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Nuha Ismael Sweidan


Personal Information:

  • Nationality: Jordanian.

  • Birth Date: 7, March 1963

  • Address: Amman – Um Othaynah – Al Madenah Al Monawarah Street.

  • Tel: +962 65818439

  • Mob: +962 796925157


  • University Of Jordan. 2013-2014

Degree: Ph.D. Degree, (Excellent- 3.96/4.00), Organic Chemistry. The theses was entitled: Isolation and identification of the chemical constituents of marrubium vulgare and calotropis procera

  • University Of Jordan. 1997

Degree: Masters Degree, Organic Chemistry

The theses was entitled: 4-Oxothieno (2, 3-b) byridines. Part1 synthesis and bioassay of some 7-(five membered heteroayl) Derivatives.

Degree: Bachelors- Chemistry

Very good academic standard, on the honor list during all years of study

Work Experience

1-University of Petra, 1997- Present

Amman- Jordan

2- University of Petra, 1992-1995

Amman- Jordan

  • Teaching assistant.

3- Kuwait University, 1984- 1990


  • Research assistant in biochemistry department.

  • In our research, chromatographic techniques were used in the separation & analysis of compound from its natural sources.


  • 8th Jordanian Conference on Chemical Sciences / 21 Febryary 2008 at the University of Petra-Jordan (Organization Comity) .

  • 11th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences / 6-10 October 2010 the Dead Sea-Jordan. Participation with a poster.

  • International Conference of Young Chemists / 8-10 April 2012 Amman-Jordan. Jordan University.


  • Thienopyridone Antibacterials. Part IV[1]. Synthesis of Some N(7)- Heteroaryl-4-oxothieno[2,3-b]pyridine-5-carboxylic Acids and Esters, Nuha I. Sweidan, Musa Z. Nazer, Mustafa M. El-Abadelah, Wolfgang Voelter Letters in Organic Chemistry .12/2009; 7(1):79-84. 

  • Identification of Novel Cardenolides from Calotropis procera. Nuha I. Sweidan and Musa H. Abu Zarga (under preparation).

  • A new acylated flavonoid glucoside from Marrubium vulgare. Nuha I. Sweidan and Musa H. Abu Zarga(under preparation).

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