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Phts foundation Conference Call Thursday, February 16, 2012 11: 00am (central)/ 12: 00pm (eastern) Minutes Participants

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Pediatric Heart Transplant Study Foundation

PHTS Foundation Conference Call

Thursday, February 16, 2012

11:00am (central)/ 12:00pm (eastern)
Participants: Bill Mahle, Anne Dipchand, David Naftel, Paolo Rusconi, Elizabeth Blume, Craig Collum, Jaqueline Lamour, Heather Bastardi, Margaret Tresler, Susanna Lenderman
Regrets: James Kirklin, Shelley Miyamoto, Richard Kirk, Melanie Everitt
The meeting was called to order by Dr. Anne Dipchand.

  1. The first item by Mr. Craig Collum. He related the current status of dues, 2012 dues have been collected to the total of $32,166.67; $75,333.33 remain outstanding. There have also been donations of $487 with another $1,350 pending collection.

  1. Website: Craig Collum stated that the decision was to make the PHTS Foundation website independent of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. This would allow more flexibility. The Foundation contracted with a small web hosting site for a total of $71.40 per year with a maintenance fee of $3.99/month. Anne Dipchand said she would provide a model for some of the items that need to be included on that website.

  1. Dr. Jacqueline Lamour described a Foundation Development Committee that would help raise money with a goal of about $5,000 per center. To date the response has been somewhat limited (3 persons), although it is not clear that the e-mailed timeline was well established and who might be asked to step forward.

  1. Craig Collum has tentative plans to host a fundraising event in Birmingham, Alabama. The plan is to use this event as a model. He is hoping that some of the officers can attend.

  1. Dr. Betsy Blume suggested that we consider having a fundraising speaker at the Fall PHTS meeting in Los Angeles in November. This could help guide us into ways to be affective fundraisers. It was also suggested that the PHTS itself might be eligible for grants of the charitable organization. We will explore these.

  1. Anne Dipchand talked about her collaboration with Lisa Yu from the Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation. The plan is to consider partnering for educational materials using some of the resources that the CCF already has in place. I should also mention that there could be the possibility of partnering with other groups such as the American Society of Transplantation Pediatric and Pharmacy Communities of Practice.

  1. Discussions with Lisa Yu and with other experts in the field would suggest that having parents on the fundraising board may not always be affective. It is more valuable to have those who are well integrated into the donor community and yet one has to be strategically asked to be on the committee.

  1. Craig Collum said he is working on the CME approval for the meeting at the AHA in the fall. This would include both nursing and physician CME.

  1. Discussion was related to the ISHLT meeting. A number of officers will be in attendance there so the plan is to have a meeting in April at the ISHLT in Prague. We do plan to discuss the April budget at that meeting, although a version of it will be circulated among the foundation members prior to that.

  1. Other:

  • Accounting firm: CC to contract an accounting firm to do the 2011 taxes

  • CC will finalize the 2012 budget and circulate for email approval in March 2012

Respectfully Submitted,

Bill Mahle

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