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National Theatre, Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris

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Hannah boyde
2011, Stage, Annie Gilbert, Warhorse, National Theatre, Marianne Elliott and Tom Morris

2010, Stage, Fanny Willoughby, Quality Street, Finborough Theatre, Louise Hill

2010, Stage, Laurencia, Fuente Ovejuna, Tangram/Southwark Playhouse, Daniel Goldman

2010, Stage, Various , EBD (R&D and showing), Company of Angels, Adam Barnard

2010, Stage, Herta, Heldenplatz, ArcolaTheatre, Annie Castledine/Annabel Arden

2009, Stage, Bernice, Dave, Sitcom Trials, Frances Bifield

2008, Stage, Georgia Porter, Yours Abundantly, From Zimbabwe, Oval House Theatre, Annie Castledine

2008, Stage, Viola, Twelfth Night, Oxford Shakespeare Company, Bill Bankes-Jones

2008, Stage, Beatrice, Much Ado About Nothing, The Globe Players, Jenny McEvoy

2008, Stage, Julie (lead), Norway Today, Southwark Playhouse, Philip Thorne/Oystein Brager

2007, Stage, Ophelia (lead), HamletMachine by Heiner Muller, Battersea Arts Centre, Philip Thorne & Oystein Brager

2007, Stage, Flagseller/Miss Rugg/Trainee, Was He Anyone?, Union Theatre, Elgiva Field

2007, Stage, Kate, The Taming of the Shrew, Changeling Theatre Company, Robert Forknall

2007, Stage, Jenny Diver, The Beggar's Opera, Changeling Theatre Company, Grant Olding/Robert Forknall

2006, Stage, Ines (lead), Huis Clos, Tour de Force Theatre , Peter Joucla

2006, Stage, Cecily, The importance of being earnest, Changeling Theatre Company, Robert Forknall

2005, Stage, Amy Evans (lead), Amy Evans' Strike, Edinburgh Fringe Festival/Courtyard Theatre, Adam Barnard

2005, Stage, Wicked Wanda/Princess Tamara, Puss in Boots, Hurricane Productions, Paul Vates

2004, Stage, Ms Goldstein/Phiphi, Hotel Hitchcock, Pavana Companyia Teatral , Carlos Calvo

2004, Stage, Thief/Ronia, Pipi, Pavana Companyia Teatral, Carlos Calvo

2003, Stage, Phyllis (lead), The Melancholy Hussar, Kings Head Theatre, Beckie Mills

Short Film

2010, Short Film, Elizabeth, Mother's Day, NFTS, Ingeborg Topsoe

2009, Short Film, Samantha, Nighty Night, Met Film School, Tsubasa Maruno

2006, Short Film, Amy, Coming Out, Spangled Aura Productions, Allie Lustigman

2006, Short Film, Beth, Only Different from the Outside, Spangled Aura Productions, Paul Long

2004, Short Film, Samantha, Wilde Life, Explode Productions, Glynne Steele


2012, Commercial, Lift Girl, Cheeky Bingo, Bare Films, Adam Gunser

2011, Commercial, Dry Cleaner's Asst, Landrover discovery, Gorgeous, Vince Squibb

2009, Commercial, Rooftop Girl, BBC Local Radio , Red Bee Media, Vince Squibb


2010, Radio, Godmother, Gracey and me, CBL ltd for BBC RADIO 4, Annie Castledine


2010, Television, Gertrude Savile, At home with the Georgians, BBC2/Matchlight, Neil Crombie

Further Credits

2010, Educational, Sarah James - Health Advisor, HIV educational video, Rapid Videos, Fernando Gomez-Monroy

2009, Rehearsed Reading, Jo, Up, up in the clouds, Team Angelica, Joe Murphy

2008, Audio, Female French Narrator, Olympics promotional DVD for Kent, Kersh Media, Graham Majin

2008, Promo, French Tourist, Promotional film for Kent TV, Kersh Media, Graham Majin

2008, Audio, French Narrator, Amnesty Intl Campaign - safe schools, Axworks

2006, Documentary, Narrator, Saved by the Ballet, Axworks, Alex Morgan


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