Philip's College

40576 Raue, Philip E. St. Philip's College

44481 Ray, Pamela E St. Philip's College

45119 Reddy, Srinivasa E. St. Philip's College

40651 Renger, Paul St. Philip's College

40659 Rettig, Frannie M. St. Philip's College

40679 Reynolds, Jerri L. St. Philip's College

40712 Richards, Fred St. Philip's College

40774 Riner, Roy St. Philip's College

45053 Rodriguez, Carlos St. Philip's College

40937 Rose, Cynthia J. St. Philip's College

40997 Ruiz-Velasco, Alex St. Philip's College

40999 Runnels, Angie S. St. Philip's College

41045 Sahin, Haydar St. Philip's College

41135 Satchell, Wallace J., Jr. St. Philip's College

41295 Seiferth, Eleanor St. Philip's College

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