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Media Release 492, Flat 3, St. Joseph High Rd., St. Venera, svr1014, Malta. Te

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Media Release

492, Flat 3, St. Joseph High Rd., St. Venera, SVR1014, Malta.

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KDŻ 05/08



The Editor,

I am sending the below information for your perusal and publication. I would like to thank you in advance for your service and for any exposure that you may give us to continue helping Maltese Youth we work with.

Seminar on Computer Addiction Awareness

This seminar is being held as part of the ongoing formation programme which KDZ designs for youth pastoral operators and other people who work closely with young people.
For some time we have been noticing the changing trends in the behavior of young people with regards to lifestyle and computers. Thus we feel the need to create an awareness and knowledge about this change amongst people who work closely with youth in order for them to be able to understand and relate with youth who may be challenged with this situation. Understanding the concept behind computer addiction is another step towards the projection and promotion of healthy living even amongst young people.
KDZ is working on this formation project together with sedqa. The seminar will take on an interactive format wherein the participants are more likely relate, network and intermingle such that the experience at this seminar becomes valid even on a personal level. The key facilitators in this seminar are Mr. Jesmond Friggieri and Ms. Miriam Teuma. Mr. Jesmond Friggieri, sedqa lecturer, will explore with the participants the addictive issues related with certain trends of computer use while Ms. Miriam Teuma, lecturer at the Department of Youth and Community Studies, will look at the concepts related with how empowerment of young people can help overcome the challenge presented by computer addiction.
The seminar will be held on Saturday, 24th May from 0900 until 1300 at Paul Pace Hall, sedqa, at No. 5 Braille Street, St. Venera. Participants may register for this seminar by sending an email on or calling 21484506


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