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Susan Maxson

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Susan Maxson

My most recent challenge has been developing and designing this website. The purpose of this website is to give potential students valuable insight into what we have accomplished in the field of Neuroscience. Dr Yoland Smith is a well respected scientist in his field and I feel honored to be a part of his team.

My main responsibility is to support Jeff Pare in the supervising and functioning of the lab. I have been dubbed “Jeff Jr”. Recruited in 2001, I come to this position with an extensive background in Histology. I attended the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston where I received my degree in Histology. I then became board certified with the ASCP (American Society of Clinical Pathologists). I started my career at Emory Hospital in the Anatomical Pathology department, where I gained vast knowledge and experience in a variety of histological techniques. In this role I perfected cutting thin sections on the microtome, frozen sections on the cryostat, immunohistochemical techniques, and a significant number of staining techniques on various organisms. The experience I acquired at this position gave me the necessary tools to pursue the role of designing and implementing a new Histology department at Egleston Children’s Hospital. After holding this position as supervisor for seven years I then moved on to acquire employment at Emory Reference Laboratory. My challenge in this role was to troubleshoot existing immunohistochemical procedures and implement new techniques. My next vocation was working for a dermatologist learning a histological technique called Mohn’s. This is a procedure cutting frozen sections looking for the margins of skin cancer.

My current role involves a variety of diverse activities. I train and supervise new staff in using various equipment and teach different techniques used in the lab. Maintain and troubleshoot a variety of equipment. Order supplies to carry out daily activities. Offer support to graduate students and post docs on their research projects. I cut brain sections with the microtome (vibrotome, freezing microtome, cryostat, etc.) then carry out histochemical and immunohistochemical techniques for the localization of axonal tracers and neurotransmitter related substances in the light and electron microscopes. Prepare brain tissue for electron microscopy. Cut ultrathin sections on the ultracut and mount on grids for viewing on the electron microscope. Analyze material at the electron microscopic level for a project on the localization of different proteins in the monkey brain including dopamine receptors and calcyon. Pursue technical and organizational knowledge to enhance performance. Organize various events to promote teamwork. I’m proactive and responsive to the needs of a diverse group of associates.

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