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Select the best answer from the selections provided

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Crim B10 Organized Crime

Chapter 1 Quiz
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Select the best answer from the selections provided.
1. The 1972 movie ____________, starring Marlon Brando, depicted organized crime.

a. The Underworld b. The Black Dahlia

c. The Choir Boys d. The Godfather
2. The National Criminal Intelligence Service (2005) describes organized crime as having four salient attributes, which include all of the following except:

a. An organized crime group contains at least three people.

b. The group, or at least one member, commits murder or aggravated assault.

c. The group is motivated by a desire for profit or power.

d. The group commits serious criminal offenses.
3. Organized crime profits by trafficking women across international borders for prostitution and often uses women as ________ in the drug trade during transit.

a. mules b. horses

c. cows d. oxen
4. Unlike street criminals or even professional criminals, organized criminals work together on a

_____________ basis in illegal enterprises.

a. friendly b. need to know

c. continuous d. supply and demand

5. Organized crime exists for one primary purpose: ___________________.

a. to beat the criminal justice system

b. to make a profit

c. to get away with murder

d. to protect each other from other organizations
6. The Italian Mafia grew and developed during the reign of fascist dictator Benito __________ in the 1920s.

a. Juarez b. Ciccio

c. Mori d. Mussolini
7. Representing the core of the organized crime unit, the _____________ is made up of persons who utilize criminality and violence and are willing to corrupt in order to gain power and profit.

a. Pizza Connection b. Koran

c. Sicilian orthodox d.Criminal Group
8. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the criminal group?

a. Continuity b. Structure

c. Membership d. Transparency
9. A corrupt public official is a “____________.”

a. protector b. punisher

c. eraser d. motivator
10. According to Reuter (1983), in New York, no group exercises control over entrepreneurs in gambling and loan-sharking.

a. True b. False

c. I don’t know d. Who the hell is Reutter?
11. Organized crime is made up of a series of highly adaptive, flexible networks that readily take into account ____________________________.

a. hard targeting

b. new opportunities for distribution

c. perceptional blindness

d. new law enforcement hiring strategies
12. The President’s Commission on Organized Crime was established to study the nature and extent of organized crime in the United States and to develop strategies and recommendations to combat it.

a. True

b. False

c. The President has a Commission?

d. The President is Organized Crime.
13. ________________ are composed of persons who purchase organized crime’s illegal goods and services, such as drug users, patrons of bookmakers, and prostitution rings, and people who knowingly purchase stolen goods.

a. Specialized supporters b. Social supporters

c. Crime groups d. User supporters
14. Organized crime organizations manipulate and control legitimate industries like trash hauling.

a. True b. False

15. Law enforcement priorities shifted in 2001 with the 9/11 bombings, which also resulted in an end to transnational organized crime.

a. True b. False

16. The 1990s and the early twenty-first century witnessed an increased sophistication in the crimes associated with the global drug trade.

a. True b. False

17. The impact of globalization is the same everywhere.

a. True b. False

18. Organized crime and legitimate business can produce their goods and services more cheaply if they have a wider international reach.

a. True b. False

19. One view of the Mafia states that violent crime, organized and ruthless, was transplanted to the United States from Sicily.

a. True b. False

20. In drug trafficking, the production, importation, distribution, and retail activities are kept as discrete functions, often performed by completely different organized crime groups, most of which are both temporary and small.

a. True b. False

21. Membership is not a characteristic of the criminal group.

a. True b. False

22. John Burke was a trusted Gambino family enforcer and drug dealer for nearly three decades and was sentenced to life imprisonment for murder in January of 2013.

a. True b. False

23. The Camorra developed during the 1820s as a self-protection society for inmates in the Spanish-dominated prisons of Naples.
a. True b. False

24. By 1983, the FBI boasted that since 1979 the government had convicted almost 500 predominantly Italian criminals and their associates as the result of organized crime investigations.

a. True b. False
25. Rudolph Giuliani’s rise to fame came in the summer of 1986 when, following an 8-month trial, a federal jury convicted Carmine Persico and eight others for operating labor rackets in New York’s Colombo crime family.

a. True b. False

26. The two primary defendants in the “Pizza Connection” case were Gaetano Badalamenti, the 60-year-old former Mafia boss in Sicily, and Salvatore Catalano, a power boss with the Bonanno organization, who operated a bakery and pizzeria.

a. True b. False

28. The offering of illicit services represents one of the main enterprises of organized crime organizations.

a. True b. False

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