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Maus I and II creative Writing Assignment

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Maus I and II Creative Writing Assignment
Vladek died in 1982, before Maus was published. IMAGINE that Vladek survived long enough to read Maus I and Maus II and accompany his son on book-signing tours.
WRITE THE SPEECH that Vladek might give when asked to speak to an auditorium of high school students who have read the books.

  1. Use Vladek’s speech patterns. English is not Vladek’s native language and so many of his sentences in the books are convoluted. Skim the book to remind yourself of his manner of speech and then mimic that as much as you can.

  1. Start with Vladek introducing himself to his audience. (What would he say about himself? What would he consider important?)

  1. Next, have Vladek explain why he is there. (What would he consider to be his purpose if he were accompanying his son on his book signing tour?)

  1. Notice how Vladek goes off on what may seem to us to be tangents (changing the subject) but talking about what is obviously important/relevant to him. In keeping in character, make sure you follow this pattern as you write.

  1. Mostly, have Vladek comment on/judge the content of both Maus I and Maus II. Be specific as to what he likes or dislikes about how Artie has told him story. The more specific you are, the higher your grade will be. Most of your speech should center on this.

  1. End the speech with Vladek’s advice to his audience of high school students. Stay in character. What do you think Vladek would say to you?

Length: At least 30 sentences (or 300 words) COUNT! I will…

Style/Voice: 10 points

Content: 20 points

Grammar/Mechanics: 10 points

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